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  1. #1 Tom made me do it!

    I should say that Tom inspired me to do it. Tom's a good friend and he and I have hung out under the stars several times. I have shot time lapse stuff for a long time, first on film, now on Canon 5D MKII. I built a dolly/elevator rig for some stuff I shot for the Athens Summer Olympics (on film) and thought of doing stars, etc, for some time on digital...but it took Tom's original Canon 350D shots to give me a kick in the "I want to do THAT!" pants and here is a very preliminary result. If you don't like it...please call Tom and complain. PM me for his number.

    I know there's a bunch of Something Light titles going around...Tom's beautiful Mountain Light, and now his new Southwest Light which will be equally inspiring...but I had my sights set on Ancient Light for quite some time and actually Tom and I talked about the title for his new film while he was trying out names, a few involving "light" and I "reserved" Ancient Light at that time, thinking I would someday get it done.

    The pans are all done in AE...the two incamera moves are the elevator shot up through the rocks and the dolly move at the Moon setting behind the arch setup.

    Please note that this was done in a hurry...I got a call for a commercial pitch and ended up using just the JPEG backup files (I shoot both RAW and a small JPEG at the same time). I had to get it done in two days and didn't have the time to convert the RAW files. No grain reduction (yet).

    Hope you like it...if not...please see above. Tom Lowe: 1-949-680-7....oh well...never mind.


    Larry Gebhardt
    Director / DP
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    I think its very nice work.
    Constantine Tirintzis
    Steadicam,Robotics,design & engineering
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    Beautiful work, Larry, set to equally sublime music. Wow. It's great to see some of your ideas about timelapse manifest. Very rarely does any timelapse work impress me, but I guess it's no surprise coming from you. I can't decide which is my favorite shot.... so I guess I will have to keep on watching it a few more times!

    Oh, and speaking of light, Larry forgot to mention that he also has a beautiful sailing boating docked in Marina Del Rey called "Pacific Light"!
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    Nice work. Check out Milapse (Jay) for other ideas. But just: thanks.
    The Inclusion Center,
    Center for Rummelighed
    Copenhagen, Denmark
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