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    While I am now back from a short medical leave... now I have to ask for your support and patience here.

    We have a bug. Seems like a major one. We need your support at a very difficult time. I am asking for that now.

    EPIC and Scarlet are complicated cameras. Probably the most complicated cameras ever attempted. We have a crack team on it. The amount of development for this program is unprecedented. But somewhere in the complication... we have a bug. It has held us up now for two months. We have working cameras, as you know. But we aren't going to release anything until the cameras are done and bug free. And we have stumbled on an issue that has caused us considerable grief. It is unexpected and it has us baffled.

    The fix could be tomorrow. Or not.

    We have been a "lucky" company up to this point. The moon and stars lined up for us for the RED ONE (since we didn't have a clue what we were doing in the beginning) and the RED ONE did all we asked. The M-X sensor is incredible... as you know. Our new ASICs for the EPIC and Scarlet are complicate times a million. And they work. Another miracle. Everything was late but on track. Then we hit a snag.

    We have an army working on this. 24/7. Trust me when I tell you that we have been humbled. I have questioned our aggressive goals every day.

    So what does this mean? Obviously another delay. To compound matters, the company that was to make Scarlet has made an incredible
    announcement recently and has significant issues. You can probably figure out who this is. This will force us to find a new manufacturing partner for that product. When we 1st got wind of this, we decided to make EPIC in the US, hoping that the company would find a solution in time for Scarlet production. That now seems unlikely so we are now scrambling for a new partner.

    I have started two companies... Oakley and RED... and have never seen anything like this in 35 years of business. We will get past these obstacles. No question about it. But we are going to need patience from our customers.

    Now that I am back, I will promise to keep you informed. Good news and bad. We have added a new SWAT team to help... over 20 people whose sole job is to find the problem and solve it.

    RED has pushed the envelop in every way. We have pushed ourselves and our competitors. We have laid out a roadmap for everyone what the future of image capture should be. I can only hope that counts for a bit of your consideration.

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    Understood. Thanks for the update as always...

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    It's not a problem Jim, just call Microsoft, they know how to solve bugs.

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    great to see you back! look forward to those updates, for better or worse:-)
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    Obviously Foxconn since their situation qualifies as extraordinary. Full support here.

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    Yes, take time, do a good work... like allways.
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    Thanks for the update Jim. Hope everything was okay from your leave. Keep pushing that envelope man. Cheers.
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    Welcome back Jim! and thanks for an honest update - we'll be sticking with you!

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    It's good to have you back.. Thanks for keeping us informed.
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