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    Sole owner. Treated the camera like royalty.

    also contact:

    Only selling because were buying more post gear.

    Original RED One Camera 4K Camera Package for sale. Serial #006411. / 509 hours !! Pl mount for all pro lenses

    Camera is in PERFECT working condition, sensor is clean, no damage. Camera was owned / operated by a professional production company.

    Get that cinematic look with ease.

    Movies shot with this model "The Social Network, Gamer" Here is what is included:

    1. RED ONE CAMERA 4K Camera Body. Serial #006411. Build 31 includes CF module.

    2. 5.6” RED LCD Screen 3. LCD / EVF 2’ Cables x 2

    3. Long RED Arm for monitor

    4. 16 GB RED CF Card

    5. 4 rods (top and bottom 19 and 24inch)

    6. 1 Red Brick battery

    7. 320 GB RED Drive with Drive Cable and A/C Power Adapter

    8. RED Battery Cradle 9. RED A/C Power Supply

    10. Mini XLR to 3-pin Female XLR Audio Cables x 3

    11. RED Brick 15. BNC to DIN cable

    12. RED Handles – LEFT and RIGHT

    13. RED Top Handle Mount

    14. Shoulder Dovetail

    15. RED Bottom Plate

    16. RED Dovetail Plate

    17. Misc Screws, Bolts.

    18. ALL connecting cables

    19. We're even throwing in both Camera and package suitcases !!!
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    Red One MX with SSD

    This camera is ready to shoot. It has been lovingly cared for and I hate to sell it for nostalgia reasons alone. I am not including batteries or charger only because you’d be better off buying new ones from I am also keeping my 12” dovetail as I need it for my Epic / tripod setup. Please note that the lens, and O’Connor head pictured are not for sale nor included.

    This camera is awesome. I configured the Pelican case in such a way that the camera is prebuilt and ready to go in seconds. Directors are always amazed how quick it has been ready to either film or take down. It includes the custom ET Chris Burkett body and LCD raincover. You will love my Bogen quick release setup for the LCD Arm. The LCD is the only worn item. It still works great, just doesn’t have quite the image it started with. I should keep the EVF but I am including it – it’s Blacks look better than those on my Bomb.

    Pictures can be found here:

    $10,500 USD price OBO

    SN 1673 822 hrs
    PL mount
    SSD module
    2x 64GB SSDs
    Red SSD Mag reader
    Red 5.6” LCD monitor with arm and cable
    Red EVF with Element Technica EVF mount and cable
    Vmount battery plate in studio configuration mounted to top rods (battery not included)
    ET Breakout Box for BNC
    ET Arri style bridgeplate with rod mounts for 15mm and 19mm
    ET Ultra rods 15mm 18” 2x
    ET Ultra rods 15mm 12” 2x
    ET Topstage with cheeseplate
    Red Top handles 2x
    ET risers for top handles 2x
    ET Red One and LCD Custom Rain cover
    Bogen Quick release for Israeli arm
    Red Audio cables 2x
    Hoodman hood for LCD
    RedRock Swing-away matte box with Side flags and French flag (2 rotating stage 4x4 or 4x5.65 filter sizes)
    Pelican 1660 Custom Cut case

    Happy to answer any questions.

    All the best,
    Lael Camak
    EPIC X #435 Revelation and Red One MX #1673 Exodus
    Lomo Anamorphics: 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm + Zooms
    Atlanta, GA
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    PROFESSIONALLY USED RED SCARLET-X BUNDLE FOR SALE from Experienced RED Camera Production Company (
    (New York-based)

    The camera was purchased new from RED (March 2012), comes in its original box, and has only been handled by professional DPs on commercials, music videos, and narrative shoots. You can view an example of some of the work shot on it here:

    Bundle Includes:
    -RED Scarlet-X Brain #01127 (446 hours)
    -RED DSMC 1.8” Side SSD Module
    -RED Ti PL Mount
    -RED ARMOR Protection

    Ships from New York, NY. Buyer responsible for shipping costs and transfer of RED ownership.

    Retail Value: $13,000
    Asking: $9,500

    NOTE: A NEW EPIC-X with Side SSD and PL Mount from RED is $21,000.
    The above Package, plus RED’s SCARLET-TO-EPIC UPGRADE ($9,500) would be $19,000…just sayin’.

    PM me with any questions or additional photo requests. Serious inquiries only please.
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    Customs paid RED MX Body with Ready to Go Setup,
    Just Plug your lense and go for shoot. Very low hour used RedMx body, All the items are in good prestine working condition.
    Redmx body with PL MOUNT
    red LCD-1 PRO version 7"
    red drive320gb-1
    cf module
    7 nos 16 gb Red CF cards
    Evf /Lcd cables - 2
    Eliment technica Breakout box (DIN to BNC)
    mini xlr to xlr cables-2
    Mic Extension Cable
    red base productions pack
    batteries - 2 (each one giving 2:30 hrs Running)
    charger - 1
    Supertech 150mm Head with Supertech tripod
    professional Low base
    19mm rods
    bridge plate
    record mic
    Directors Monitor Blackmagic professional monitor with Flight case
    HD-SDI to HD-SDI Cables 2 nos
    Filter Set Ultra PL, ND.03, ND.06, ND.09, Clear Filter
    6X6 Cavision Matte box setup(
    Mac Book pro (little warranty ) With Carry case
    All the above items with Flight Cases.
    You dont need anything other than lens...
    SALE IN INDIA ONLY....give me message for price info.
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    I am looking for a RED One MX camera. Is this still available? Please email me with your phone number to discuss. indiemoviemaker @ outlook DOT COM
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  6. #16 RED EPIC-X FOR SALE ! 
    RED EPIC-X FOR SALE ! Contact:

