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  #1 EPIC-S (old Scarlet S35) update... 
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    I know many of you are waiting to hear what is happening on the EPIC-S front. While I still don't have final details from the engineers, here is what we know now.

    1. We have moved from the less robust Scarlet S35 chassis to the EPIC S35 chassis (like going from the economy car frame to the truck frame). Pro, not prosumer.

    2. We are trying to maximize the performance specs given the cost cutting from the hardware, including board reductions. This is no small task but is a primary focus within engineering.

    3. Frame rates and data rates in combination with project sizes will be the primary compromises in comparison with the big brothers (EPIC-X and EPIC-M). You can anticipate about 1/2 the overall data throughput. As soon as the engineers finalize the list... I will post it.

    4. HDRx will be included, but with limited frame rate options as is anticipated in #3 above.

    5. Price has risen due to the chassis and HDRx change/additions. Expect somewhere in the neighborhood of $12K. Package prices will be posted as soon as we are sure what they will be. We will not post another "interim" price structure in the meantime. Next price posting will be final.

    6. EPIC-S will use the same production line as its big brothers (which we are setting up now in California) so there will be no additional delays to produce this model. However, the EPIC-M and EPIC-X models will be released 1st as has previously been noted.

    7. EPIC-Ms are currently being produced in low quantities and will step up just a bit this month (January). Production EPIC-X is scheduled to begin small production end of February with a fairly significant ramp up in March. Major volume begins in April. Many of you will have your EPIC-X by NAB. EPIC-S should begin production in May... depending on EPIC-X orders.

    We are now pretty comfortable with these schedules, but you know how things are. Read my tagline. I will say that our team has finally turned the corner at hitting their marks.

    Given the competitive landscape, we think that the EPIC-S will have no price/performance competition. Think 5K, REDCODE RAW, HDRx, record to SSD, modular system, size of a Hasselblad with many mature professional workflow options.

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    "Everything in life changes... including our camera specs and delivery dates..."

    We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with a bad attitude.
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    Fantastic news and thank you for your clarity Jim and Happy New Year.

    Raven Ordered
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    Thanks Jim.
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    Thanks for the update !

    Happy new year RED team !!!


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    wow, dont know what is better.
    epic s details or that we should have epic X by NAB!
    now competition should shit into their pants.
    what i read here is that a 12k epic will render an alexa obsolete. (my opinion based on my history with red products and productions in the past and present--- doesnt get less for the future i suppose!)

    question of the day.
    will the sanjin go finally crazy with this news and start shooting an expressionistic quick and dirty auteur film in summer?
    red is not a color, it's a camera.
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    Senior Member Jon Carr's Avatar
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    Awesome. 12K for s35 HDR, not bad at all
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    Thanks for the update Jim! Do you think EpicX #27 could be a Feb thing? :-)
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    Happy New Year, Jim.

    Since production of the Epic-S will begin after all Epic-X orders have been filled, will Stage 3 (and 3.5) reservations be taken soon?
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    Many thanks for the update.
    If I had the money I will go for it with eyes closed !

    Little question anyway : will it hace abalities to shoot at lower resolution, and if yes, is the frame rate higher ? (like if for the Epic-S maximum 5K frame rate is 30 fps, will it be possible to get 120fps at 3K)
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    That's is a big new year news.
    BTW how can I reserve my Epic S (aka RED PRINCE) ser # 07556 ?
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