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    So i have project i need to color for DCP P3. I have a Dream Color and AJA Hi5 3G.

    I'm assuming i need to apply the rbg2xzy 3d lut to my project and set my AJA Hi5 3G to accept XYZ signal and then set my monitor to Dream Colors DCI P3 emulator color space. This should give me a DCP representation right?

    I'll also need to supply a REC709 version as well. Which i'm assuming all i need to do is strip the rgb2xyz lut and reset my AJA Hi5 3g to accept RGB and set the colorspace.

    Is there an easier way to do this? I would rather color at DCP so that i can use the full gammat and then down convert to REC709. But is it better if i just color at REC709 and then apply the rgb2xyz 3d lut for the DCP output?

    Any help on this would be awesome!!!
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    Yes, would like to know this as well.

    Staying in REC709 is definitely the easiest way to go. Making a DCP from REC709 is relatively straight forward as you just need to do a mapping of colors from REC709 to XYZ and there are DCP programs that can do that for you.

    The other way around means you have to decide what to do with colors that fall outside the REC709 gamut, which is probably not as easy as just applying a LUT if you want to do it right - but I have never tried that.

    Also keep in mind that there's a difference between DCI-P3 and XYZ. If I understand correctly then XYZ is the color space for digital projection which a DCP package uses, while DCI-P3 is an intermediate format used for general color grading. If somebody can explain this better then please do!
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    So you'll color at the narrowest with the least precission, and upconvert afterwards,
    How UnRedish in philosphy... -:)

    Whatever way you go, do a calibration test towards the cinema with your workflow first and verify that for TV...

    If it doesn't' work optimum "out of the box", work on those LUTs... -:)
    Life is good. So is RED...
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    So can i just apply the DCI P3 LUT and leave it in RGB? So at least i see the gamut? But when i go to make DCP JPEG 2000 i do the conversion to XYZ?

    Thanks for all the help, just trying to figure this out and there is little documentation on the subject.

    Jake Schwarz
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