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    Trying to post about my Dragon.
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    So there I was, in the middle of the sea, being tugged by by something massive. The reel was barely keeping up with rapid bursts into the abyss. Line was as tight as the guitar's string. Hemingways 'The old man and the sea', much? I am new to fishing, but there and then imagination kept spitting out images of massive deep water monsters.
    Needless to say, Reduser's 'Account was approved' went unnoticed. Fingers deadlocked over the rod I was fighting the fish of my life...
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    ... an hour passed. Still there, surrounded by rich dark blue. My fish (maybe that particular one was never going to be mine anyway) ripped the line and escaped. Roaming the depths. My inner I had an abrupt trip back to the 'real world'. How to light this scene? Which RED sensor delivers the most appropriate performance to fit my needs? What's up with Sony and their menus? How much to quote for this upcoming project? Why do I always fall into this 'eh, can fix it in post' trap?

    But yes, its great to be a part of the community. iIs been quite some time that I have been following the forum and oh, boy, tons of useful stuff in here. Looking forward to contribute, too.
    Mr. Busy Admin, thanks for approving my account.
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