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  1. #1 Visceral Psyche's Red One Mysterium-X camera is HERE! 
    Senior Member Paul Leeming's Avatar
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    I'm very pleased to announce that our beloved Red One #378 camera has returned home to us, sporting a brand new Mysterium-X sensor and OLPF.

    I ran a quick test tonight at ISO1600, using only my iPhone to illuminate the subject's face (that's why she has a blueish hue to her). I also shot the exact same shot with my Canon EOS 7D in movie mode with identical settings. The results couldn't be more stark! Here are two TIFF frame captures (9MB & 5MB files). The first is Red M-X; the second is the 7D.

    The Red frame has been normalised down to 1920x817 from 4.5K and the Canon frame has been cropped vertically to match 1920x817, so they are of equal size (what you would see on a Blu-ray or HDTV).

    Equivalent settings are: Canon EF50mm f/1.2L USM lens, wide open at f1.2, ISO1600, 1/50th shutter, 23.98fps, white balanced via card.

    Red still was exported from RedCine-X as 16bit TIFF after white balance and shadow levels were adjusted to maximise dynamic range.

    Canon still originated as 8bit MOV file and was white balanced in Photoshop for maximum accuracy, then exported as 8bit TIFF to avoid compression issues. The Canon 7D is using the ProLost recommended colour profile to maximise dynamic range as well.

    Basically, I wanted to play it fair and match them both as close as possible to how I would shoot them for real.

    Note that the focus is in different positions sorry due to subject movement! Focus is supposed to be on the top corner of the chart.

    I think the results are pretty obvious - if you care about your clients' and your image quality, the Canons aren't going to cut it....

    In fact, if you have a Canon EOS 5D MkII or 7D, we'll give you 5,000 yen off the price of renting our Red camera (which effectively means the Birger EF mount is free so you can use your own lenses on the Red if you don't want to rent ours)!


    Paul Leeming
    Visceral Psyche Films

    TEL: +31 6 2095 2590 (Netherlands)
    TEL: +81 80 8439 4635 (Japan)
    Facebook: Paul Leeming

    Epic-X #135 DRAGON (New OLPF)

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    Very cool. We just got our RED back and using it on our job today. I wish I had more time to test things, but so far so good and looking amazing!!
    Naoki Tanaka
    Editor/Digital Imaging Technician @greyhouse films
    St. Petersburg, FL

    Find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
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    Have fun with M-X!

    Graeme - 8k Digital Cinema Camera
    Science enables stories. Stories drive science
    IPP2, Image Processing, Colour Science and Demosaic Algorithms
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