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    We are selling our EPIC-X #2020 (NOT DRAGON) with Canon EF Mount in Pelican Case. Located in Los Angeles! Original owner! Only 606 hours! Great reliable camera, never let us down!


    5in Touchscreen LCD + EVF Cable
    DSMC® Side Handle
    DSMC® Side SSD Module
    Wooden Camera Audio Adapter 2/ 2xXLR inputs
    1x 64GB SSD cards
    1x 256GB SSD cards
    2x REDVolt® batteries
    RedVolt Charger + AC Cable
    V-Mount adapter to connect to Epic power (attached on back of Epic in place of Redmote)
    AC Power Adapter with AC Cable
    RED Sliding Top Handle
    Red Dogbone and mini-rail plus accessories for mounting LCD screen
    RED Outrigger Handle for hand held work (attach to rails)
    DSMC TOP MOUNT (attached to top of Epic)
    RED Quick release dovetail system (attached to shoulder pad)
    Red Dovetail base plate (attached to bottom of Epic)
    2 x 19″ rods (attached to Dovetail system) for easy mounting of follow focus/matte box etc
    RED STATION REDMAG 2.5″ + Power Adapter

    $14,500 OBO

    Also have Redmote, original BOMB EVF (hardly used)
    Dana Dolly in hard case

    PM or email ben AT to make an offer or come view!
    Ben Jackson
    BiKi Films
    Epic-X #2020
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  2. #12 RED SCARLET MYSTERIUM X with acessories and custom pelican case - like new 545 hours 
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    I am selling a Red DSMC Scarlet 4K Camera package with the Mysterium-X Sensor. The camera package is used but in excellent shape. The Sensor is perfectly clean and the Red Touch LCD screen is free of any dings, scratches, or blemishes. The camera has 544.6 hours of usage. This package includes everything that you need to shoot.

    The Scarlet can be upgraded to either a Scarlet Dragon, an Epic, or an Epic Dragon through Red directly once purchased. And everything included in this kit is fully compatible with all of these versions of Red Cinema Cameras.

    Everything pictured is included in the package, which is the following:

    (1) Red Scarlet-X 4K camera
    (1) SSD Side module
    (1) Red Side Handle
    (1) Red DSMC Canon EF Mount w/ cap
    (4) RedVolt batteries
    (1) RedVolt battery charger w/ power cable
    (1) Red 5" Touch LCD Screen w/ (2) mounting screws
    (1) Red EVF Cable 18"
    (2) Redmag 1.8" SSD 128 GB
    (1) Redmag 1.8" mini SSD Reader w/ USB 3
    (1) AC Adapter w/ power cable
    (1) Red Scarlet Pelican Case 1510 w/ custom laser cut foam

    Price is $8500 including shipping inside 48 states
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    1x Epic Dragon 6K camera brain with SSD side module & Fan Kit v2.0 S/N 00135
    1x PL Mount (titanium)
    1x EF Mount (titanium)
    1x DSMC Side Handle
    1x 5.0" Red Pro Touchscreen LCD with cable
    1x RedMote
    1x Core SWX GP-S-EPIC V-Mount Battery Plate
    1x Wooden Camera Cage with Top Handle
    1x LW 15mm Rod Front Bracket
    2x RedMag SSD 256GB
    2x RedMag SSD 128GB
    1x RedStation Mini USB3.0
    1x RedMag Case
    1x DSMC AC Adapter
    6x RedVolt Batteries
    3x RedVolt Travel Chargers (not shown in photo)
    2x Red V-Mount Chargers
    4x RedBrick Batteries (not shown in photo)
    1x 3BNC-TO-00 Sync Cable
    1x XLR to TRRS cable
    1x Tool Set
    1x Nanuk 945 Yellow Case with Foam Insert for all Parts

    All power plugs are US/Japanese two pronged.


    Buyer pays shipping fees and insurance if applicable as well as Red ownership transfer if required.

