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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    That 5lb weight includes the Ti PL lens mount as well. a Brain with a Canon Mount weighs slightly less.
    First of all, congratulations in what you've achieved, guys! Second thing: THANK YOU ALL!

    Jarred, does this means we (STAGE 2) will be able to choose to get our EPIC delivered with the Ti PL mount? Paying the difference, for sure. But I'm seriously thinking of the advantages of having a lens mount that will almost never need to be backfocused.

    Thanks, again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jannard View Post
    Add side SSD and handle plus lens and you are about at 10 pounds... 5K at 120fps. Pretty good. :-)

    That's crazy talk!
    Nik Harper

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    It's an improvement!
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    And with the package weight what am I up for in Fed-ex bill … ready NOW!!!:):):)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunleik Groven View Post
    I think I can handle that,
    I see O connor lost a lot of 2575 customers, though - for those customers who don't need to ballance an HR on those = 2.26796185 kilograms
    Although, the reality is that in the scenarios where you'd be using a 2575, you might also be building the Epic with more modules, heavier lenses, etc.

    The beauty of the Epic design is that you have the option to go this lightweight which is not the case with the R1.

    You won't want to sell your 2575 though.
    Steve Sherrick
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  #36 Project TIME BASE setting 
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    Would be nice wth base framerates up to 50 (yeah, I know the 60 request will be coming, but I live in PAL land, and HD is displayed at 720p50...)
    Good news, the base frame rate goes up to 60 ... i.e. select a PROJECT TIME BASE of 23.98, 24.00, 29.97, 25.00, 47.96, 48.00, 50.00 or 59.94.
    Workflow Wizard
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    My (giant) Brain is only one pound
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    I tested the Steadicam Tango the other day with 8lbs on board with a CG 4 inches.

    So I am interested in specifics.

    Epic with an SSD module and an SSD card? How heavy?

    Then I am adding a Ultra Prime / Compact Prime at 2.2lbs . A tiny Heden motor and a taped on ND filter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by George Butterfield View Post
    My (giant) Brain is only one pound
    Only one pound. That is really cheap :)
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    Running around with a fully loaded Red rig has kept me out of the gym cause of the workout it is. Now I am going to have supplement my work with traditional workouts...
    More waves.
    This sounds amazing.
    Mike McEntire
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