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  1. #11 Red Epic-M Dragon Carbon Fibre Package 
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    Dec 2016
    Kansas City, MO
    I have a Red Epic Dragon CF camera kit for sale, owned since August. The camera is currently covered by extended red armor warranty. I don't mind splitting the kit.

    Package located in Kansas City, Kansas. Will ship worldwide. We are selling to downgrade to an affordable camera.

    Camera Package: $18,000
    1x Red Epic-M Dragon Carbon Fibre 100 Hours
    2x 512gb mini
    1x side Handle + 2x red volt + charger
    1x 7" Touch Screen (screen protector since new)
    3x evf cables
    1x 5in red arm
    1x 9in red arm
    1x Red Rocket X video card
    1x PL Lens Mount (magnesium)
    1x EF Lens Mount
    1x EF Motion Mount
    1x lowlight olpf
    1x highlight olpf
    1x redmote
    1x top handle
    1x duel outrigger handle
    1x red tactical Top Mount
    3x red left tactical rib
    1x red quick release mount pack
    1x Wooden Handle Quick Release + IDX battery plate + freefly side adapter
    3x switronix battery S-8192S 184Wh (splitstyle 92Wh carry on flight approved)
    2x IDX 68WH endura 7s
    2x swit s-3802s duel chargers
    1x redlink bridge (wireless)
    1x olympus me512s mic for scratch
    2x minimag readers
    1x pelican 1560 with TrekPak inserts
    1x red sidewinder

    Selling separately:
    1400$ Manfrotto 536 carbon fibre tripod + Manfroto 509hd head
    1300$ DJI ronin +2 batterys +CineMilled quickrelease mount + CineMilled tripod mount plate (no pelican)
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  2. #12 Huge Red Dragon X package for sale: $26,000 USD 
    Huge Red Dragon X package for sale: $26,000 USD
    Up for sale is my Red Dragon X kit, this is in great condition. This body is of course eligible for a Weapon or Helium upgrade if you would like to go that way. Details of the package below:

    Red Dragon X Camera Brain
    Operation Hours: 1072
    Price: $26,000 USD (Worldwide Delivery Included)

    The camera is in great cosmetic condition, with relatively minimal signs of wear. It has been a personal camera, never rented and all cable work has been completed by Angelo Sartore at Precision Camera Service.

    Location Melbourne, Australia.

    Please contact me directly for photos or inspection.

    Red Touch 5” Screen
    Red Bomb EVF

    Red 1.8” Side SSD Module
    Red DSMC Side Handle
    Red +1 Module w/ 4 pin Lemo power out
    Redmote w/ Case
    Red Sliding Top Handle
    Red DSMC Top Mount (19mm) w/ rails
    Red 15mm Studio Bridgeplate
    Red 12” 15mm Rails
    Red 6” Noga Arm/Monitor Arm
    3Ality Technica Dovetail
    Wooden Camera Side Plate (Right Front)
    Wooden Camera Side Plate (Right Rear)
    Wooden Camera Quickback V2
    Wooden Camera EVF Bracket
    Wooden Camera EVF Extension
    *New* IDX V Lock Battery Plate
    Custom Battery Extension Plate (Provides power out for 2 x 4 pin LEMO. 1 x 2 pin Lemo and USB)
    Viewfactor Cage w/ 2 Rib Cages

    Wooden Camera A Box (2x Balanced XLR Inputs)
    *New* Wooden Camera B Box (BNC Sync, Trigger and Timecode)

    2 x 1.8” 64GB SSD’s
    1 x 1.8” 128GB SSD
    2 x Redvolt Batteries
    Redvolt Charger
    Red Mains Power Supply

    Lens Mounts:
    Red Titanium PL Mount
    Red Aluminium Nikon F Mount

    Card Readers:
    *New* Red Mini 1.8” USB 3 Reader
    Red 1.8” Firewire 800 Reader w/ Apple Thunderbolt adapter

    4 x Red EVF/Red Touch 5” LEMO Cables

    Element Technica Mantis Shoulder Mount

    Pelican 1510 Flight Case
    Red Brain Flight Case
    Red Lens Mount Hard Case
    Red SSD Hard Case
    Red DSMC Side Handle Hard Case

    +614 08 318 993
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    Downgrading to a smaller setup. Serial #000556. Flawless, used on one project (23.4 hrs). If you're located in a big city (US & abroad), rather than paying for shipping, I can deliver the package and we can make the exchange at a bank.

    Epic-W Brain (23.4 hours)
    OLPF 3 pack
    Canon EF Lens Mount
    DMSC2 Base Expander
    Lemo Adapter A
    512 GB Mini-Mags (2)
    RED Mini-Mag Station
    WC Cableless Blueshape V-Mount
    Blueshape BV90 (2)
    Blueshape BV150 (2)
    Blueshape CVTR2 Charger
    RED Touch 5"
    LCD/EVF Cable (Right/Right)

    Asking Price: 34,000 USD

    PM or email for more details.  ��
    Thaddeus Brooks | Denver | Stop acting so small. You are the universe in estate motion. -Rumi
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    RED Epic-MX Brain w/ Side SSD (#02636)
    259.8 Hours


    (Also, for anyone with an Epic Dragon interested in downgrading I would be very interested in setting up a trade plus cash)

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    Brand new Red Accessories for sale from a backup Red Scarlet camera.

