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  1. #1 La User Group Breakfast 
    The date is Oct 13 will be LA no more Delays need to know If your going, you need to PM with RSVP for the catering. Top notch Hot meal waffle, and omelet bar going to be so good.

    You need to get everybody who's coming no later than Oct 4. or your eating at Jack in Box
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    Thats good for me.
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    Anybody have a contact with the FCP people at apple I'm getting the run around, I like them to bring some gear and do some demo.

    Do you guys want them to show up?

    Anybody out there going to bring their Camera.
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    Try Michael Horton for help, he runs the LA FCP UG.... and has posted here a few times.
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    I've stuck the thread.

    What is the official game plan? The time, the place, the events, etc.

    If I'm available, I'll be there. I'll let you know before the 4th... I'll do my best to keep the 13th open.
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    If they let me back into the country and I'm not swamped building LCD monitors, count me in!

    Bruce Allen
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    Just had two meeting places fall through, I'm thinking it would need to hold about 70 people, Looking into maybe a multi-plex, but they want money can you believe that.

    I guess bathing in the light of our collective brilliance is not enough.
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    I'm sorry my friends but I had to take the gig that came my way, I can not do the LA user group breakfast on the 13th of October. I can do it on the Sat the 27 of October. If some one else wants to take the lead and organized sooner get together Please PM me.
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    Any update on this? Has the 27th been confirmed?


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    Is the 27th still on? Where?
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