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  1. #11 RED Scarlet-X Low Hours 

    I have two Scarlet-X's and this one isn't getting used so I'm selling it. There are no problems whatsoever
    with this camera. I've owned three Reds now and they're by far the most solid camera I've ever shot on.
    This camera is in great shape as you will see from the pictures. There are no signs of wear. Buyer pays
    Red transfer fee.

    Price: $5,500


    $7,500 if you want the brain to come installed with the Side SSD Module, Side Handle and Canon AL Mount.

    Total hours of operation: 50

    Serial # 04171

    Location: Seattle, WA.

    Included in the sale:

    Red Scarlet-X Brain
    Original Box

    Optional Addons:

    DSMC Side SSD Module $650
    DSMC Side Handle $750
    Canon AL Mount $725

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  2. #12 Red Mysterium camera setup in NYC for sale 
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    For sale in New York City by an associate of mine. I do not want to ship it, so pickup would be ideal. This way, you can check it out. Payment by verified cashier's check. Buyer pays any transfer costs at RED.

    I estimate it at under 900 hours. Body #6029

    Asking $7500

    see pic for email contact

    RED ONE Mysterium X Upgraded Camera Package + Accessories
    Red One MX Camera Body + PL Body Cap
    1 x Red EVF
    1 x 5.6in Red LCD
    1 x 5in. Red Arm
    2 x LCD/EVF Cables
    1 x Ikan 10” Articulating Monitor Arm
    1 x Element Technica EVF Mount
    1 x Red One Bottom Plate
    1 x Shoulder Dovetail
    2 x Red Top Mounts
    1 x Top Handle
    1 x Top Handle Extension
    4 x 19 mm 15” rods
    2 x 15 mm 12” Zacuto rods
    2 x 15 mm 6” Zacuto rod extensions
    1 x Element Technica Breakout Box
    1 x Red Null PL Collimation Lens
    1 x Sandisk 1gb SD Card
    1 x 8GB Red CF Card
    1 x Red Cradle
    1 x Red One AC Adapter and Power Cord
    2 x Red 640GB Drives
    2 x Red Drive Cable
    1 x AC power Adapter for RedDrive
    2 x ET ISO Plate Shock Mount Drive Holders with Male and female V Dock and 19mm Speedy Clamp
    1 x Mini-XLR to Mini-XLR cable
    1 x Battery Plate with ET V-Dock Male and Female with 19mm Speedy Clamp
    1 x Red Power Pack Battery Charger with Power cable
    3 x Red Brick Battery
    1 x RED ONE DC Power Cable
    1 x Ortigo Start/Stop switch + straight cable – so that you can remotely start/stop camera from great distances
    1 x Handheld Front grips - Linoptek Super grip for 15 mm rods
    1 x Redrock MicroOmniMount 19mm/15mm Studio Rod Converter
    1 x Set of Allen Keys
    1 x IM2975 Storm Case

    MC Biometar 80 mm/f2.8 Carl Zeiss Jena
    MC Biometar 120mm/f2.8 Carl Zeiss Jena

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    Selling a complete Scarlet-X Package with accessories. Camera has been used and maintained lovingly by professional crews. Excellent condition, no issues, flawless sensor.

    Price is $14,500. Depending on your location shipping may be included. Ownership transfer through RED is additional and payable to RED if you elect to do it.

    Comes with all of the following:

    Red Scarlet-X Body
    DSMC TiPL Mount
    DSMC 1.8 SSD Module
    DSMC Side Handle
    5.0" Red Touch Screen Monitor
    1 EVF Cable
    1 7" Red Noga style articulating arm
    4 256GB RedMag
    1 Red Station Redmag Reader 1.8"
    1 Red PRO EVF (Red bomb EVF to some people)
    1 Easy Riser Plate
    1 Redmote Remote Control
    4 RedVolt Batteries
    1 DSMC Travel Charger for RedVolts
    1 IO Module
    1 Module Adapter
    1 AC Power Adapter
    1 2B-to-1B Lemo Power Adapter Cable
    1 19mm Bridge Plate
    1 Cheese Top handle
    1 19mm Top Mount
    1 V-Lock Battery Plate
    1 Madly Fins Pro Mote Set (remote record trigger - very useful!)

