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    Selling RED epic-w kit. The body is new(10hrs), the accessories are all in Great-good condition(some more used than others)

    RED ( 710-0263-STD ) EPIC-W HELIUM 8K S35 BRAIN (Standard OLPF) - Passed 10hrs
    Red ( 725-0022 ) DSMC TI PL MOUNT (CAPTIVE) - Passed
    RED ( 730-0004 ) BOMB EVF [LCOS] - Passed
    Wooden Camera ( 157100 ) UVF Mount v2 - Passed
    Red ( 720-0033 ) DSMC² BASE EXPANDER - Passed
    Red ( 720-0037 ) DSMC² LEMO ADAPTOR A - Passed
    RED ( 730-0006 ) RED© Touch 5.0" LCD - Passed
    Red ( 790-0651 ) LCD/EVF Cable Right-to-Straight 24" - Passed
    Wooden Camera ( 219300 ) Handgrip (Right) - Passed
    Wooden Camera ( 219400 ) Handgrip (Left) - Passed
    Wooden Camera ( 150700 ) Rosette Handle (Black Leather) - Passed
    Wooden Camera ( 151200 ) Safety Dovetail (12") - Passed
    Wooden Camera ( 204400 ) Crossbar v2 Kit - Passed
    Wooden Camera ( 175600 ) NATO Handle (Plus) - Passed
    Zacuto VCT-14 Memory foam shoulder pad - Passed
    Zacuto VCT-14 Baseplate - Passed

    Everything has been tested and approved by CVP

    Looking for £14,000, Based in London, UK
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    For sale is a low-hour, RED Armored Scarlet-W kit priced aggressively. Here's the details:

    - RED Scarlet-W 5K Brain ~w/ 130 hours on runtime clock
    - 4.7" RED LCD Screen
    - Titanium Canon EF Mount w/ standard OLPF
    - DMSC2 V-Lock I/O Expander
    - Scarlet-W Nanuk Case
    - 240GB RED MiniMag
    - RED Station USB 3.1 MiniMag reader
    - RED Armor for Scarlet
    - RED DSMC2 Outrigger Handle
    - 2x Hypercore SWX Mini 98wh V-Lock Batteries + Charger
    - Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Lens

    PRICE: $11,500

    You can view images here, will update listing with additional shots of all listed accessories ASAP:

    Owership and RED Armor can be transferred through RED and the warranty recertification process. Details on that process here:

    For details, DM through REDuser or email

    - Aran
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    Vancouver, Canada
    Vancouver BC Canada

    All boxes and original receipts available. Purchased in 2018. Low camera hours (37 hours). Pristine condition.

    Available as a kit or separate. Kit Price is slightly less $$. Prices listed below. Take over of financing/lease available.

    Red Camera Red Raven Brain w/ Media Bay/Canon Mount - Single Item: $8500 CAD // $6400 USD

    Red Camera Red DSMC Red Touch 4.7 LCD - Single Item: $1,250 CAD // $940 USD

    Red Camera Red DSMC Outrigger Handle - Single Item: $520 CAD // $391 USD

    Red Camera Red DSMC Base V-Lock - Single Item: $1,870 CAD // $1407 USD

    Red Camera Red MiniMag 120 GB x 2 - Single Item: $1,620 CAD // $1219 USD

    Red Camera G- Technology ev Series Reader Red Mini Mag - Single Item: $220 CAD // $166 USD

    Case Nanuk 953 Case Black with cubed foam - Single Item: $175 CAD // $132 USD

    Red Camera Core SWX Hypercore 9 mini RED - Single Item: $720 CAD // $542 USD

    Red Camera Switronix V-Mount Dual Quick Charger - Single Item: $580 CAD // $437 USD

    Kit Price Price:

    $14,225 CAD // $10,750 USD

    Email or text 604-518-5397
    Pictures available.

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    RED Scarlet Dragon Full Shooting Package (BT) - QLD, Australia - $19,750 AUD

    Full details in this thread here:
    Last edited by Jay Adra; 02-13-2020 at 08:17 AM.
    Jay Adra | Website
    Scarlet Dragon - #04962
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    Rochester, NY
    RED Scarlet MX located in Rochester, NY


    EF Mount
    (2) 128 GB 1.8" Mags
    (2) Mag Stations
    RED Touch screen (4.7? 5?)
    WC V-mount adapter (first gen)
    Power cord
    Pelican case w/insert


    email is best:

