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    Los Angeles, CA
    RED Epic-X Dragon 6K - body $11,500

    Original owner. Works perfect. Great condition. 738 hours

    Does NOT include monitor, cards, EF mount, or battery.

    Package includes:
    RED Epic-X Dragon Brain w/ Mini Mag Side SSD
    Backpack Baseplate $325
    Backpack Quickplate $725
    Sliding Top Handle $175
    100mm Swatt Rail $100
    Wooden Camera Easy Riser $160
    Skin Tone OLPF $195
    AC Power Adapter $135
    Hard Case Box

    $11,500 for everything.
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  2. #12 Epic Dragon 6K, Super Bargain, reduced, excellent condition 
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    RED EPIC DRAGON 6K, excellent condition, ready to shoot, one owner, only 297 hours !
    1 Red Epic X Dragon 6K body/ brain, original case
    1 Titanium PL mount or Canon mount
    1 Red AC Power Adaptor
    1 Red Bomb EVF
    1 Red 5” Touchscreen w/ lemo cable
    1 Red pro Redmote
    1 Red Station w/ powercable, USB adaptor
    2 Red Mags 256GB w/ case
    1 Actionproducts/ Innocinema Top Plate “Apollo”
    1 Top Handle
    1 Actionproducts Bottom Plate “Calypso”
    1 V-Lock Battery Back
    2 Olpf skintone, standard
    Custom made “Innerspace” Camera Case
    Located in Los Angeles, photos available, work with buyer on cheaper Owner Upgrade ( to Helium or Vista Vision ), I share cost of shipping and owner transfer.
    Reduced price : 15.900.- obo.
    Additional equipment for supercheap :
    Arri Bridgeplate, 12” Dovetail, 2 sideprotecters,
    2 lightweight arms, LMB 5 ( 80,110,114mm Back ),
    4 Vlock batteries w/ Quadcharger, Arri FF2 Followfocus compl.
    Contact : Ray Peschke
    Home : 310-455-7220, cell: 310-963-7220
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    Selling my RED Epic Dragon X camera body with Canon Aluminum mount. Located in the Bay Area, California. Camera has been used under 50 times for 1 day projects. Not used much (runtime of around 170 hours). Got the camera at the end of December 2015. You would be responsible for any type of transfer fees that RED has for transferring ownership and we will discuss shipping once we are in the process of the sale. Camera works perfectly. Has minor scratches just from regular use but nothing major.

    Camera is eligible for upgrade at discounted price until Sep 28th

    Package includes:

    RED Epic Dragon X camera body with Side ssd mini mag. Canon Aluminum mount #08739
    Also includes 7 inch RED Touch screen with the short cable (cable has wear)
    7 REDVOLT XL batteries
    REDVOLT XL Module
    REDVOLT Quad Charger
    4 120gb mini mag ssd cards
    RED Top Handle
    100mm Swat Rail
    Wooden Camera top cheese plate
    Heavy duty case to carry camera and all acessories

    Can show pics if needed.

    Price: $18,000

    PM if interested
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    Located in Edmonton, Alberta
    Scarlet-MX brain and side SSD have 156 hours on them, Asking $4000 USD for these 2
    XL module-$700
    Red Mag 1.8" 64gb- $200 each
    Scarlet-x case-$100
    Easy top X plate-$150
    5" LCD touch screen-$1100 (SOLD)
    XL batteries-$140/piece
    Canon EF aluminum mount $600 (SOLD)
    Wooden camera outriggers- $140/piece
    Wooden camera top handle-$130
    Red volt quad charger-$350
    A/c power cable/1.8" mag reader-$70/$70
    Everything is perfect working order, batteries hold there charge well (still get a solid 1/hour to 50min out of full charge)
    buyer pays for shipping.

    Buy all 3 batteries get $100 off the charger or XL module
    Buy the brain get 2 outriggers and top plate free
    One mag is signed by 2 voice actors, guess them correctly and get $100 off that one lol
    direct email at:
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    RED EPIC-X DRAGON 6K Package for sale
    Serial #02062
    Ready to shoot package loaded with accessories and 4x256GB mags!
    All the gear is housed in a custom made InnerSpace Case.

