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  #1 REDCINE-X Build 351... finally. 
    Red Leader Jannard's Avatar
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    Now you get to see what all your footage looks like all over again. Enter REDcolor2 and REDgamma2. Skin tones have never looked better.

    Open your files and change to RC2 & RG2... you'll be amazed. Tell your friends.

    Don't forget to update your RED Rocket driver...


    Build 351:

    Requires REDRocket Driver:

    Change list 346->351:
    REDcolor2 and REDgamma2
    REDLine Batch script exports now properly quote file paths.
    Use REDLine now properly keeps the correct number of REDLine tasks running.
    Fixed a bug with Trimmed R3Ds in the same folder.
    Fixed Show in folder for Avid exports.
    Fixed a case where drives without icons could cause a crash.
    Added the option to interpret source out timecode as Inclusive or Exclusive for EDL loading.
    Fixed: Export with REDLine wasn't using external audio.
    Fixed: Batch job stalling fix.
    Fixed: Monitor out issues.
    Fixed: Exporting a Timeline(with slugs) to R3D Trim.
    Timecode and related metadata now updates while playing back in monitor out mode.
    Fixed: REDLine Avid Crash
    Fixed: Full res decode for software exports when camera meta was set to use framing guides.
    Fixed: Grade usage with the Export using REDLine option.
    Fixed: Case sensitive drive issues with the Export using REDLine option.
    Fixed: Panning while framing box is displayed.
    Windows Avid SDK reverted back to older Avid SDK 1.5.2 compatible with Windows XP.
    Fixed additional cases where the Quicktime dialog would not show up on windows.
    Fixed FPS indicators.
    Fixed saving of the stereo setting in export presets.
    FIxed exporting of stereo clips to Quicktime and Avid.
    Fixed Timecode wrap around.
    Fixed manual distribution for Windows 64 builds.
    Fixed RGB color indicator on windows.
    Optimized switching of list to thumbnail views.
    Clips are now sorted by filename in the thumbnail view.
    Sort order is preserved when dragging from browser to bin.
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    Fantastic stuff. The hits just keep coming ...
    Mark L. Pederson | Director of Technology | OFFHOLLYWOOD
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    Will Build 351 mac 64 not work with MacBook Pro? Down loads but will not open. Mac 32 does, however, work.
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    A whole new camera....again!
    Paul Kalbach

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Taylor View Post
    Will Build 351 mac 64 not work with MacBook Pro? Down loads but will not open. Mac 32 does, however, work.
    64bit needs OSX 10.6
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    Will this new rocket driver work with Resolve?

    Florian Stadler, D.P., L.A.
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    I feel a huge effort in the RED camp to have a Red-developed post-pro solution solidified for an Epic release...

    Pretty good idea.
    "Any smaller and it would be vaporware."
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    Seeing as I'm still patiently awaiting my Scarlet, I can't do my own before and after tests, but I'd love to see the difference. Could anyone post some stills comparing the old processing to the new?
    Last edited by Tim Nolte; 11-16-2010 at 09:01 PM. Reason: Changed "shots" to "stills" for clarity.
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    The new REDcolor2 and REDgama2 are a huge improvement! REDcolor2 is much more natural and REDgama2 is less videoish and handles better the dynamic range even in footage from the old M sensor that i tried.

    Big smile on my face!
    EPIC-X #418, RED-MX #1473
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