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    Nairobi, Kenya
    Hi Ryan, there are three Red Epic (I own an Epic myself) and two Red Scarlet in Kenya, plus there are several companies with good lights and grip. From Nairobi to Arusha it's a 4 hour drive. You'll have fun!
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    Good luck on your adventures! Africa is such an amazing place!
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    Johannesburg, South Africa
    RED Scarlet Dragon here in Johannesburg. 5K goodness with 16.5+ Stops of dynamic range. Zeiss Compact Prime (CP2) lenses and full handheld support with Carbon swing away matte box and follow focus.
    -Christiopher-lee dos Santos
    Scarlet Dragon - Zeiss Compact Prime 2 Set

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    Hi all, I am based in PORT HARCOURT, Nigeria, I have a R1 MX, RPP's, Rokinons and lots of stuff, in Nigeria we have lots of Scarlets, three EPIC's and loads of the Original R1, our film industry is loaded to the teeth and with colabos with SA, GHANA and almost all other notable filmakinhg countries worldwide, I have just gotten a grant and I hope to open a "Free" Open film school to teach basics and mentor others who do not have the same chances that I also never had growing up so they dont end up missing their dreams or barely being able to start-up late in life like I am doing. Big dreams don kill no one!
    M O T I O N P I C T U R E S I N C.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    [/COLOR][/B][RED1 MX 10479][/CENTER]
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