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    RED EPIC MX kit for Sale - 20k - Selling locally from Brazil but can meet in anywhere in the USA.

    - Red Epic MX Brain #06310 + Side SSD Module
    - Titanium PL Mount
    - Al EF Mount
    - 4 x 128GB SSDs + Case
    - 2 x 64GB SSDs
    - 1 x FW800 RedMag Reader
    - Side Handle
    - Red Touch 5"
    - 2 x 9' Monitor Cable 1 x 12" Monitor Cable
    - 1 x Mini Lemo to 3-BNC
    - 2 x Redvolts + Charger
    - x QuickBack + IDX V Mount Plate
    - x 19mm Studio Plate
    - x Riser with LW15mm Rods Attachment
    - x Top Plate
    - x Nato Top Handle

    Pm for more information and pictures.
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  2. #12 FS RED One #801 with Accessories 
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    Here we go! PRICE DROP 3/5/15 $8500 OBO

    RED One #801 for sale! Along with is the complete list of gear. Only 754 Hours of operation. She's been a great camera, but has been longing for work. Due to Epic she has been only used as a back up camera.

    $8500 OBO for everything! Here's the list of gear. I'd like to sell as 1 package and not part it out. Buyer will pay shipping and camera transfer. Bank wire or cash only!

    RED One MX Body #801 with PL Mount and CF module
    (2) elmac AC Power adapter
    Red Cage with BeBob Rouge hot swap mount
    Shark Fin hotswap adapter
    Battery Belt Plate and clip
    (2) 320GB RED Drives with cables, power blocks and shock mounts
    (7) 8GB CF Cards
    (2) 16GB CF Cards
    ET Breakout box
    Original RED EVF & button guard with 2 cables
    5 inch Monitor with 2 cables
    5 inch Red arm
    Bottom plate
    Shoulder dovetail
    Top handle and handle extension
    Top mount x2
    Left and right handle
    Handheld bracket
    (2) Side ribs (cant remember original name)
    (2) Universal mount
    24 inch Stainless 19mm rods x2
    (2) Red Power extender cables
    5 pin to 5 pin TC Cable
    5 pin to XLR TC Cable
    (4) Mini to XLR adapters
    (2) din to BNC adapters
    Red CF Reader with power block
    Bolt sets with Allen keys
    Pelican 1620 Red One Case (From Red unbranded)
    If I find more Red One gear in my closet I'll throw it in too!

    Loaded a few pic of what I think is the important stuff. If you need more I can post.

    Like I said, She's been a great camera but it's time to let her go! Only serious buyers please! Buyer will pay shipping and camera transfer. Bank wire or cash only!

    Please PM if interested!
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    Dave Weber

    MX 801 "Lucky"
    EPIC-X 268 "THE X"

    "You can't depend on your Eyes when your Imagination is out of Focus"
    Mark Twain
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    Scarlet Package - Includes:Scarlet #1840 w/Side SSD and Canon Al mount - 198 hours - Bought when it first came out.
    DSMC Side Handle - Never used
    Redmote - Used 3-4 times
    (2) 64GB REDMAGS
    Pro LCD 5"
    RED STATION w/ eSata cable and AC
    (2) REDVOLTS and charger - Used once
    WC Quick Back
    Anton Bauer Gold Plate
    WC Easy Riser
    WC LW 15mm Bracket
    WC Top Handle Cheese
    WC Easy Stick
    WC Easy Plate
    AC Adapter
    Original box for brain

    Everything is in Excellent to Near Mint condition, except for the cards, which are in very good condition. I rate them lower because of the handling paint scratches.EVERYTHING WORKS PERFECTLY. 198 hours and always kept in a case. Problems: RED STATION missing one of the rubber bumpers on the feet, LCD cable missing a cap (but still works).New Price: $16,200 Asking: $12,500 or best reasonable offer! This is an incredible deal.

    See Pictures here.Low ball offers ignored. Do not PM me saying you're interested and then ignore me when I respond. I won't sell to you after that.
    Scarlet-X #1840
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    #00406 in Los Angeles.

    • RED Epic-X with Side SSD and Ti PL mount

    New Price: $21,000
    Asking: $14,500

    Also available:
    • RED Side Handle
    • RED Ti EF Mount
    • RED LCD 5.6"
    • (2) 128gb REDMags
    • REDStation REDMag 1.8"
    • (2) REDVolts & Charger
    • RED Quickplate
    • REDMote
    • RED DSMC Top Mount 19mm
    • RED Sliding Top Handle
    • Wht & Blu Sync Bob Plus Hybrid
    • ViewFactor FMJ Top & Bottom Plate
    • Viewfactor FMJ 15mm-LW Bracket
    • Master Case (built camera fits inside this hard case)

    Full Package New Price: $31,838
    Asking: $21,500 OBO

    All items not pictured.
    Purchased as a Scarlet upgrade at the beginning of '14.
    Fully inspected by RED in Nov '14.
    Everything is rock solid.
    Buyer pays RED transfer fees.
    Willing to take offers on individual items.
    Contact me with any questions:
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  5. #15 RED EPIC-X package for sale 
    - Epic-X body s/n 07056 and SSD module, available for Red Dragon Upgrade
    - Only 1 owner, well taken care of
    - PL mount and Al Canon mount
    - 4 128gb SSD-5” touch
    - 2 LCD cable, standard and 18”
    - 1 REDmag station-1 REDmote
    - 1 WC Quick Back with Gold Mount QRC battery plate
    - WC Top Handle
    - WC Easy Top
    - WC A-Box
    - WC Easy stick
    - 2 WC top mounts
    - Element Technica Epic Shim plate and universal 15mm light weight bracket
    - Element Technica Hybrid Core with 1 studio 15mm rod bracket

