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    At the end of the day, it's just a camera.

    Thank god no one was hurt, given the crimes we all hear about these days.
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    Shit a brick! Sorry to hear about this Mark. At least all are well and unharmed - and thankfully nobody woke up while the intruders were in the apartment. As special as it is, remember number 0006 is only a camera and replaceable. My assumption is that it will soon be at the bottom of a lake or on a test bench in a competitor's factory but you never know.
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    Here is a detailed list of what was stolen that is RED/camera related:

    EPIC camera body #00006
    EPIC side-handle
    EPIC Redmote

    Angenieux Optimo 15-40mm (will post serial as soon as I confirm it from state-side)

    50mm RED Pro Prime - this lens is from the first set shipped - the lens is marked as T1.9 - with engraved text that reads "tested at T1.8"

    prototype of Schneider clip on circular ND filter holder ring w/ND

    2 x 128 G SSD (filled with EPIC footage)
    500G GDrive mini - filled with a back up of EPIC footage)
    RED Quick Plate
    2 x RED Brick batteries
    LCD lemo cable
    lemo adapter power cable
    black Oakley bag

    I feel violated. Angry. Shocked. There is a part of me that feels like I let RED and the community down. All of your comments are very appreciated - not exactly how I was expecting to end 2010. I was looking very forward to posting some amazing images - and yes - both copies of all the footage I've shot here is gone.

    What is important is that my family is safe and unharmed. I hope the people responsible for this theft are found quickly.

    Never a dull moment.

    Happy New Year everyone - and sincerely - I really do appreciate everyones kinds words and support.
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    No SSDs, then.

    That's good!
    Life is good. So is RED...
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    Mark, was all that gear in the one bag or did they have to assemble the kit?
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    I really feel for you and your family Mark. Glad you all are okay.
    Cowardly thieves are leaches of life.

    Sean Ruggeri
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    In Portuguese we would say "Força Mark"

    Here is an idea:
    What if the epics could have a GPS tracking device...kind of like the would that can only be switched off by RED...
    I would pay extra for this, who wouldn't?
    Antonio "Pipas" Forjaz from Maputo, Mozambique
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    Quote Originally Posted by Francesco Bonomo View Post
    Maybe it's just me, but I don't believe in the "corporate/industrial/commissioned theft", actually I think those bastards don't even know what they put their hands on.
    I agree. Tourists are a target for thieves the world over - there's nothing unusual about it, sad and unsettling though it must be for Mark and his family.
    I make stuff.
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    I echo everyone else who say I am glad all the family are safe. That is the most important thing.

    EPIC can always be replaced but I am sure when those thefts work out what they got, it will turn up. I think Jim will have legal team on standby!

    Cheer up Mark.
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    Thank goodness the family is safe, terrible news otherwise. Good luck on the search.

    Alan Rosenfeld
    Vice President, Sales
    Crews Control
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