    Direct viewing and pickup is also available in Tokyo, Japan. Camera has around 600 hours of operation.


    USD 21,600 (USD 20,000 plus 8% Japanese Tax) equivalent in Japanese Yen via bank transfer to a Japanese account.


    Please contact me (Paul Leeming) via email at as it's the most direct line of communication.


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    Paul Leeming
    Visceral Psyche Films

    TEL: +31 (0)6 2095 2590 (Netherlands)
    TEL: +81 (0)80 8439 4635 (Japan)

    Facebook: Paul Leeming

    Epic-X #135 DRAGON (New OLPF)

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  4. #14 RED Scarlet Mysterium-X Basic Kit + Accessories 
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    Salt Lake City, Utah
    SOLD !!!!

    Selling this Scarlet MX in great condition - mainly because I need the money and the projects I'm involved with require a smaller / lighter set-up...

    Asking Price for Camera + FollowFocus + Lens Support = $8,000
    Asking Price for Only Basic Camera Kit = $7,000

    RED Scarlet Mysterium-X
    314 HRS

    -PL Mount
    -1 SSD Red Mag 240g
    -Red Mag Reader
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  5. #15 RED Epic-X Dragon w/ case and accessories 
    RED Epic-X Dragon in excellent condition with a case of accessories. Everything is listed below.
    Camera and all accessories work perfectly.
    We have been the only owner
    Our production company is upgrading to a new platform and is clearing out our camera locker.

    Asking: $25,000USD
    We are based in Los Angeles.
    Shipping available at buyer’s expense

    RED KIT:
    1) RED Epic-X Dragon w/ case (377.9 hours)
    1) DSMC Canon-EF Mount
    1) DSMC PL Mount
    1) RED DSMC AC Power Adapter
    1) RED Bomb EVF
    1) RED DSMC Side Handle
    1) RED Touch 7” LCD screen w/ hood
    1) RED Touch 5” LCD screen w/ hood
    1) REDpro Redmote
    2) RED 240GB SSD Cards
    4) RED 128GB SSD Cards
    1) RED 64 GB SSD Card
    2) RED V-lock chargers
    2) RED bricks
    2) RED Station Red mini 1.8 USB 3.0
    1) RED Station 1.8 Firewire 800
    1) RED Station RedMag 1.8 firewire 800
    1) RED spinner EVF mount
    2) RED volt battery chargers
    6) RED volt batteries

    1) Element Technica 15mm lightweight riser w/ bracket
    1) Element Technica top plate Epic-X
    1) 15mm Studio bridge plate
    1) Wooden Camera DSMC V-lock plate
    1) ViewFactor APU-AB Anton Bauer Battery Plate
    2) Upgraded fan kits for the Epic-X
    2) Lemo-to-Lemo CAT5E ethernet straight cable (4’)
    1) Element Technica RED Epic top handle
    2) EVF/LCD 18” cable (straight to right angle)
    2) EVF/LCD 7” cable (right to right angle)
    1) 3BNC-to-00 LEMO sync cable

    1) Storm Case, Carry-on size

    Link to more images below:
    Attached Images
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  6. #16 Selling Red Epic-M Dragon Carbon Fiber 
    Selling a Red-Epic-M Dragon Carbon fiber package including the brain with 870 hours of operation.
    Package comes with
    1 x Red DSMC Side Handle
    1 x Universal Quick-release system
    1 x Red DSMC Canon EOS Mount
    1 x Red DSMC Nikon Mount
    3 x RedMag 128 GB SSD
    1 x Red Backpack Quickplate (short)
    1 x Red 5” LCD touchscreen
    1 x Red DSMC Fan 2.0 Upgrade Kit Pack Dragon
    1 x Wooden Camera V mount
    1 x Red Sliding Top Handle
    1 x DSMC Modular Assault Plate Pack 400 USD
    1 x DSMC Universal Mount
    1 x Noga Holdit Holder
    X RedVolts

    Price for whole package is 20,000 €. Selling from Stockholm.
    Contact for all inquiries.