    Comes in all the original packaging 10/10 condition. (Save $2300)

    Touch 7" LCD - paid $2950+tax
    240gb Redmag - paid $1450+tax
    64gb Redmag - paid $495+tax
    Redvolt power pack - paid $465+tax
    Redvolt quad pack - Paid $750+tax
    Redvolt quad charger- Paid $595+tax

    Paid $7350 with tax for the package, asking $4950 for the whole package. All item's brand new. Can meet in person. LA to Seattle.
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    Red Scarlet dragon for Sale in Mexico Cancun , 400 hrs about.
    In middle march could be available in Europe

    - Scarlet Brain
    - SSD side
    - 3x64GB RedMag
    - EF mount
    - Side Handle
    - Power supply
    - Original boxes
    - RedMag station USB 3
    - Top Fan 2.0
    - Low light optimazed olpf
    - wooden cage
    - 7" red screen ( no touch)
    - 80 cm video cable
    - Redmote controller

    I'm Asking 13000 USD , Spedition basic fedex and transfer of ownership included
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    Epic-M Dragon (6k) with 92.7 hours

    Purchased about a year-and-a-half ago from Red as a BT that arrived with only 4.5 hours and in Excellent condition.
    Lightly used mainly in-studio – no drops, hits or other physical damage and still in excellent working condition.

    Brain includes:

    – Epic-M Dragon Brain (92.7 hours)
    – DSMC power
    – Low-light OLPF
    – Skin-tone OLPF
    – Brain case

    $15,200 (reduced)


    Add $2.8k for the following:

    – Red Touch 5" (tiny bit of play, like 1mm, on left side between connection and base, really a non-issue though)
    – Mini-Mag Side SSD
    – DSMC Side Handle
    – 6 Redvolts
    – 2 Redvolt Chargers
    – Outrigger Handle
    – Redmote
    – Original Red Cases for most accessories

    $18,500 (was $18,000)


    Camera is with me in Atlanta, GA. Buy with confidence – I've bought / sold Red cameras, various accessories and countless lens sets here on reduser. US shipping is preferred.

    Email or PM to purchase:

    Photos here:
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    Cinematographer Photographer
    Epic-W Epic-Dragon M Leica R Lens Sets
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    I'm selling my SCARLET-W Complete DSMC2 package almost new.
    I bought the camera brain from a great user on this forum at 66h of use. It's at 66h.1. All accessories were brand new.
    Bought it directly from RED and BH one month ago. I just don't need it anymore. Everything was used once.

    PRICE: 17 500USD including shipping. Non negotiable and will not sell individually. Package only. Ready to ship now. NO TRADE

    Scarlet-W with Canon mount with SSD CARD on camera.
    4.7 RED touch screen DSMC2. Comes with original boxe
    2X 240 Mini mag
    1X 120 mini mag
    G-Technology Card mini mag reader
    DSMC2 OUTRIGGER HANDLE. come with box
    DSMC2 V-LOCK BATTERY MODULE. Come with box
    Pelican S115 Sport Elite Laptop & Camera Backpack
    Dracast DR-CH2V Dual V-Mount Battery Charger
    2X Core SWX HyperCore 150Wh
    2X Core SWX HyperCore 98Wh

    Serious buyer only.
    Thank you and write me if you have any questions.
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    No longer available.
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  10. #20 Red Dragon packages for sale $15,000 + 
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    Chicago, IL
    Hey guys, we have a few dragons available at a crazy price. If the package below is not quite what you're looking for please contact us and I will gladly assist in creating a package thats perfect for your needs. We have Epic X and Epic M Dragons brains with hours from 1 hour and 1710 logged. If you need lenses, lighting, stabilization, or any other camera accessories please contact me directly. You can reach me at 585-314-2374 or email

    The package includes:
    Epic M Dragon - 1709 hours logged
    PL mount
    DC power source with IEC cable
    DSMC2 4.7 Touch LCD with lemo adapter
    EVF cable
    128GB Redmag
    Redmag Reader
    Redmag Reader power cable
    Redmag Reader Rubber Feet
    Esata cable
    USB to mini USB cable
    USB power cable
    Short firewire cable
    Long firewire cable
    Small, medium, and large RED hex keys
    3 edison outlet adapters
    Hard fitted Case

    Upgrade to a 7 touch LCD for $1,000
    Upgrade to a Red DSMC Canon EF mount for $300
    Add a Redbomb EVF for $650
    Add a Red Rocket-X for $3,000
    Add Redvolts for $100 each
    Add a Redvolt charger for $60
    Add a Red Side Handle for $500
    Add a RED +1 module for $500
    Add a Pro I/O module for $1,500
    Add a V-Mount battery plate for $250
    Add a 4 sided camera cage with 2 9 15mm rods and a 15mm rod mount for $300
    Add 256GB Redmags for $1,000 each
    Add 128GB Redmags for $500 each
    Add a Redmote for $300
    Add a top handle with quick release rail for $100

    Don't hesitate to reach out! Please contact directly at 585-314-2374 or with any questions or concerns you may have. This price is insane so jump on it quickly. Thanks for looking and please let us know how we can help!

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