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    Thanks Jim.

    and ...

    Thanks Ted. Thanks Jarred. Thanks Deanan. Thanks Stuart. Thanks Graeme. Thanks Rob. Thanks Kelly. Thanks Brent. Thanks Hugo. Thanks Matt. Thanks Big Jon. Thanks Chris P! Thank you to the entire Bomb Squad! Thanks to every last engineer who's names I could not pronounce even if I knew them.

    Thanks to all the REDUSERS for always cheering me on.

    and one more time -

    Thanks Jim. For building the camera nobody else would.
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    Mark L. Pederson | Director of Technology | OFFHOLLYWOOD
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    I see that my bugging about two 3/8" threaded holes paid off.
    Thank you Red
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    OMFG.... I am so jealous. I suppose I'll just have to drown my sorrows in rum on the beaches of St Thomas. Very friggin cool. Merry Frackin Christmas!

    I DP'd the hell out of that shit.
    The Website
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Hutson View Post
    The only sad part about's a weekend which means your EPIC is gonna be held up somewhere a little longer.
    I'm guessing there might be a Saturday Delivery sticker on that baby.

    Mark, we've all waited a long time to see this post. I love your story, and the occasional posts you've made over the past couple of years telling this unruly mob (and I include myself in that) to keep the faith. Thanks for believing in magic.
    David Fuller
    AirStream Pictures
    Portland, ME; Boston, MA
    EPIC-M Dragon #1053
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    Congrats Mark... if Steve comes to see it, I'll be on his tail!
    Ken Willinger S.O.C.
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    Is this a pre-production machined Epic, or a cast-aluminum production-line?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sergei View Post
    I see that my bugging about two 3/8" threaded holes paid off.
    Thank you Red
    Heh heh heh...
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    Quote Originally Posted by James Codeglia View Post
    Is this a pre-production machined Epic, or a cast-aluminum production-line?
    EPIC-M, M stands for machined.

    Patience for me:

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    Wow Mark, that must be the best Christmas present!
    Have an Epic holiday with your family! :-)
    I wonder if the rest of us who sent a message that we are interested (ie dying to get a chance to have our own Epic-M) will get to know if we made the cut and are going to be able to get one or not...?
    I have the cash standing-by

    EDIT: Jarred I may be thinking too big here but maybe you should add an extra digit in the serial as I see the Epics selling like hotcakes
    The nutjob formerly known as "nutman"
    ||| RED ONE Camera #1333 Epic-X # 1003 |||
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    Thanks Mark for being the first person to put up their hand 5 years ago.

    Fedex just left.
    ohhhh Awesome, I want mine now, when is stage 4 starting ?
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