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  1. #161 Battle Tested, pre-loved Dragon 6K 
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    Covid forcing sale! :-(

    Red Dragon 6K (just over 1K hours, recently replaced internal HDMI and sound cards, kept in dry box whenever not in use)
    Standard OLPF
    Skin Tone Highlight OLPF
    Side Handle
    1 x 7" Screen
    1 x 5" Screen
    1 x Titanium PL Mount (rarely used)
    1 x Titanium EVF Mount (worn but perfectly functional
    ViewFactor Top/Bottom/Side Armour kit with LWS 15" Rails adaptor
    Wooden Camera A-box (2 Channel)
    Rear Adaptor and Power Distribution
    Quick Release Camera Strap
    Rear V-Mount Adaptor
    Off Camera V-mount power adaptor with cable
    Mains power cable and transformer
    LEMO to Cat 5 for tethering
    2 x 256GB Media
    6x Red Volts
    1 x Quad Redvolt Charger
    USB Card Reader
    Firewire Card Reader
    Original Epic Shipping Case
    Extensive cables/Bolts/Nuts pack, Sidewinder Red Tool

    Based in South East Asia
    USD 11,000 or the best serious offer.
    Pay my fare and I will personally deliver it and demo it almost anywhere in the world. Fares are cheap right now :-)
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    RED DSMC2 Helium 8k(Forged CF)

    Selling my spare DSMC-2 Helium. The sensor and body were upgraded from a RED Weapon 6k(Forged CF) in 2017.

    The sensor has 564.5 hours

    Body only for 14,000 EXVAT

    It can be sold with an off Hollywood cage or a Tilta B1.
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    can you please send some photos? is it available to test in London?

    Thank you
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    still available?
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    RED Scarlet Dragon 6K

    Kit Includes

    RED Scarlet Dragon 6K w/ new MiniMag Reader. (430 Hours)
    RED 512gb MiniMag Memory Card w/ USB-C Card Reader
    RED 7 Inch & 5 Inch Display w/ cables
    RED Sidewinder battery handle w/ 3 RedVolt Batteries + Charger
    RED Canon & Nikon Lens mounts
    RED OLPF Kit (Standard, Skin-tone, LowLight)
    RED Original Caps, Plates, Chargers that came with camera

    Wooden Camera Bottom Plate, Top Plate, 2 Side Plates, + Side NATO Rail
    Wooden Camera Audio A-Box (XLR inputs)
    Wooden Camera V-Mount Plate

    Asking $7500 obo
    Live in Hawaii but will ship fedex for free!

    ebay listing with pictures...
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  6. #166 Scarlet-W Package With Low Hours 
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    Scarlet W 5k package with low hours that is in great condition. (Willing to sell each item separately including the brain).

    The package includes the following:

    - Red Scarlet W Brain with 73 hours
    - EF mount
    - A/C power supply module
    - Red small top handle
    - DSMC2 Side handle
    - Rear expander
    - 120GB Redmag
    - 240GB Redmag
    - GTech Card Reader
    - 3 x OLPF (Skin tone + Standard + Low light)
    - 1 x 4.7" screen + Wooden Camera sun hood
    - bunch of extra cables SDI etc
    - 1 x Core Dual V-lock Battery Charger
    - 2 x Core Pro x V-lock Batteries
    - Small tools
    - Red side plate
    - Red heavy duty roller case

    Package Price: $12,000
    Brain Price: $7000
    Location: London, United Kingdom
    Contact Info:
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    I am selling my complete Red Helium Camera kit for $26,000 in Los Angeles that includes the following:

    1x Red Helium 8k 60fps Body
    1x Body Port Cap
    1x DSMC 2 Side Handle Port Cap
    1x DSMC 2 Side Handle
    1x DSMC 2 Standard OLPF
    1x DSMC 2 V-Lock I/O Expander
    1x Canon Titanium Mount + Cap
    1x Wooden Camera PL Mount + Cap
    1x DSMC 2 4.7 Inch Touch Display + cloth
    1x Wooden Camera 4.7 Sunhood
    2x Red 512gb Mini Mag
    1x Red Mini Mag Reader
    1x USB C Cable
    1x Red Mini Mag 4x Slot Case
    1x Wooden Camera Passthrough Top Plate
    1x Wooden Camera Easy Riser
    1x Wooden Camera 15mm Light Weight Bracket
    1x DSMC 2 Power Adapter
    2x Red Brick V-Mount 150wh Battery
    1x Red Brick V-Mount Charger
    1x Pelican 1510 + Dividers

