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    Quote Originally Posted by shin sugino View Post
    ....Boys in our studio call this lens "John Holmes" I don't know why.
    John Holmes:

    Hehehe.... :D

    Back on topic, I'm glad I managed to get a refund on our large Viewfactor order (we had ordered 8 motors and 3 controllers for our three Red One cameras). We got burned because we had been promised delivery in 2008 and went into our first feature deal saying we'd have it based on Viewfactor's promise, then didn't have it which pissed off the client as they had to rent FF4's instead. Nothing we could do about it but it made us look bad because of Viewfactor breaking their promise.

    The lesson learned is never put down 100% of money up front for anything ever again, unless it's a company that has a track record of delivering what they promise and being honest when they are delayed (such as Red).


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    I knew why. Japanese modesty. hehheh
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