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    This is a bad idea, you can easily damage a sensor by hitting it with some of the super cold "juice" that can sometimes find it's way into the tube of those cans. Much better to use a hand blower or better yet a specifically designed sensor cleaning brush.

    I use the Vsable Dust Arctic Butterfly.
    I dunno, Evin. I find this a much less expensive option for craft services breath myself. Compressed air actually works quite well as well.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Emanuel View Post
    We don't know yet if it will be field-suitable.

    Taking the Jim's own words, it would/will be easy:

    Very easy. The Trick is to have the base to intermediate mount distance set at the factory and leave enough room for all possible mounts. More details pretty soon.


    But some film guys (from the cinematography side) are saying that won't be.

    Check here:
    Thanks for the info. I wish something more concrete and favorable to our request will be announced soon.
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