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    Red One MX
    CF Module & Nik Mount
    Duclos Modded Tokina 28-70 f/2.6-2.8 w/ Nikon mount.
    19mm Baseplate, and 19mm shortie top rails & handle.
    2 x 320gb Red-drive
    Breakout box
    4 Pin XLR power
    XLR adapter cable and Rode NTG1 mic

    $2600 INCLUDING US domestic shipping
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    Full Ready to shoot Red Epic-MX Package

    Pics here

    - 1x RED EPIC MYSTERIUM X 5K Camera Brain
    - 1x XLR adapter with 15mm rod mount
    - 1x XLR mic for scratch track
    - 1x Top Handle /w nato rail
    - 1x Cheese Plate
    - 1x Red Fan Upgrade
    - 1x Red Side Handle
    - 1x IDX V mount Battery back
    - 1x RED PRO 5" Touch Screen /w Mount Adapter
    - 1x Red Aluminum EF Mount
    - 1x Red Titanium PL Mount
    - 1x REDMOTE Wireless Controller
    - 1x Red Bomb EVF
    - 3x 240gb Red 1.8 Mags
    - 2x 128gb Red 1.8 Mags
    - 4x 64gb Red 1.8 Mags
    - 1x Red Mag reader USB 3
    - 1x Red Quad Battery Module
    - 1x Red Brick V Mount
    - 2x Red Volt Batteries /w Chargers

    Asking $12,500 Priced to sell and would like to deal with local.
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    Set for sale in the EU.

    - RED Scarlet-W body standard olpf, 236 hours
    - V-Lock I/O expander
    - 4.7 inch Touchscreen
    - Sidehandle
    - Top handle
    - 1x 512GB minimag + USB C reader
    - Case
    - 2x RED Brick 153 wh
    - Charger
    - AC power adapter
    - Tilta cable extension cable for touchscreen
    - VLock plate with lemo connector
    - RED sidewinder,
    - Smallrig sunshade


    I've got another 480GB minimag available if needed.
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    Texas, USA
    RED DSMC2 WEAPON Helium 8K S35

    Asking price - $32,637 USD or best offer (free domestic US shipping included)
    This camera package was purchased for $44,000 originally.

    Please direct message me if you are interested. Or message - brett[@]theresthatfilms[.]com

    Kit includes:

    Red DSMC2 Helium 8K (brain)
    DSMC2 Base Expander
    WC DSMC2 Cable-less (gold mount)
    Red Station Mini-Mag
    DSMC2 Canon Mount
    DSMC2 Titanium PL Mount
    DSMC2 Side Handle
    DSMC2 Touch 4.7" LCD
    WC 5" SunShade
    OLPF S35 Skin Tone
    OLPF S35 Low Light
    DSMC2 Universal Handle
    Red Sidewinder Multi-tool
    Mini Mag - 480GB
    Mini Mag - 480GB
    Mini-Mag Waterproof Case 4-Pack
    SWX Hypercore 150 GM
    SWX Hypercore 150 GM
    SWX Hypercore 98 Slim GM
    SWX Hypercore 98 Slim GM
    SmallHD 702 Touch
    SmallHD strongarm 7
    Tenba Axis 32L (carry-on compliant)
    X2A 2-bay Vertical GM Charger

    Attached Images
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    SELLING my RED Weapon CF Helium 8K. Located in Victoria, BC, Canada

    I purchased this package in Sept. 2018 for over $37,000 USD. Only 302 hours and it comes with the complete package to shoot anything you want! I am moving in a different direction with my business (more editing, much less shooting), so I don't have a need for this camera anymore. Selling for around $27,000 USD.

    RED Helium S35 8K Weapon Carbon Fiber DSMC2 Brain (Weight (lbs): 3.3)
    2X 480GB RED Mini Mags (with Mini Mag USB 3.1 Reader)
    RED DSMC2 7" Touch Monitor
    RED DSMC2 Side Handle
    Tilta for RED DSMC2 Camera Rig B1 (Includes 15mm and 19mm rods, a v-mount backplate with every in/output you need, top handle with record button, etc.)
    RED EF Canon Mount
    RED Titanium PL Mount
    RED Low Light OLPF
    2X 95 Wh V-Mount Batteries with 2X D-Tap chargers
    DSMC2 Station mini-mag
    RED DSMC2 USB-C cable
    RED DSMC2 USB cable
    RED AC power supply
    IEC cable
    Small, medium, large RED hex Keys
    Wheeled Hard Case
    All the boxes for camera and RED accessories

    Ebay Listing:

    If I don't respond to messages on this site, get in touch with me through facebook! I'll try to remember to check for messages here.
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