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    -Epic-W Brain
    -Canon EF mount
    -DSMC2 Base Expander
    -DSMC 5" Touch display
    -LCD/ EVF Cable
    -Thin 3ft LCD/ EVF cable for use with gimbals (not pictured)
    -[2] 512gb Red Mini-Mags
    -Red Station Red Mini-Mag
    -DSMC2 LEMO Adapter A
    -Sliding top handle + Wooden camera 100mm Safy Nato
    -Wooden Camera Cable-less V-Mount

    After tax I paid $42k for the entire kit.
    Most of the package is less than 3 months old. Asking $35k obo for everything. Available for pickup in NYC.

    If you're interested, please email me at

    Please see for more images!

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  3. #13 RED Epic MX + AKS - $12,000 USD 
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    Selling: RED Epic-X Mysterium-X Camera + AKS
    Serial: #05287
    Delivery from RED: April 2013
    Serviced by RED: March 2017
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Asking price: $12,000
    Brain Hours: 2,012

    Bought camera new, direct from RED in April of 2013. Serviced by RED on March 3, 2017. Willing to ship worldwide. Transfer of RED ownership at buyers expense. PM If interested or email More photos at link below.

    Also selling great set of 5 ZEISS STANDARD SPEEDS (16/24/32/50/85) as well as Sachtler V-20S Tripod, Arri FF-5 Follow Focus, Panasonic 17 Production Monitor (BT-LH1710), Paralinx ACE Wireless Video, Manfrotto Hi-Hat, Tilta Swing-Away Matte Box, Tilta Handheld Rig, Lens Filters, and more! Detailed photos of all gear at:

    (1) RED Epic-X Mysterium-X Brain (S/N 05287; 2012 Hours)
    (1) RED DSMC Ti PL Mount
    (1) RED DSMC 1.8" Side SSD Module
    (3) 128GB REDMAG 1.8" SSD Cards
    (1) RED STATION 1.8" SSD Card Reader (+7 Cables: 2 Firewire, USB, AC Adapter, eSATA, more)
    (1) RED REDtouch 5" LCD Monitor (+ RED Micro Fiber Bag)
    (1) RED LCD/EVF Cable - 18" Right-to-Straight
    (1) RED AC Power Adapter - 150w DSMC

    (4) Switronix XP-L95RED V-mount Batteries (95Wh - Airline Carry-On Compliant)
    (1) IDX Dual V-mount Battery Charger (Charges Simultaneously; + AC Adapter)

    (1) Wooden Camera V-mount Battery Plate (IDX Plate + RED Lemo connector)
    (1) Wooden Camera Quick Back v2
    (1) Wooden Camera Easy Top
    (1) Wooden Camera Rubber Top Handle
    (1) Wooden Camera Easy Riser
    (1) Wooden Camera 19mm Bridgeplate (Standard ARRI Size)
    (1) Wooden Camera 8 Safety Dovetail (Standard ARRI Size)
    (1) Wooden Camera A-Box for EPIC (converts 3.5mm jacks to (2) XLR inputs)
    (1) Hoodman HRT5 (for REDtouch 5 LCD)
    (2) 19mm Carbon Fiber Rods 10
    (2) 19mm Steel Rods 18
    (1) Ultralight Control Systems Arm ( - mount REDtouch LCD)
    (1) 36 SuperThin Cable for REDtouch LCD - from (gimbal use)
    (1) Olympus ME-51S Stereo Scratch Microphone - 3.5mm

    (1) Pelican Case 1510 w/ Padded Dividers + Pelican 1519 Lid Organizer

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    We're selling our 4 months old RED Weapon Mg 6k #01295 since we want to invest in lenses and accessories for our other RED cameras.

    The camera was only used for a commercial and a documentary.

    The following items are included:

    Standard OLPF
    DC power adaptor

    Also available, if wanted, is a RED Base I/O Module and a Wooden Camera Quick Back.

    The camera is located in Germany. Free insured shipping with TNT express within Europe. Willing to ship worldwide. Please contact me by email or pm if you have any questions.