    I have multiple packages like this for sale with the exact same configuration. First one for sale has 1400 hours.

    PM Me with any questions! Thanks

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    Red One M For Sale

    Location: Stockholm, Sweden

    Red One Body


    PURE4C viewfinder and mount (not pictured)

    PL/Nikon Mount

    Red Pro LCD

    RED EVF Cable

    RED EVF Mount - small arm

    Top Handle

    V-Lock Extension


    640 GB Drive

    Top mount

    19mm Rods

    Hours: 1077

    Number: 4007

    Asking price: 2500 USD

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    Scarlet-X package for sale. $9500.
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    Almost new Scarlet M-X ready to shoot package with Accessories.
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    I'm selling my Red Scarlet MX with a Generic Canon mount, Fully working, only 220 hours of use.

    Brain + Canon Mount = SOLD

    I'm also selling some media accessories: Side SSD + 64GB SSD Redmag + Mag Reader = SOLD
    Attached Images
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  8. #18 Scarlet MX in Cage + Nikon Mount % V-lock Mount with handle 
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    Hi all,

    I have decided to sell my almost new Scarlet MX Brain which has less than 70 hours on it. I used it for only one project and I think that it is too much for me now.
    It comes with extra stuff and the price is $6,900 for all the items below in total:

    1- Scarlet MX Brain (Less than 70h)
    2- Optitek Prolock Nikon Mount (With aperture control)
    3- Camtree V-Lock Mount
    4- Protective Cage
    5- Camera Handle
    6- Cables, Wrenches and Screws

    If you want DSMC Side Module it will be $1,000 extra for that. Transfer fees are

    Cost of transfer of ownership is covered by new owner.

    P.S. The picture has Monitor and Battery yet they are not included in the package.
    Attached Images
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    RED Epic-X Mysterium-X

    Asking: $ 25,000

    Located in Almaty (Kazakhstan). Pick up or Shipment.

    Camera is in excellent condition. Acquired in September 2014 in LA (new). About 110 hours. In May 2015 it was inspected in Berlin RED EUROPE LTD.
    Included everything you need for filming: kit, battery charging, two flash drives and lenses.
    DSMC® Al Canon Mount
    RED® Touch 5.0 "LCD Display
    REDVOLT® Package (5 batteries)
    DSMC® Travel Charger (charging)
    REDMAG ™ 1.8 "SSD 240GB (USB flash drive)
    REDMAG 1.8 '' SSD 128GB (USB flash drive)
    DSMC® 1.8 "SSD Side Module
    Batteries Li160S (Globalmediapro) 2 pcs
    Charging the battery SCA2S (Globalmediapro)

    In addition:
    The body kit CAMTREE HUNT Multipurpose Cage Shoulder Mount Rig Package For Red (CH-MPC-SRP)
    Lenses Samyang:
    T3.1 / 14mm
    T1.5 / 24mm
    T1.5 / 35mm
    T1.5 / 85mm
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    RED Scarlet-X Package: $11,500

    • RED Scarlet-X Brain w/ Canon AI Mount & 1.8 SSD Module #03793 (90 Hours): $6250
    • DSMC Side Handle: $700
    • RED Touch 5" LCD with Standard Cable: $1100
    • 4X REDVOLTS w/ Case: $650
    • 2X REDVOLT Chargers: $175
    • 4X 64GB 1.8 RED Mags w/ Case: $2300
    • RED Station Mini 1.8 (Esata - Firewire 800): $125
    • Outrigger Handle: $200
    Selling this beauty for my best friend. He doesn't really have the time to do this himself, so I offered to help him out. Everything is in perfect condition, pretty much new. It only has 90 hours on the brain itself. We only used the camera on a few shoots, and it has never been rented out. I only want to sell it as a package, will not break it apart. The camera is located in Ft. Lauderdale (South Florida). Buyer pays for Shipping, and the RED transfer of ownership. If you have any request or concerns, feel free to contact me.

    UPDATE: Price Lowered (2nd Time), and I will sell everything separately if someone buys the Body first.

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