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    For Sale: Complete RED epic-x package. Very clean and well maintained. Eligible for Dragon upgrade at $9500 instead of $12,500. Ready to shoot right away with addition of glass. 992 hours. New this package cost $44,000. Selling for $23,000 FIRM. Buyer pays transfer of ownership fee but I'll ship it for free. Prefer local Los Angeles sale. Email: to inquire. Thanks for looking!

    - RED Epic-X Brain (Seriel #00955)
    - RED Side SSD Module
    - RED TI PL Mount
    - RED Canon TI- Mount
    - RED Side Handle
    - RED Gunner Handheld Rig
    - RED 5 Touch Monitor
    - Medium Noga Arm
    -(2) RED LCD CABLE (long and short)
    -(2) RED Mag SSD Card 256GB
    -(2) RED Mag SSD Card 128GB
    -RED Mag 4 Slot Case
    -RED Station 1.8"
    -RED Station AC Power Adapter
    -(2) RED Station USB to DC Power Cable
    -RED Station USB cable
    -Viewfactor V-mount battery plate
    -(2) RED Brick
    -RED Brick Dual Charger w/ OSHA cable
    -(4) Redvolt
    -Redvolt Battery Charger w/ OSHA cable
    -Redmote w/bag
    -Redmote USB Cable
    -RED Epic Pelican 1650 Case laser cut for epic
    -Full Viewfactor Cage
    -View Factor Light Weight 15mm Bracket
    -View Factor Bottom Spacer Plate
    -View Factor Light Weight 15mm Bracket
    -Red Swat Rail 50mm
    -Element Technica Hybrid Core Bridge Plate 15mm
    -Arri Dovetail 12"
    -15mm rods 12" (Pair)
    -RED Top Handle
    -Red DSMC AC Power Adapter w/ Red One to Red Epic Adapter Cable
    -OSHA Cable
    -3 BNC to 00 Sync Cable (for timecode)
    -(2) RED XLR microphone cable 20 (for recording sound)
    Attached Images
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    Hi Friends,

    I have a Epic X for sale #0459. Dragon upgrade at $9500.

    Included is the following:

    Red Epic-X, Side SSD Module
    DSMC AL Canon Mount
    DMSC Ti PL Mount
    2 x Red Station Redmag 1.8"
    Red Otuch 5.0" LCD
    5 x RedMag 1.8" SSD 64GB
    AC Power Adaptor (DSMC)
    QB Anton Bauer (QRC-EPIC)
    x Easy Plate
    x Easy Riser
    x LW 15mm Bracket
    x Quick Back V2
    x Top Handle 1
    Gini Rig Red Epic Apple Cage
    2 x Anton Bauer Q-2702 Power Charger Quad Charger
    2 x Anton Bauer H100 Digital HyTRON 100
    2 x Anton Bauer Digital Pro Pac 14
    1 x Anton Bauer Pro Pac 14
    Portabrace Backpack for Batteries and Charger
    2 x 12" 15mm Rods
    2 x6" 15mm rods

    Price is $21,500 including shipping. I will also throw in a Zacuto Follow focus for free.

    Please only serious inquiries. Some items not pictured.

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    Lyon, France

    Price for the kit: 19500€

    Red epic body #07193 (370 hours / 1 year old)
    New Fan 2.0
    Side SSD module
    Canon Aluminium mount
    5" TouchLCD (SN# 7301028CEA94)
    2 x cable TouchLCD (1 short/1 long)
    2 x 240Gb SSD
    2 x RedVolt
    Charger RedVolt
    AB battery back
    6 x battery Anton Bauer 95wh
    Charger 4 ways
    Action Product Riser
    Action Product 15mm support
    Action Product bridge plate & 19mm support
    Balancing plate XS
    Balancing plate XL + shoulder pad.
    Action Product XLR outputs
    Space Cam "Sync Bob Plus“ Sync module
    x Top Plate
    x Top Handle
    x TouchLCD support
    SSD station USB 3.0
    AC power adaptor
    Rain Cover
    power cable XLR
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    I'm selling my Scarlett-X #1383 camera body to upgrade to to a dragon. It's in great shape, 289.4 hours, just sent it to RED for a cleaning after a dusty shoot and it came back with a clean bill of health.

    Comes with AL Canon mount and 1.8" SSD side Module.