    Price for the camera is 23.500€ excl. VAT. Base I/O is available for 1.500€ and the Quick Back for 200€ (only with the camera).
    Attached Images
    a better TRUTH | film production, rental & sales

    Visit my webstore at

    Amimon | Blackmagic Design | Bright Tangerine | DJI | Fiilex | Hanse Inno Tech | smallHD| Teradek | Schneider Kreuznach | SpectraCal | Wooden Camera | Xeen and more...
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    Hey guys,

    We're selling our Epic. It's a great camera and has treated us insanely well, but it's time to move on. It was originally owned by an other production company before we took ownership, but everything works perfectly and has been meticulously maintained over the years. Located in NYC, but happy to ship anywhere so long as the buyer pays shipping. The battery plate just broke on a shoot, hence the janky gaff tape in the photos. We're happy to replace it for the sale or we can knock $500 off, whatever you prefer.

    RED Epic Dragon
    993 hours (we're using it up until we sell it, so this may go up)
    CF and PL mount
    Nato cage with 19mm rails
    18 inch 19mm rails
    6 inch 19mm rails
    Wooden Camera top handle
    3x 256 cards
    1x USB 3.0 reader
    4x red bricks (only 3 pictured -- one was accidentally returned to a rental house and we didn't have it at the time of the photos)
    2x red brick chargers
    AC power
    5 inch monitor
    Hoodman monitor cover
    Noga arm
    Movi side mount battery plate
    2x VF cables
    USB 3.0 cable, Timecode, XLR and any other necessary cable as well

    Tenba case with custom cut foam
    Interspace battery and charger case

    Photos are here:

    Asking $20k + shipping
    Attached Images
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    The camera was only used for a commercials. Everything works perfectly and it's in mint condition (you can see that on the pictures).

    1x RED Epic-MX (Hours: 1171)
    1x EF mount
    1x Side SSD Module
    1x + 1 Adaptor Module
    1x RED Station
    4x Redmag 64GB
    1x SwitchBlade-M
    1x Red touch 7.0" LCD
    1xLCD/EVF Cable (Right-To-Straight)
    1x Follow focus
    1x AC Power Adaptor
    1x DSMC Tactical Top Handle
    1x Spinner with Pro EVF Mount Pack
    1x Wooden SSD guard
    1x Wooden Camera Easy Riser
    1x WC V-Mount
    1x Wooden LW 15mm Bracket
    1x Wooden Camera Fixed Back

    PRICE: 17,300.00€

    The camera is located in Europe. Please contact me by email or pm if you have any questions.

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    RED Scarlet Dragon for sale in Winnipeg, Canada. This camera has less than 200 hours and has been babied from day 1. Was also re-certified at RED in Irvine, California in September of 2016. Available immediately.

    -Scarlet Dragon Brain
    -1x 256gb, 1x 128gb, 4x 64gb RED Mags with reader
    -EF mount
    -Side handle
    -Top handle
    -Wooden Camera v-mount
    -4x Switronix HyperCore RED v-mount (14.8v) with dual charger
    -4x REDvolt batteries with 2 chargers
    -Power supply
    -Original RED box and Pelican 1550
    -Standard OLPF
    -5” touch screen
    -Redmote controller
    -RED Sidewinder

    PICS -

    Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Will ship.

    Interested? Message me on reduser or email

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    Price Drop

    Selling RED SCARLET-X DRAGON with accessories. My company, OX Creative, has owned it for about two years and everything's in good working condition. Has approximately 610 operational hours. PM me or email for questions or injuries:

    $12,899 located in East Dundee, IL

    -Red articulating arm
    -Wooden Camera A-box
    -EVF Cable (right-right) 8”
    -EVF Cable (right-right) 24”
    -CineCoil Coiled Cable for RED EVF/LCD
    -D-Tap Power Cable
    -Anton Bauer Gold Mount Battery Plate
    -7" Touch LCD Monitor
    -Quick Release Platform w/ 19mm Rods
    -Redmag 64gb (x2)
    -Redmag 128gb (x2)
    -Redstation Redmag Reader
    -Sata Cable
    -Sata to USB adapter
    -Revolt Batteries (x4)
    -Travel Charger (x2)

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    Hi guys ! I'mselling my Epic W # 100 ! Decided to go with an Alexa for my future project. I only used this camera for a few times, and never rented out. The brain has 70 hours on it.
    . I'm willing to get 34 k for the entire kit which is a great price . Its only local pick up! 323 633 9387 vic .
    I could sell the brain first for 24.5
    base expander
    magnesium pl mount
    7 inch screen
    2x512 ggb mini mags
    wooden camera gold mount battery plate
    Red top handler
    wooden camera top plate
    Red limo adapter A brand new
    Red limo adapter B brand new
    Red cable
    wooden camera pogo connector 24 inch
    red mini mag station
    easy riser
    wooden camera bracket
    wooden camera plate lock
    Attached Images
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