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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    i do in fact believe that is exactly what came out of my mouth the first time i saw it :)
    Great, as long as there are good pockets of sane at RED then I feel assured.
    Dylan Reeve
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    I ususally don't bring old, old threads back to life, but when I do...

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    Martin, tell me you've seen this (language NSFW):
    Jaime Vallés

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    This SNL bit reminded me of this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pliny View Post
    Okay: I finally have to break down and ask this question. Why on God's Green Earth would one of the most sophisticated pieces of digital cinematic hardware in all of human history have as its onboard LCD font the typographic atrocity and "AOL of typefaces", COMIC SANS?

    This font was developed by the Microsoft Corporation for the packaging of children's software. I get a vertiginous case of cognitive dissonance every time I turn on the camera and see this Kindergarten font staring back at me. It's like climbing into an F-16 and seeing a LOLcats screensaver on the HUD.

    Hahaha good memories...

    That SNL video .... :))))

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