    Would love to get $ me for pictures if you're interested.
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  5. #15 Scarlet X Package for Sale 
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    Scarlet X Package w Canon TI mount for Sale, Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Ready to shoot package, includes wooden handle and fortis cinema top plates.
    214hrs. #02762 PayPal Only.
    Buyer pays shipping fees + red ownership transfer feeHere is a dropbox with more photos
    NEW PRICE - $9000
    Red Scarlet
    Red LCD
    Red Side Handle
    Red Volt
    Red Volt
    Red Volt Charger
    Red Mag 128 GB
    Red Mag 68 GB
    Red Card Reader
    Red DSMC Power
    Fortis Top&Bottom Plates
    Wooden Side Handle
    PM or email via

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    EPIC X
    SERIAL #01370

    Hello Red Users,

    Sadly, I must part with my Epic. I've been a RED owner since the early days of the RED One and love the company, cameras and the truly liberating revolution RED brought to the film world, but I'm not shooting as much as I would like and it's time to free up gear overhead. In addition to my Epic I have other accessories that I will be selling such as a 19mm matte box, base plate, Zacuto arms, clamps and other bits that I would be happy to email to those interested.

    I am the original owner of the camera and it has not been used on any shoots other than my own, meaning, it has not been rented out. It has very low hours, 52.6 to be exact, and has been lovingly looked after. This kit is in superb condition.

    Included with this setup is the Action Products Power Module which is listed by individual components below. Additionally, I have two cases available which I have listed at the bottom. There are several items not in the photos which are included and listed as such. If you have questions you can email me directly at:

    I'm moving and I'm looking to reduce the inventory in my life.

    BIG PRICE DROP $19,500

    Buyer responsible for transfer of ownership.

    The package includes the following:

    EPIC Brain

    DSMC Side Handle

    Bomb EVF

    5" Touchscreen

    4 x 64 GB Redmags


    Quad Battery Module

    Epic Adapter

    72" Touchscreen/EFV Cable

    24" Touchscreen/EVF Cable

    12" Touchscreen/EVF Cable

    Redmote USB Cable

    Sync Cable

    x A-Box

    2x Redvolt Chargers

    4 x Redvolts

    Action Products Power Module "Proteus"

    Action Products Camera Quick Release Hub

    Action Products Battery Module V-Mount

    Action Products TopPlate (Mounting + 12/24V Power + HD-SDI + SS/GPI + TC + GENLOCK)


    AC Power Adapter

    View Factor Bottom Plate (Riser)

    Hoodman Monitor Hood

    Redmag Case

    Epic Brain Case

    Also available:

    Cinema Oxide Laser Cut Case- ATA carry-on Pelican 1510 $150

    Caseman SKB Laser Cut Case Case with wheels and retractable handle $275


    19mm baseplate

    19mm 12 inch CF rods

    19mm 12 inch aluminum rods

    19mm 18 inch CF rods

    Tilta 2-stage carbon fiber matte box

    Zacuto top handle

    Zacuto arms: short, medium, long

    Zacuto rails: short, long

    Zacuto mounts: 4

    Zacuto Recoil: 15mm Red baseplate, 15mm aluminum rods, QR removable and adjustable shoulder pad, QR riser

    Zacuto Axis EVF arm

    2 Red bricks (one charges to approx. 85%)

    2 Switronix bricks

    1 Red charger

    4 IDX slim bricks

    1 IDX charger
    Attached Images
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    Shop in southeast is selling off a portion of inventory. Posting here before it hits the eBay circuits.

    Contact me at mirror image pictures AT gmail DOT com or call 818 Five Eight Four 6243. I'm familiar with the package and can speak for its condition and quality, so feel free to reach out with any questions.

    Asking $27,500 OBO

    EPIC-X Body
    DSMC SSD Side Module
    Ti PL Mount
    LCD/EVF Cable
    Red Mag Station with Power Cables
    Wooden - Quick Back
    Wooden - Batt Back VMount
    Swit - VMount 6Pin Power Plate
    RED Touch 5.0”
    Wooden - NATO Rail 100mm
    Wooden - NATO Clamp
    Wooden - Top Handle
    Wooden Side Plate Cage
    Wooden Safety Arm Cage
    Wooden Easy Top X
    Wooden Easy Riser XL
    Wooden LW 15mm Bracket
    SpaceCam BoB Adapter
    Wooden A-Mount for Redmote
    ET 19mm Studio Hybrid
    ET EVF Mount with Bomb Bracket
    18” 19mm Rods
    12” 19mm Rods
    2 - Red Brick 153Wh
    Switronix XC-4LSRED 4 Way Charger
    Custom ATA Camera Case
    Custom ATA Battery Case

    Mirror Image Pictures
    Production Rentals and Services
    Post-Production Editing, Color Correction and Finishing
    Cincinnati, Atlanta, Savannah and Dubai, UAE
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    RED Scarlet Dragon Package

    One owner for one year for one project. Never shipped, always stored in flight case, like new (save for small cosmetic wear from accessory attachment)

