Thread: 2 REDs for a documentary in the Amazon - need experienced opinions/advise in NYC

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    I think you would be wise to take Sharky up on his offer. They know
    Red almost as good as The big man himself, And They have a close
    relationship with the company should anything happen, god forbid.
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    Hallo there,
    i am a new member and i am also want to shoot a ducumentary on the amazo n -River ,so it would be very interesting to get some info how the Red is performing under those conditions,PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW IT WORKED OUT WITH YOUR PROJEKT
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    @ Ken
    I am looking forward for you to get in touch with me. It seems, that you simply have to much to offer, to resist :-D :-D. Knowledge of Equador, knowledge of this kind of filmmaking, knowledge of RED. If only we will meet on the budget point.

    I am well aware of the high bar of Planet Earth. But I have to stay realistic and see, that I do not have a budget for 4 years shooting and 250 locations.

    I do not think, that we can come close to this quality, but I will not stay at home because of that. It is not my imagination, that is the limit, truly not. That is beyond pluto already. It is the budget. And this is the earth-based reality, I am in. For now, and for this particular project.

    What I have is the 150k and we are new to this endeavors. So whatever offer you may throw at us, it is not a question of not willing, but more, if it fits into our little budget, or not.

    That was one reason, why we want to use parachutes for the aerials, and not planes or helicopters. They can take off everywhere, as well, and the equipment weights about 40kg including the motor.

    Where will is, there is a way. If you are willing to help us out in this, knowing, that we are not National Geographics or BBC doing IMAX productions, then we will speak the same language.. We are enthusiastic filmmakers and adventurers, who try to reach out for the unknown.

    For all others, thank you for your input. Soon, I will set up a little site for this project, where I will post the development of this project.

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