    Camera package is in great condition
    Located in Los Angeles
    Only 343 hours of operation
    Epic recently serviced at RED in Nov ‘14 with clean bill of health

    Buyer pays RED transfer fees and shipping

    Please send DM with any questions

    Cost of equipment if purchased new - $31,439.27
    For sale $22,500 OBO

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    Looking to sell my Epic MX body and 1.8"SSD Side Module. Valued at $19,000 USD, selling for $16,000 USD. Will pay for shipping to RED, transfer fees on the new owner. It has a total operation time of 252 hours. It has been owned privately, by me, since September 2013. It's mostly been used on one feature film and various other smaller projects. The camera has been well looked after and had no problems.

    Comes with Epic-X case. If shipping internationally, must go to RED for inspection.

    If you're Melbourne based, happy to organize an inspection of the camera. Eligible for Dragon upgrade. More pictures in thread here.

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    Epic for Sale

    Epic-M (s/n 02023) eligible for Dragon sensor upgrade
    Titanium PL lense mount
    DSMC 1.8" side ssd module
    DSMC Side Handle
    Red 2.0 fan upgrade
    Easy Top-X top plate
    1 128gb Redmag 1.8"
    1 Redmag 1.8" card reader
    Red AC power adapter
    Pelican case

    Camera is in good condition, located in Los Angeles
    551 hours. Works perfectly and was recently serviced.


    email me with any questions. you can arrange to inspect the gear if you are in the LA area.
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    Red Epic X #03798 for sale. Only 346 hours. Currently at Red facility for minor repair of rear ports. Repairs paid for by me. Evaluated by RED and will be ready for 90 day or 1 year warranty with transfer. Will cover $250 of TOW cost. - My location Salt Lake City, UT. Camera Location - Irvine, CA RED Facility

    $13,500 Brain only


    $14,500 - With SSD 1.8" side module and EF Alum Mount

    PM for details
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    contact me at

    Selling my Epic-X complete package. It’s served me very well, and has been very well looked after! I have been its only owner and used it primarily on personal projects.

    Eligible for DRAGON upgrade at LOWER price.

    Worth over $40000
    PRICE SLASH, in the interest of quick sale - please PM me for discussion.

    *Prefer to sell as complete kit
    *Buyer responsible for transfer of ownership
    *I will pay evaluation and associated costs if any
    *Free shipping within USA
    *Located NYC

    RED Epic-X Brain #874
    RED Ti PL Mount
    RED DSMC 1.8” Side SSD Module
    RED 5.6” Touchscreen LCD
    RED LCD/EVF right-right Cable 7”
    RED LCD/EVF right-straight Cable 18”
    RED LCD/EVF right-straight Cable 4’
    RED Arm
    2 x RED 128gb SSD REDmags
    REDStation REDMag 1.8”
    4 x REDVolts
    REDVolt Travel Charger
    RED DSMC Top Mount
    RED QUAD Battery Module (brand new)
    RED Adapter Module (brand new)
    RED AC Power Adapter
    RED EPIC 1510 Pelican Case
    2 x 6” Steel Rods
    2 x 18” Steel Rods
    Viewfactor APU-IDX Battery Plate
    3 x 160WH V-Lock Batteries
    1 x V-Lock 2-channel Charger
    WC EVF Support
    WC Top Handle
    WC Top Plate
    WC Bottom Shim
    WC A-Box (one plug damaged)
    Element Technica 19mm/15mm Dual Studio Kit
    Element Technica Arri Dovetail 12”
    1560 Pelican Accessories Case
    Original RED cases/packages for Epic-X Brain, Bomb EVF, Side Handle, Redmote, Quad Battery Module and Adapter Module


    Zoe White
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    Epic MX up for sale. Asking Price is $25,000 USD.

    We would prefer not to piece it out.
    It has yet to be upgraded to Dragon. You have approximately 1 month to do that and still be eligible for Red Weapon.
    Kit is in perfect working condition. It was last serviced at Red in August 2014.

    Photos of Kit-

    For inquiries Email: vanroyko(at) AND zachariefay(at)
    We are working DPs and emailing us both will assure that you get a prompt response.

    Kit is located in Montreal, Qc, Canada

    Kit Pieces

    Epic-X Body #1257
    Red Touch 5" LCD
    Epic DSCM Side Handle
    Epic Qr Dovetail Sliding Plate
    LCD Cables -5 inch, 10 inch, 18 inch10ft
    2x Bebop 140Wh Battery
    1x Bebop 90Wh battery
    3x Redvolt Battery
    1x Bebop Dual Charger
    2x DSMC Travel Charger
    2x IDX V_Mount Battery Mounts
    2x RED Station Redmag 1.8"
    1x Epic AC Adapter
    Canon Titanium Mount
    Pl Mount
    Custom Shoulder Mount
    3x Redmag 1.8" SSD Card 256GB
    2x Redmag 1.8" SSD Card 128GB
    View Factor Cage- Top, Bottom Plate- Side Handles
    Module Adapter
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