    Canon Mount

    PL Mount

    Quad Charger

    4 Redvolt

    Adaptor Module

    64 GB SSD

    Quad Battery Module

    Red Station Redmag 1.8"

    Canon Lens EF 85 mm 1:1.8
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    Scarlet Package for sale out of NYC. Never had an issue with it and always ran smoothly. Treated me well but moved up to an Alexa. Have it here at a %25 discount of what it would cost normally. I'd be willing to part with some of the accessories at a discount as well along with the camera. Email me for the quickest response.

    NEW w/out tax Replacement cost % discount Discounted totals
    Scarlet Camera Ti PL/ Side SSD 710-0028 X00937 $15,490.00 $13,200.00
    ELPAC AC Power Adapter 4 pin Lemo FWA150015A 402 $150.00
    AC Cable $49.99
    RED Touch 5" LCD 730-0008 7301027B495A $1,600.00
    RED Touch 5" LCD Hoodman HM-H-5.6
    7" RED LCD/EVF Cable 790-0162 $220.00
    Allen key & 2 LCD Bolts
    REDVOLT Battery #1 740-0020 7401025974DB $195.00
    REDVOLT Battery #2 740-0020 7401025974EB $195.00
    REDVOLT Charger & Cable 790-0134 7401025CF73D $125.00
    REDMAG 1.8" SSD 64 GB 750-0025 7501024D5CF72 $950.00
    DSMC Side Handle 720-0012 7201028E4A59 $950.00
    RED STATION 1.8" 750-0006 RS1807406 $250.00
    DC Power Cable (Fairway Electronic Co) WRG10F-050A
    USB - AC Power
    Mini USB
    Firewire 800 Short
    Firewire 800 Long
    eSATA Cable
    Battery Adapter Back for Gold Mount (BAB-G) $396.39
    REDMAG 1.8" SSD 64 GB 750-0025 7501024D8CF52 $950.00
    REDMAG 1.8" SSD 64 GB 750-0025 7501024D8F7E2 $950.00
    $17,786.39 %25 discount $13,339.79

    Tiffen 4x5.65 ND .3 Filter TI-45650ND3 $261.00
    Tiffen 4x5.65 ND .6 Filter TI-45650ND6 $261.00
    Tiffen 4x5.65 ND .9 Filter TI-45650ND9 $261.00
    Tiffen 4x5.65 Hot Mirror IRND1.2 Filter TI-W4565HMIRND12 $630.00
    Tiffen 4x5.65 Hot Mirror IRND1.5 Filter TI-W4565HMIRND15 $630.00
    $2,043.00 %10 discount $1,838.70
    Pelican 1510 $175.00 %10 discount $157.50
    x Easy Riser (Epic/Scarlet) WC-EASY-RISER $180.00 %10 discount $162.00
    x 15mm LW Rod Bracket WC-LW-15MM-BRACKET $160.00 %10 discount $144.00
    x Easy Plate XL WC-EASY PLATE XL $79.00 %10 discount $71.10
    x Top Handle Cheese WC-TOP HANDLE-CHEESE $140.00 %10 discount $126.00
    AB Dionic HC battery AN-DIONICHC 24583 $455.00 %10 discount $409.50
    AB Dionic HC battery AN-DIONICHC 24571 $455.00 %10 discount $409.50
    AB Dionic HC battery AN-DIONICHC 24587 $455.00 %10 discount $409.50
    AB Dionic HC battery AN-DIONICHC 24569 $455.00 %10 discount $409.50
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    I do have a red scarlet with ssd al canon mount with 5.7 hours, those hours are also used to shoot children , I do have one 64 ssd with one cycle on it and 256 ssd with no cycle on it. 4 red volt batteries, 1 side handle, 1 red station, 1 red travel charger .
    1 5.1 touch screen still haven't pealed the cover on it.
    Its in line for dragon upgrade
    i brought for a project now the project has postponed so I want to sell it
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    Selling my low hours Red Epic-X Serial #03941 Package. I'm the only owner and the camera is in near flawless condition save for a small scrape on the bottom.

    Hours: 212.2


    - Red Epic-X Brain
    - Side SSD Module
    - Red 5" Touch Monitor
    - Red Station 1.8" (USB 3.0/ESATA)
    - X Quick Plate w/ Switronix V-Mount Plate
    - 2 Dyna 89W V-Mount Batteries + Charger
    - Cinema Oxcide Laser Cut Foam Case
    - Original Red Epic-X Laser Cut Foam Case

    In line for Dragon. Buyer pays Red transfer fees.


    PM or e-mail at for pictures or any questions.
    Rob Moog
    Creative Director - Archetypes

    EPIC-X #03941
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