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    Red Epic Dragon FOR SALE

    Purchase Price for all: $16,000 USD

    All equipment purchased for a studio that didn't happen.
    Except for Red Motion Mount (bough used), all Equipment is new (meaning unused). The Dragon Brain has 5 hours total time and was bought from a friend in Canada who had purchased several.

    I live just north of Dallas, Tx but am happy to ship very securely (I will pick up charges).

    Why am I selling: need money for new home.

    My mobile number: (469) 352-3916
    My email:

    Thanks for looking.

    Order Item SKU Price
    RED Touch 7.0" LCD 730-0007 $2,950.00
    RED MINI-MAG - 512GB 750-0053 $2,450.00
    RED STATION RED MINI-MAG 750-0055 $195.00
    REDMOTE 770-0006 $550.00
    SLIDING TOP HANDLE 790-0104 $175.00
    RED Epic Dragon (Epic-M type); Serial #03036 original case Canon Mount $24,000.00
    DSMC RED MOTION TI CANON MOUNT 725-0038 $3,900.00
    Total Purchase Price $34,220.00 USD
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  8. #18 NEW, UNUSED Red Epic-W For Sale + Accessories 
    NEW, UNUSED Red Epic-W For Sale

    I have the following BRAND NEW, UNUSED Red Epic-W package for sale.

    • Red Epic-W 8k S35 ($29,500)
    • Red DSMC MG PL MOUNT 2.0 ($3,500)
    • Red DSMC2 BASE EXPANDER ($1,750)
    • Red DSMC2 SIDEKICK ($1,150)
    • Red Pro touch 7.0 “ lcd ($2,950)
    • TILTA For RED Weapon/Scarlet-W/Raven Rig (ESR-T01-C1) (1,499)
    • Red DSMC Ti Canon Mount (Used) ($700)
    • 2 Channel Simultaneous Li-°©‐On Battery Charger (Used)
    • 2x 90Wh 14.8V 6Ah Lithium Ion Battery (Used)

    *** I will throw in FREE - External TV LOGIC LCD and a 1610 Pelican Case

    Asking $41,500

    I also have the following used support/accessories for sale:

    • O’Connor OFocus Dual Mini - $1000 OBO
    • Oconnor Matte Box w/ OGRIPS - $1000 OBO
    • Element technica 15mm Studio Hybrid Bridgeplate + RODS - $600 OBO
    • O’Connor 30L Carbon Fiber Tripod System - $1,800 OBO
    • O’Connor 1030DS Fluid Head Package - $3500 OBO

    *** Also open to discussing everything above as a package deal. Thanks.

    My email is:
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    Hi! For sale red EPIC-W . Never been used in any projects. 50 hour work in home. Shooting a maximum of 1 hour. Complete the new brain of the red epic-w, PL mount mg, red brick 150W, DSMC2 V-LOCK I/O EXPANDER( there is one small scuff marks, brand new, any test from your side via Skype, etc.), DSMC2 UNIVERSAL HANDLE, DSMC2 RED TOUCH 7.0" LCD, Standard OLPF, OLPF Low light, Highlight Skintone OLPF, LEMO Adaptor A, Adaptor LEMO B.
    the price of the kit in the store - 36 625$.
    MY PRICE IS$ 29,500
    FOR. they write proposals to the PM.
    Payment via Bank transfer or PayPal.
    Ready to arrange any checks via FaceTime, Skype and any other communication or through Your acquaintances in my country.

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    New Brunswick
    For Sale my RED Epic-M Dragon Fully function and in great condition only 700 hours of use.
    -Red Epic-M Camera Brain with Dragon Sensor,
    -DSMC Fan 2.0 Upgrade Kit
    -Red Side SSD 1.8
    -Wooden Camera PL Mount
    -Red DSMC Side Handle

    Red Transfer to new owner included in the price.
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