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    I have said this before but I'll say it again, shooting features or serious television in 1080P is a big mistake. Since this view will certainly get thrown around the industry, let me explain why.

    1. With the certain new standard of 4K delivery for movies AND tv, anything shot on 1080P will be left in the cold for a re-release. Several major companies have 4K displays and projectors nearing release to theaters and to the public. Sony has already converted many theaters to their 4K projectors. Epson has a killer home 4K projector in waiting. Panasonic, Samsung, Christie, Barco, Sharp, Meridian, and others are ready to get their fair share.

    2. 1080P is not a quality replacement for film. It has 1/4 the actual measured resolution of film (some less than that). To make the "big screen" it needs sharpening. Often times lots of it. Sharpening is not good for the skin. Real resolution beats sharpening every time... by a lot.

    It is my firm belief that hindsight will show the 1st two digital standards, SD and HD, will be considered "mistakes" in the not to distant future. Film will never be considered a mistake. It is the gold standard. It will hold up to 4K releases and you will see many classics re-released in 4K.

    Don't count television out of 4K. The delivery mechanism is coming.

    I started RED because I did not believe that 1080P was an adequate replacement for film. I love film. When its day is done, we need to honor it with at least as good an image... hopefully better. 1080P is not it.

    (Steps down from soapbox)

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