    111 hours of runtime

    RED Armor warranty with 2 years left

    Package includes:

    RED Scarlet Dragon Brain with EF mount (SN: #4864)
    RED touch 5” monitor
    RED Side handle
    RED Station 1.8 card reader
    2 X 240 GB RED Mags
    All standard cables and power supply
    3 X IDX V-Mount 87 w/h batteries
    IDX 2 bay charger for V-mount batteries
    x A-Box XLR – 3.5mm adapter
    x Nato Handle Plus
    x 19mm Bridge Plate
    x Easy Riser
    x Easy Top X
    x Nato Rail with Safety
    x Battery Slide with V-mount plate
    x Safety Dovetail 8”
    x 19mm spud.
    2 X x shoe mounts
    2 X Element Technica 12” 19mm stainless rails
    Noga medium Cinearm
    Innerspace Case with laser foam cutout for RED Epic/Scarlet

    Retail new for package was ~$33,000

    Asking package price of $24,000

    Contact me at

    Might consider splitting out some accessories, but I prefer to keep the package together.

    Los Angeles area but I will consider shipping after confirmed wire transfer, but buyer pays for shipping.

    More pictures are available here:

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    RED SCARLET X -reduced

    Original Owner
    Camera never rented or shipped.One owner
    Excellent Condiion

    Ready to Shoot
    and a few things more
    This is a basic kit for travel that is ready to be configured for studio or
    Upgradeto Epic

    Serial number 022279
    Hours 221 / ~3 years old

    I love this camera.

    Camera Package
    Includes the Following items and Extras
    DSMC Modules
    1 - 1.8 RED MAG SSD MODULE

    Lens Mount
    1 - RED DSMC CANON AL Lens Mount (on camera)
    Canon aluminium mount for EF Canon and anything with a canon mount
    or that which can be adapted to a Canon Mount.
    -Personally i've been using
    this camera with Leica R lens's and Canon adapters from Leitax
    which makes them fit as solid as if they were native Canons.

    1 - RED 5.6” LCD MONITOR
    1– RED LCD/EVF CABLE (right – to – right)
    Spare 1– RED LCD/EVF CABLE -Spare (right – to – right)
    As this component could become intermittent and this spare
    reduces that risk to anything interrupting production

    1 - REDMAG 1.8” SSD 128GB
    1 - REDMAG 1.8” SSD 64GB
    1 – RED Station REDMAG 1.8”
    1 – 2” FW800 Cable

    2 – REDVOLT Batteries (see extra batteries below)
    1 – RED DSMC Travel Charger

    1–Original RED Packaging for Brain/Monitor & Side Handle
    1- RED Plate covers Side Handle when unmounted
    1 -x Back-Cover Plate for Rear of Camera

    Wires & Tools
    2 - XLR 4 pin power cables to Red Lemo (custom built)
    RED Tool Kit tools

    EXTRAS- Included with Package

    1– Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 Wide Angle Zoom Pro Lens
    Recently gone over by Tokina/ No flaws VG condition
    1- Hoodman monitor shade
    addititional battery power - for the SIDE HANDLE
    4 X Additional REDVOLT BATTERIES – (reading % charge 60/66/67/77)
    - So these are far from at their optimum but the equivalent of 2.5 new ones in terms of time.
    So if you can get 25 minutes on a new one you could expect 75 add'l minutes on these.


    1 –additional RED DSMC Travel Charger

    Package Cost New ~ $16,500 (without extras)

    R E D U C E D PRICE: -was asking $9800 (Now $1000 less with Free Shipping )

    Package for : USD$8,800 (FREE SHIPPING)
    If you want to shoot with the coolest cameras on the planet this is a reasonable
    kit and price to enter the world of Red Digital Cinema.
    If you don't want the Tokina Lens I can reduce by additional $300
    making total cost $8500

    TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP (if desired) is responsibility of the buyer.
    SHIPPING by Fedex Ground fully insured.

    Local Pick up in South Florida Available

    For questions or clarifications, or anything else contact me.
    Douglas Kahan
    Tel 1.561.909.9129
    Douglas Kahan
    America By Air Stock Footage Library
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    I'm Selling a Scarlet X Camera, BODY ONLY. $5,500.00 Asking, Willing to Negotiate. Only been used on Set 3 Times. Guessing Less than 30 Running Hours, Will Check.

    I'm Located in Los Angeles, Pick up or Shipment is okay.

    If you've never bought used RED Gear before, please check out the Transfer of Ownership Prices and Rules. You will have to contact RED to become the registered Owner of the Camera, giving you the right and ability to Trade in, Up or Have the Camera Serviced.


    Contact me at
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