Hey all!

I'm currently a 3rd year media arts student at Sheridan College in Oakville, ON. I'm looking to get more on set experience to supplement my own.

I've done a lot of student sets, which is great for trying things out with not a lot of repercussions, however, I'm looking to get on more professional, and hopefully paid sets.

My experience is mainly in lighting and grip, but I'm available as a camera assistant as well. To elaborate further:

Experience with a variety of lighting including HMI's, tungsten, open faced, kino's, and LED's.
Experience with large rigs including 20x20's and below, sky-hi's, etc.
Experience with set-up and operation jib's, fisher and peewee dollies and vibration isolators.

Red One (M and MX)
Sony S270
Arri SR2

If you call me for work on a camera not listed there, as long as there's a day or two notice I'll be able to get trained on that camera system easily enough.

Contact info:
905 580 3418