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    Nice to see you back. Hope everything is okay.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jannard View Post
    While I am now back from a short medical leave... now I have to ask for your support and patience here.

    We have a bug. Seems like a major one. We need your support at a very difficult time. I am asking for that now.
    Gladly given. No rush.
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    Your health is what's most important. Glad to know you're okay, and ready to fight the fight. I'm ready to wait for Scarlet, and happy to follow a company with such an honest, transparent, and exciting dialogue with its customers.

    All the best with your bug battle.

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    You have my support. I'll wait as long as necessary. I'm devoted to no other camera company but this one
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    welcome back Jim..... good or bad we walk along with you!


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    Slow and steady wins the race.

    The obstacles you are overcoming make it less likely that others will follow your path.

    Once I'm done with cinematography and software, I'm moving into fortune cookies.

    Stay healthy.


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    Jim, if it's at all possible, could you give us a rough idea of shipping once the bug is dead?

    If this bug was squashed tomorrow, how far behind would Epic be for the start of delivery to customers?

    And to risk appearing ungrateful, if there is an extended delay, any chance for a second chance at Stage 2? (ducking from other REDusers now).

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    Welcome back Jim! Life and time are short, but it's nothing without your health. Glad you've recovered.

    Waiting for Epic-X is fine - I have more time to raise the money :)

    The suggestion from Will Divine above about splitting the bug team is quite a good one. But maybe not into ten! To add my suggestion - only split into two, but with regular brainstormings where each team presents their ideas/theories to the other and critiques the other constructively. This strategy gets divergence of approach, but the meetings provide sparks of ideas for each other's teams. Also, keep the teams informal, so if a member from one team wants to move to the other at any time to pursue a particular line of enquiry they can.
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    Seeing that phat avatar makes me glued to the screen. Nice to see you back Jim! I kind of wished I took the second stage now...

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    Thank g you're back.
    Great update
    SAGE P

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    Here's my idea ....
    Eliminate all programming which is responsible for still image output. Only write firmware for movie footage. For the time being don't worry about the Epic being a movie camera and a digital still camera. Only include the code necessary for movie footage ... and see if the bug remains. We can live without digital stills ... there are other solutions for that at this time. No one would buy an Epic if it didn't have movie capabilities, that's what we all want.
    Maybe have two separate paths in the firmware and a user choice selector ... one firmware path for stills ... and another firmware path for motion ... make it totally separate logically. Produce the Epic with movie capabilities, with digital still capability to follow .... (the fact that I know nothing about the problem won't stop me from offering solutions)

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