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    Nov 2011
    RED Epic-X Dragon #6870 + Accessories (Los Angeles)
    Including: PL and EF Mounts, Side SSD, two 128GB Mags, 5” LCD and more.
    Hours: 332.8
    Upgraded to Dragon: 4/2015

    Asking: $27,500
    (Current new price: $37,698)


    Thanks for your interest!
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    Prague, Czech Republic
    I am willing to sell my BRAND NEW EPIC-X DRAGON CAMERA Pro Collection package with some extra stuff like Motion Lens mounts and pletny of batteries. The reason I am willing to sell my brand new camera is that I want to buy Dragon Weapon instead.

    The camera is a brand new piece, only 10 hours on record, never rented, never on set, just sitting on my desk for now. Has been delivered to me 14 days ago. Just bought this.

    PM me for more info when interested!

    The package contains:
    • Epic-X DRAGON w/ Side SSD & PL Motion Lens Mount
      Canon Motion Lens Mount
    • Matte Box w/ Cage & Top-Bottom & Side Flags w/ Rods support system
    • 1x Redvolt Quad Charger
    • 1x Redvolt Travel Charger
    • 10x Redvolt battery (2x4 pack, 2x1 pc extra, came with travel charger)
    • Redmote w/ case
    • DSCM2 Red EVF (OLED) w/ RED magic arm
    • DSMC Quick Release Platform Pack
    • Red Carbon X ROD - 12in & 18in
    • DSMC Tactical Cage
    • DSMC Top Mount (adjustable)
    • Sliding Top Handle
    • DSMC Front Handle Assembly 19mm
    • Plus (+) 1 Adaptor Module
    • RED Touch 7.0" LCD
    • Pro Battery Module (Dual)
    • RED DSMC Bolt Kit
    • RED Station RED Mini-Mag
    • 4x RED Mini-Mag 240GB
    • Lightweight Production Pack
    • DSMC Side Handle
    • DSMC Shoulder Pad

      I just bought this for more than 80.000 Euros, I am willing to sell it now for 60 000 Euros or 67 000 USD or BEST OFFER

      The camera is located in Prague, The Czech Republic. Will ship anywhere when paid upfront, otherwise personal handover in Prague. Pictures taken yesterday with master prime and alura zoom lenses.

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    Apr 2014
    Santa Monica, CA
    Scarlet Dragon for sale
    Camera has been babied, I am the original owner. ~280 hours
    Located in Santa Monica California.

    Scarlet dragon brain, AL EF mount, 1.8" ssd module
    Skin tone OLPF
    Low Light OLPF
    RED AC Power supply
    x2 128gb 1.8" mags
    x2 mag readers (firewire)
    RED 5" touch
    x2 12" red LCD cables (1 new unopened)
    W00den Cam leather side handle
    Top Plate
    W00den Cam Easy Riser XL
    W00den Cam quick back V2 Vmount plate
    x2 Lanpart 130wh Vmount batteries
    Scratch Mic

    I also have 2 (like)new BlueShape 90WH batteries I might consider throwing in the mix.


    Will not part out my package, sorry folks
    PM me or email me. We can talk further on the phone from there if you'd like

    Scarlet Dragon: "The Darkness"
    DJI Inspire 1

    Cinematographer - Editor - Director
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    I'm starting a new job, focusing more on post stuff. I've decided to sell pretty much ALL my production stuff. Starting with this huge Scarlet Dragon Kit.
    Camera is located in SF Bay area.Willing to meet in LA / Socal if that motivates a sale. Maybe even somewhere else in the 'west coast' area. This is a big kit, don't really want to ship this kit somewhere if possible.
    Would very much prefer a 'local' sale.

    Not interested in an international sale.

    Selling complete kit only. Not selling parts as of now.

    Asking $̶1̶8̶0̶0̶0̶ ̶O̶B̶O̶
    $17000 OBO

    DM or email- noahg123 at gmail

    This kit has literally everything you need to shoot except a lens. There is minor cosmetic wear here and there but everything works exactly as it should. (detailed description of condition below with pics)