    1x Red Touch Original Box
    1x V-Lock I/O Expander Original Box
    1x Side Handle Original Box
    1x Red Mini Mag Original Box

    I am the original owner and this was purchased Nov 2016 as an Epic W and then upgraded to the Unified DSMC 2 Body and 8k 60fps specs on Aug 2018. This camera has been my work horse since purchase and will continue to produce for the next owner op. Only reason for sale is I need to liquidate this Red and corresponding accessories to make room for a set of Atlas Anamorphics.

    The camera has wear at the bottom of the body from baseplates coming on and off. The paint on the E has chipped away. Camera right side has small mark from accessories rubbing against the body like noga arms slipping. Body has no dents, never been dropped or mishandled except the mentioned scratches. Both pogo connections work just fine. I use a 4.7 touch on top, and a bomb evf on the left side. I have mounted a red side handle, and connections work as well. The rear contacts are clean and clear as I have used a dsmc2 v-lock i/o expander since original purchase.

    The media mounts and works, no errors.
    The 4.7 touch screen has no scratches, minimal pain chips from wear.
    I am including some original boxes from Red and the entire camera kit fits tightly onto a carry on Pelican 1510.
    The v-mount batteries charge and discharge normal, same goes for the charger.

    Included is the standard OLPF. The OLPF has never been taken off and is clean and clear. Firmware is up to date and the black shade calibration is auto, clean blacks and no dead pixels. Also to note the camera has never been in an underwater environment or any work with lasers. I've been a red owner/operator since 2012 and I take pride in taking care of my gear. This kit will work perfectly with no surprises saving you $10,000 cash if you were to purchase new.

    Operating hours as of 5.11.2020 is 1415
    Asking Price $26,000 - Location - Los Angeles
    Ebay Link

    Below are items for sale only after the body is sold. I can bundle items for you as well, just let me know what you need.

    1x Red Canon Motion Mount - $1,700
    1x Red PL Motion Mount - $1,700
    1x Wooden Camera Tool Less Monitor Adapter - $100
    1x Red Bomb EVF LCOS - $650
    1x LCD/EVF Adapter A - $175
    1x LCD/EVF Adapter B - $175
    1x LCD/EVF Cable 18 Inch - $175
    1x LCD/EVF Cable 24 Inch - $175
    1x Wooden Camera 12 Inch Red Male Pogo to Male Lemo LCD/EVF Cable - $175
    1x G Tech USB 3 Mini Mag Reader - $136
    1x DSMC 2 Universal Top Handle - $100
    4x Red Brick 150wh - $1,000
    1x Red Brick Charger - $385

    Attached Images
    Modest Helium Kit + Zeiss B Speeds
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  8. #168 Scarlet Dragon 6K + Accessories 
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    Orlando, FL
    I'm selling my used Scarlet Dragon 6K (12fps max @ 6K) in good working order alongside other accessories.

    Scarlet Dragon Brain
    DSMC Side Handle
    Wooden Camera fixed back + V mount plate
    Wooden Camera easy plate XL + top handle
    Wooden Camera side handle
    RED Canon EF AL Lens mount
    RED Leica M AL Lens mount
    D&O dual V-Mount charger
    2x Switronix XP-L90S V-Mount batteries
    150 watt Juicebox V-Mount battery
    2x 128GB OG Redmags (one shows heavy use)
    1x Red Station Redmag 1.8" mini
    1x Red Station Redmag 1.8" eSata/Firewire/USB 2.0
    Wooden Camera A-Box (XLR inputs)
    Wooden camera bottom cheese plate w/ 6" rods

    Can't remember hours but I believe it's under 500. I will update soon.

    More pics come with interest & I'll be happy to hear offers.

    Buyer must have a bit of a presence for me to check due to scammers. I've made dozens of sales on DVX/BMC/Reduser so buy with confidence. Ships to US only.
    Attached Images
    Director / Cinematographer / VFX

    Website -
    Instagram -
    Vimeo -
    IMDB -
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    Selling ALL of my video gear (RED Gemini w/ only 95 hours) this gear is all in great condition and has been kept in a sealed cabinet when not in use. The only items with minor cosmetic wear & tear include the following: backpack, tripod, gimbal. Feel free to message me with any questions. Will sell entire kit for $28k if bought all at once.


