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  1. #1 Any San Diego area owner/operators? 
    I'm hoping to get some footage of a February 12, 2011 flyover of San Diego Bay, celebrating 100 years of Naval Aviation. There are going to be about 150 to 200 aircraft flying over, everything from vintage aircraft to current Navy and Marine Corps aircraft, including the Blue Angels.

    I've got a decent hi-def camera, and I'd like to rent a Red, but don't have the bucks. I'm starting work on a documentary about naval aviation (Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard), and I'll likely have access to good shooting vantage points through my volunteer docent work at the USS Midway Museum here in San Diego.

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    Dave - Your lenses will be more important than which camera if it has at least a 1920x1080 sensor and records that. Does your HD camera take 2/3" B4 mount? We offer for rental a Fujinon Super Telephoto lens HA25x16.5 BERD T 2.8 16.5 - 413mm goes to 826mm with built in 2x extender and also a Fuji TS-P58A optical image stabilizer that would take it to 1000mm and will take the shake out when you are holding the pan handle. You really need a lens like this for sports, wildlife, and tracking of aircraft from the ground, it is a $40K+ lens and is very much superior optically to any long DSLR lens you might try to use. We rent RED Mx too and may have a B4 to PL adapter by then that would let you shoot at 2K on the RED at up to 120 fps. Otherwise for 4K we have a 45-250mm Arri Alura zoom that we could put a 2x on to get to 500mm, but it won't have optical stabilization so I think you are better off with the Fuji.
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    Hey Dave I am in SD. Owner and operator. What are you looking for? Send me a PM if you want to discuss further.
    Mike McEntire
    Mack Dawg Productions
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