    Scarlet-X Dragon body – SER# 03463 –137 hours
    Original Scarlet hardshell body case
    7'' RED PRO LCD (non-touch)
    (2) 18'' RED LCD cable
    6'' generic articulating arm
    ALL STAR PL mount
    RED PL body cap
    RED DSCM1 SIDE HANDLE (with original packaging)
    RED 1.8'' SSD MODULE (with original packaging)
    (1) 128Gb SSD REDMAG
    RED 1.8'' SSD REDMAG reader (USB 3.0 & ESATA & FIREWIRE 800)
    Wooden Camera SSD guard
    (2) RED BRICK V-MOUNT batteries
    RED RED BRICK 2X charger
    RED ONE V-mount plate
    2B to 1B LEMO power adapter
    (1) RED REDVOLT battery
    REDVOLT travel charger
    RED DSCM1 AC power adapter
    SONY passive stereo scratch mic
    CAMTREE baseplate (19mm & 15mm rod support)
    CAMTREE standard dovetail
    CAMTREE dovetail with shoulder pad
    CAMTREE articulating handles
    DSCM top handle
    CAMTREE hardshell case
    (2) 19mm rods
    PELICAN 1600 case
    AJ-CASE large metal flight case(optional if you want it)

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  5. #15 Red One MX s/n 355 
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    Sep 2007
    Vancouver, Canada
    S/N: 355
    Vancouver, Canada

    Asking $4000USD

    SSD Module
    CF Module
    RED Quickplate
    Extra Battery Plate
    RED 5" LCD Monitor w/noga arm and two cables
    Top Handle with short riser
    Top Mounts and Top cheese plate
    Red One Audio Cables (6 Available)
    19mm bridgeplate
    Lens Port Cap
    2x 12" 19mm SS Rods
    2x 13" 19mm SS Rods
    2x 17" 19mm SS Rods
    2x 24" 19mm SS Rods
    ATA Case
    Ryan Skeete
    Camera Operator, IATSE669
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  6. #16 RED Epic-M #1200 - Full Package + Extra Kit ($67,200 of accessories) (496 hours) Oran 
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    Feb 2014
    Orange County, CA
    RED Epic-M #1200 - Full Package + Extra Kit ($67,200 of accessories) (496 hours) Orange County, CA

    Kit in great condition. Camera is in good condition with just some usual scuffs but works perfectly. Some of our favorite pieces of kit have similar light wear but many pieces of the kit are unused and in mint condition. A comprehensive accessories kit has allowed us to build out a second camera when necessary. This packages had been great for us and we love it, but are moving into a lot of smaller shoots with a ton of airline travel, so we are switching into smaller kit. Sold as a package.

    Package includes:1x EPIC-M w/ Ti PL mount,
    Side SSDv2 fan setup is installed
    Comes with RED aluminum brain case.
    1x Motion Mount PL
    1x Ti Nikon Mount
    1x Ti Canon Mount
    1x RED top plate (new style)
    1x 5” RED touch display
    1x 9” RED touch display
    1x RED® PRO EVF (LCOS)
    1x RED® PRO EVF (OLED)
    1x RED EVF Spinner Mount
    1x RED EVF tactical mount- Assorted RED monitor/EVF cables and lengths
    1x RED Rocket (Mlogic enclosure)
    1x RED +1 module adapter
    1x RED Standard Module Adaptor
    1x RED PRO I/O Module-Misc RED cables for PRO i/o module
    4x 128GB RED mags
    3x 256GB RED mags
    1x Viewfactor A/B gold mount plate
    7x Redvolts1x View factor RED mode plate
    2x RED Redvolt travel chargers
    1x RED Redvolt quad charger
    1x Action Products Proteus/backpack/electra/ A/B battery module
    1x RED Redmote
    1x RED DSMC Side Handle
    2x RED® Quickplate
    2x RED STATION redmag reader
    1x RED Clutch shoulder rig
    1x RED Gunner shoulder mount
    2x RED top handles-Several RED swat rails-Several RED 4pin XLR-EPIC power cables (short and long)
    1x RED FOCUS module
    1x RED power adapter
    1x RED backpack
    1x RED backpack A/B plate
    1x RED Module adapter for backpack
    1x RED Backpack cheese plate
    1x RED timecode / genlock cable
    1x RED remote start stop switch-various RED dog bones and RED rosette adapters
    2x RED quick release camera plate1x RED quick release platform (Dovetail)
    2x RED quick release platform (Flat)
    1x RED case for 4 revolts
    1x RED case for lens mounts

    Paypal or Bank Wire both work. Free shipping in United States.
    Happy to ship internationally but international buyers to pay shipping costs and all duties / taxes.

    We are selling as a package and not interested in parting it out. Thanks.

    Price: $29,000.

    Contact via email is preferred and will get the fastest response.