    # Item Price New Sale Price
    1 RED DSMC2 Gemini 5K (95 hours runtime) $19,500.00 $15,500.00
    2 RED DSCM2 V-Lock I/O Expander $1,330.00 $1,064.00
    3 RED DSMC2 Jetpack Expander $950.00 $750.00
    4 RED DSMC Battery Belt Clip $325.00 $250.00
    5 RED DSMC AI Canon Mount $490.00 $300.00
    6 RED DSMC2 RED Touch 7 LCD $2,750.00 $2,300.00
    7 RED DSMC2 Side Handle $950.00 $800.00
    8 RED DSMC2 Top Handle $550.00 $450.00
    9 Wooden Camera Side Cheese Plate $150.00 $100.00
    10 Wooden Camera V-Lock Wedge Plate (x2) $270.00 $175.00
    11 RED DSMC2 Universal Handle $105.00 $50.00
    12 RED Mini-Mag 480GB $1,750.00 $1,200.00
    13 RED Mini-Mag 120GB $595.00 $400.00
    14 RED Mini-Mag 120GB $595.00 $400.00
    15 RED STATION RED Mini-Mag $195.00 $100.00
    16 RED Brick Charger $550.00 $400.00
    17 RED Brick 153WH $450.00 $350.00
    18 RED Brick 153WH $450.00 $350.00
    19 RED DSCM AC Power Adapter $150.00 $75.00
    20 Core SWX X2S V-Mount Charger $250.00 $200.00
    21 Core SWX HyperCore HC9 98WH Battery $340.00 $275.00
    22 Core SWX HyperCore HC9 98WH Battery $340.00 $275.00
    23 Core SWX HyperCore HC9 98WH Battery $340.00 $275.00
    24 Core SWX HyperCore HC9 98WH Battery $340.00 $275.00
    25 Tiffen 82mm ND Filter Kit $135.90 $100.00
    26 Breakthrough 72-82mm StepUp Ring $34.00 $25.00
    27 Breakthrough 77-82mm StepUp Ring $34.00 $25.00
    28 Miller SOLO VJ Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs $1,080.00 $750.00
    29 Cartoni Focus HD Video Tripod Head $1,063.00 $750.00
    30 DJI Ronin-MX Gimbal $1,500.00 $1,000.00
    31 DJI Ronin-MX Accessory Kit $45.00 $0.00
    32 DJI Ronin-M Monitor Mount $65.00 $0.00
    33 Wooden Camera LCD/EVF Cable $255.00 $125.00
    34 Rode RodeLink Wireless LAV $395.00 $275.00
    35 Rode VXLR Adaptor MiniJack to XLR $10.00 $0.00
    36 Sennheiser MKE-600 Shotgun Mic $330.00 $250.00
    37 Sennheiser MZH 600 Windshield $70.00 $0.00
    38 Pearstone 1/4-20 M to Shoemount Adp. $15.00 $0.00
    39 Pearstone Arm & Mini Clamp $55.00 $0.00
    40 SmallHD 701 Lite Monitor $699.00 $500.00
    41 F Stop Shinn Backpack (80L) $439.00 $200.00
    TOTAL $39,939.90 $30,314.00
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    RED EPIC Dragon-X 6K w/Accessories - $11,950

    DSMC1 Epic Dragon 6k
    1140 Hours
    EF Mount
    Wooden Camera PL Mount
    Low Light OLPF
    Skin-Tone Priority OLPF
    (2) 64gb Red Mags
    (4) 128gb Red Mags
    (2) RedMag Readers
    Bomb EVF
    +1 Module
    Red 5 LCD
    Mini-Mag Side Module
    V-mount adapter
    Gold mount adapter
    Wooden Camera Cage
    Wooden Camera Baseplate
    Wooden Camera A-Box
    (2) Redvolt Batteries
    Redvolt Charger
    AC power
    XLR to 1/4 adapter w Scratch Audio Shotgun Mic

    Sale is brokered through Matt Livingston at New Life Cine:
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