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    Makes complaining about delivery dates even more stupid ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Sherrick View Post
    Anyone else feeling a tad bit smaller and insignificant today?
    Actually no and I don't mean that in an egotistical way. The more I have thought about it and listened to the paradoxes that seem to occur in our perception of this weird and wonderful place we call home the more I realise that such things as time and space (and ultimately our emotional perception of it) is interrelated in an intimate and 'close' way. In no way am I leaning here towards the spiritual or religious but towards a mystery that is purely the limit of our minds. The infinite and the finite. Will they ever meet?
    Story, Not Pixels

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    I'm not going to post it, because to many it's pretty disturbing... but the Phan Thi Kim Phuc photo from the Vietnam war, taken by Nick Ut, is an image I will never be able to get out of my mind. It's not as elegant as the Tiananmen Square photo, it's not a visual essay on stoic protest against a terrible regime. It's like a fire in the sun, a relentless attack on sensibilities, an unblinking vision of the world that war creates.

    Being able to see into space and time is a brilliant and important ability we've created, and it does in fact make things seem so vast and small at the same time. It's unbelievably inspiring. However, we can not escape the reality we as humanity create for ourselves here on earth by peering into the next. Perhaps that is the message of the Ut photo some 38 years later. I guess it's place of importance is relative to the experiences of the viewer.
    Brandon Kraemer
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    This one is pretty powerful too. Says so many things without saying anything.
    Steve Sherrick
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    The pictures here have been of circumstances. Humbling pictures of the universe, or of the terrible situations of people.

    How about Thic Quang Duc, a buddhist monk who burned himself alive to protest the persecution of buddhists in Saigon, 1963. Still a picture of circumstances, but also of the mind control one can develop. In bad times he used his mind power for protest. Yet think of what advanced monks and meditators are able to do with their mind power in good times.
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    This is the most important:

    Meant absolutely nothing to the majority of the world and still doesn't, but clever thinking and a simple idea changed everything.
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    i love that deep field stuff. what im most excited about is when they shove a new telescope up there. i cant even begin to imagine what new technology will be able to show us
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    Want to blow your mind? One of those galaxies may be a kindergarten picture of our own Milky Way...
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    Yea, thou I walk thru the Valley of Death, I will fear no evil, for I'm the meanest son of a bitch, in the valley.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Strietmann View Post
    Hard to quantify but conceptually this statement may be correct.
    Definitely something that makes and should make us pause for a second and reflect.. thanks for sharing Peter ;)
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