    Original Thread:
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    Epic M #01200
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  7. #17 Red Scarlet x Dragon ready to go 
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    Jun 2014
    Selling a Red Scarlet-x Dragon , withdrawn recently from Red assistance for a check, everything's working perfectly, the camera it's in Italy now.
    The camera it's perfect, brain 400 Hrs about of usage. Transfer of property it's paid by the buyer.
    The camera it's ready to go, just need a battery
    Selling with a lot of accessories:
    - wooden camera cage
    - SSD side
    - 3x64GB RedMag
    - EF mount
    - Side Handle
    - V-mount plate
    - Redmote
    - 7" red screen (no touch)
    - 80 cm screen cable
    - Power supply
    - Original boxes
    - RedMag station USB 3
    - Top Fan 2.0
    - Low light optimazed olpf
    Lens and battery are not included

    I'm asking 12000€; 11500€ without screen and cable
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    CO and UT
    Looking for offers to sell my RED Epic X-Dragon kit. Im in the SLC area.

    Kit includes:

    RED Epic X-Dragon (just over 200 hours)
    1x 128 GB SSD 1.8"
    1x 256 GB SSD 1.8"
    Side SSD 1.8"
    DSMC Side Handle
    5" Touch Screen (one of the toggle buttons needs to be fixed, the other works, as does the monitor just fine)
    WC CineCoil Lemo cable
    WC Side Handle
    100mm Swat Rail and DSMC Top Handle
    Canon AL Mount
    PL Mount (third party, but works great)
    VF Brooks Willard IDX/V-Mount Battery Plate
    1.8" Card Reader (this ones the old one with FW 800 and E-sata, might want to replace it)
    Wall Power Adapter
    Leica R-Mount (i'm aware this isn't a huge need, but I have it available)

    Will add in batteries (2x Red Brick, 1x 90 WH Switronix and RED V-Mount Charger for $1000 more if buyer needs power)

    Buyer pays transfer/shipping. US offers and customers only. $20,000 USD. Price is FIRM
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    Feb 2014
    Hello all! I've currently got a Red One MX package for sale. I'm looking to acquire a few new lenses, and unfortunately, have to let go of this beauty in order to finance said lenses. I'm only interested in selling everything as a package- not individual parts. There are only 422 hours on the camera, and I'm asking $4,000 for everything listed below. Serious inquiries only please. Based in Los Angeles.

    - RED ONE MX x 1
    - RED 7” LCD x 1
    - RED SSD 1.8” Station x 1
    - RED 64GB SSD x 2
    - RED Mini HD-SDI to Regular HD-SDI Cable x 1
    - RED Mini XLR to Regular XLR Cable x 1
    - RED Pro 5” Arm x 1
    - RED Pro LCD Cable x 2
    - RED ProDovetail Shoulder Mount/Baseplate x 1
    - RED Bolt Set x 2
    - RED Handle Grip for 19mm Rods x 1
    - RED V-Lock Battery Plate 19mm Rods x 1
    - RED Bricks x 4
    - RED Brick Charging Station x 2
    - ELEMENT TECHNICA Video Breakout Box x 1
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  10. #20 Red Epic Dragon Kit Europe - 25000€ - low hours 
    Hello everyone!
    Selling our Dragon kit with only 145h, literally everything necessary and more. Happy to split up once the brain's gone, or offer a smaller package.
    Located in London, can be in Paris easily, happy to post to Europe.

    Cost over 50k + VAT selling for 25k without VAT!

    1x Red Epic X Dragon Brain
    1x SSD Side 1.8"
    1x PL mount
    1x VF By Brook Top Cheese Plate
    1x Red Pro Top 19mm Bars Mount
    1x +1 Module adaptor
    1x Red 19mm V-Lok Battery Plate with Hawkweeds V Mount adaptor with 3x D Tap outs and 2x 3 Pin RS Out and 4 Pin CLR In for Block Batteries
    2x 19mm 12" Bars
    1x Ronford Baker Riser Plate
    1x ET 19mm Base Plate
    1x Arri Dovetail Plate
    1x Red Side Handle with Side Plate
    4x Redvolt Batteries with
    1x Travel Charger

    4x REDMAG 128gb Cards
    1x Red Bomb EVF
    1x REDmote with Charging Cable
    1x RED Top Handle
    1x RED Pro 5" Monitor
    1x Short EVF Cable
    1x Sync Cable
    1x Red Station Card Reader
    1x USB-Jack Card Reader Cable
    1x Firewire 800 Cable
    1x USB3 Cable
    1x SATA Cable
    1x 4pin XLR-2B Battery Cable
    1x 2B-1B Adaptor Cable
    1x Mini NOGA Arm

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