    1 RED Epic-X Dragon Body
    1 Titanium PL mount
    1 1.8" Side SSD
    1 RED station 1.8" Reader
    4 256GB RED Mag
    1 RedMag Pelican Case
    1 5" Touch Monitor
    1 RED Bomb EVF
    1 Low-Light OLPF
    1 Skin-tone OLPF
    1 SmallRig EVF Bracket
    1 RED LCD/EVF Cable
    1 RED +1 Adaptor Module
    1 Red Backpack Adaptor
    1 RED Epic DSMC AC Power Adapter
    1 D-tap to TVLogic Cable
    1 Wooden Camera Easy Riser Bottom Plate
    1 Wooden Camera Easy Top X Cheeseplate
    1 Wooden Camera 15mm LW Bracket
    1 Wooden Camera Nato Top Cheese Handle
    1 Wooden Camera Safety Nato Rail
    1 View Factor IDX V-Lock battery Plate w/ D-tap
    1 Magic Arm Articulating Arm
    4 PAGLink 94 Wh V-mount Batteries
    1 Indipro Tools 95W V-mount Battery
    1 Indipro Tools Dual charger
    1 Element Technica Hybrid Core Bridgeplate w/ 15mm studio clamp
    1 Element Technica Arri 12" Dovetail
    2 12" 15mm Carbon Fiber Rods
    2 7" 15mm Carbon Fiber Rods
    1 Custom InnerSpace Case
    1 RED Camera Body Case

    Asking $19,500 For Everything! OBO
    Buyer pays shipping fees and insurance if applicable as well as Red ownership transfer if required.

    Camera is located in Brooklyn, NY.
    Email me at
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    Los Angeles, CA
    RED EPIC DRAGON #00534 with Side SSD Module
    1.3 Hours

    - (1) Titanium EF lens mount
    - (1) Wooden Camera PL lens mount
    - (1) Red Bomb EVF w/ Red Arm
    - (1) 5” Touch screen Display
    - (1) 12" Lemo
    - (5) Red 128GB SSDs
    - (1) USB 3.0 SSD Reader
    - (1) Side Handle
    - (2) Red Volt
    - (1) Top Cheese
    - (1) Bottom with 15" Rails Mount
    - (1) Top Handle
    - (1) Dovetail Base Attachment
    - (1) Dovetail Plate
    - (1) Quick Release Goldmount Back w/ 3 P-tap outs
    - (4) 155wh Dynacore Mini Gold Mount Batteries (Fewer than 30 cycles each)
    - (1) Dynacore Dual Charger
    - (1) Red AC Power Adapter

    Includes 1510 Pelican for Main Package and 18" Generic Case for Gold Mount Batteries
    Located in the LA area

    Asking $20k for entire package
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    Looking to sell my RED Weapon MG with the following accessories:

    7' RED touch LCD and wooden camera hood
    Lemo adapters A & B for LCD
    RED DSMC2 V-Lock expander
    2x 120gb SSD mini mags
    Mini mag reader usb 3
    OLPF's: Standard, Lowlight, Skintone
    Wooden Camera PL Mount
    Wooden Camera Pass through Top Plate
    Wooden Camera side plate
    RED Molded Case

    Camera has 600 hours and was serviced by RED last week so it's got a clean bill of health. Happy to provide documentation.

    Weapon/ Ultra primes
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    Waterloo, ON, Canada
    For Sale Epic-MX #01000 Full Package / Boston, MA
    • 1.8 side ssd module
      Red pelican case
      5" touch monitor
      Red Spinner
      Red Bomb EVF
      Red Arm
      Epic-M Body with 30 hours of use
      4x 128 redmags
      3x redvolt
      1x redvolt charger
      2x red station red mag 1.8"
      PL Mount
      Canon EF Mount
    ASKING PRICE: USD 12000. Buyer pays red transfer of ownership fee + shipping fees (if any). Contact: for offers, questions or requests for high resolution photographs.

    Photograph of (part) of the kit:
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    Asking $9999 for the package

    Serial #04252

    This 5k RED epic brain is 100% working order

    The body has some normal wear from use but nothing more than is shown in the pictures.
    Only Physical damage is from an over tightened screw on the top EPIC-S35 plate, but that is only cosmetic.

    Camera Hours : 62.9 (See Photo)*

    1 RED Case
    1 RED touch 5" LCD touchscreen monitor
    1 RED Station*REDMag 1.8" SSD Reader*
    1 RED AC Power Supply
    2 RED 64gb 1.8" SSD Drives
    1 Wooden Camera V-Mount Battery mount and cable
    1 Wooden Camera Monitor hood

    $9999 is the magic number.

    Buyer pays shipping fees and insurance if applicable as well as Red ownership transfer if required.

    Camera is located in Los Angeles, CA.
    Email me at

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