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    Wait till they find how good the footage is in post.
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    Another one in the box... a very big one.

    Congrats team!.
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    That makes it one of the most expensive movies ever made, if not the most. Certainly the most expensive movie ever shot on digital. Clearly, budget does not play a part here. RED M-X was chosen because the makers deemed it to be the best solution. A major testimonial for RED, congratulations!
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    game....set...and match.
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    Shame the end credits will read "Shot on Panavision Cameras".
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    Hope to have EPIC being rolled out for this motion picture! A perfect example for S3D films to shoot a modular design cameras.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shane Betts View Post
    Shame the end credits will read "Shot on Panavision Cameras".
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    nice work RED.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Hazlett View Post
    Cross-thread LOL reference. ;)
    One camera is a shoot... two or more is a production
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    As others have stated - a great victory - well done! The progress RED has made in image recording technology is nothing short of a breakthrough.
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