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  1. #1 ATOM + EPIC + Steadicam = 5k 3D on the move 
    ATOM + EPIC + Steadicam = 5k 3D on the move


    Joey and guys over at Element Technica were nice enough to invite me to test fly the Atom Rig with the Epics today. Also checked out the neutron and scarlet combo.

    I have worked with the Neutron alot this year on my steadi and was anxious to try the Atom/epic on my steadicam rig.

    It's important to note that GPI maker of the PRO steadicam rig which the majority of A level operators use in the industry is coming out with a updated battery module that will allow greater battery movement. This will allow me us reduce battery weight from what you see in the pictures/video. Also, in place of that battery you see hanging off the back of the rig I'm excited to announce that Element Technica is currently working on a "balance module". It will be a device that will attach roughly on the back of the rig and will compensate for IO movement. It will have some unique design features allowing smooth "IO pulls" by the stereographer and provide the best IO balance system I have heard of. Just like the guys at RED, they are very busy over there and it will probably not be ready right away but they are working on it already. Can't wait to test that out!

    The other advantage of this system is that it will place some weight were we need it...on the top camera towards the back. So it will serve few functions.

    Right off the bat, I noticed just like the neutron with the gimbal at the top of the post (where it needs to be) the Atom/Pulsar allows the operator to pan past 90 degrees! This is currently impossible on all other 3D rigs since you hit the bottom camera way sooner. This is made possible on the Technica3D rigs because they have a very low profile bottom camera plate. In fact the only thing making contact with the gimbal handle is the dovetail. So in cases where you are using primes or other short lenses you can use a shorter rig dovetail and achieve 360 degree free rotation while operating or balancing. Frankly the close to 120 degrees it gives you normally without having to shorten the dovetail (I showed this in the video) is enough to do a very common "profile" walk and talk shot. This allows the operator to walk forward and point the lens 90degress towards the actor. Right now this simple task is not possible on other rigs.

    I tested the rig with a few lenses,
    Angeniuex Rouge 16-42
    Arri UlraPrime

    Main reason was to see what effect the different lenses had on rig balance because of weight and size.

    Surprisingly, as a operator and sterographer I have to say there are the Angeniuex zooms are a good combination. Slightly longer post, but the flexibility of the zoom saves alot of speed on set especially a 3D set. Since the Epics are fairly light moving the weight back a few inches is not as bad as you think since you need some weight towards the back anyway!

    Naturally, if I was preparing for a feature I would test some more and would improve further after some modifications.

    The setup I threw together for the test can be improved on and made even lighter. While the setup is not lightweight around 60lbs (for everything including my steadicam post, monitor, batteries etc and rig) as it is, still a night and day difference from any other rig with RED One's or Alexas!! I know we can lighten that number alot. Especially if you take into account they are making a magnesium version that will be around 5 lbs. lighter!

    and low mode was no problem...

    The other options currently being used on set right now all have less resolution and 20lbs.+ more weight. All of them max out a PRO arm which means they are around 80lbs+. Also they all have the pan/gimbal issue. So when you think about it the Atom is a great step forward.

    Complete specs on the Atom here;

    exciting times...excited to be a part of it.

    enjoy the video!

    or on vimeo
    Pedro Guimaraes, SOC
    IATSE Local 600 - Operator

    Steadicam / Stereographer
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    It's also important to remember, IMHO the number 1 choice for 3D steadicam will probably be the Neutron with the Scarlet/mini primes. Probably be 20lbs or more lighter overall and will give steadicam operators thier legs back and director the freedom they are used to with steadicam.(run around, stairs, crane step off's etc.... The scarlet/neutron combo will really bring 3D steadicam into a weight range where you can easily operate all day hand held or steadi.

    A good example of this was earlier this year I was in downtown Johanesburg shooting for the 3D FIFA world cup DVD. We were shooting with the Neutron/Si-2k/cindeck. The DP asked me you think we can shoot of of the sliding door of the van? I looked at my 1st AC Bobby Settlemire and said "don't let go".

    So we got some great shots.....what other 3D Rig gives you this kind of freedom on a steadicam?

    check out a quick video of that,

    Imagine that kind mobilty and flexibilty but with Scarlets shooting 3k? Really revolutionary for 3D production.
    Pedro Guimaraes, SOC
    IATSE Local 600 - Operator

    Steadicam / Stereographer
    C-Motion Cvolution Package 3D-8 motor system for rent.
    Handsfree Segway for rent - Bio&Reel - BLog - DJI Ronin & other cinema Products
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    Creative work of art together and of-course that has to be Pedro.
    Can't wait to fly this on my Sagway-setup
    Rent 5K for $500/day - NYC (Times Square)

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    Good stuff Pedro...really Awesome!!!
    Can't wait to get my hands on one!
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    Bad Ass!

    I love it, I want one!

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Nice Pedro, thanks for sharing.

    So you really think this combination beats the PS TECHNIKS Freestyle flyer? I am so comfortable with that rig now especially since the upgrade which makes all the difference.

    Does the IO balance unit add a lot of weight? Does it work? Is it camera weight specific? I have never understood IO compensation units like I heard the Pace rig used. I am surprised how little IO is pulled "live" but when it is on the Freestyle flyer its never an issue.

    Am I right in thinking that only one of the cameras moves in this rig? Rather than the Freestyle Flyers two cameras?

    Whatever it is... what is for sure Pedro is that Epic is going to save our knees!
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    Thomas did you check out my 3D thread on the steadicam forum?​index.php?showtopic=13144&st=0

    there is some more info on the Pace rig and also my review of the improvements on the p+s (much better now). I just tested the "new mirror" on the p+s and I have to say it's not so good.

    I think that the Neutron/Epic or scarlet combo is the most versatile and will be #1 choice for steadicam.

    I say this as an operator as most importantly as a Stereographer.

    The fact that the ET rigs talk to a sony MPE for 3D broadcast, all the upcoming integration that ET will have plus it's proven track record with me so far this year have me arriving at the above conclusion.

    As you mentioned very little IO is pulled during a shot, but soon ET will have their compensator/balance unit
    Pedro Guimaraes, SOC
    IATSE Local 600 - Operator

    Steadicam / Stereographer
    C-Motion Cvolution Package 3D-8 motor system for rent.
    Handsfree Segway for rent - Bio&Reel - BLog - DJI Ronin & other cinema Products
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