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  1. #1 List of RED cameras for sale 
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    Here is an overview over used RED cameras that are currently on sale. Let's keep this list current — all cameras listed are currently for sale (AFAIK).

    These are private sales, so please use the proper precautions when buying high-value items. Have a peek at the marketplace policy. Consider reputable escrow services, such as

    If you have a camera for sale, make a brief post giving the type (RED One MX/M; EPIC M/X/Mono/Dragon; SCARLET X/Dragon; Weapon Dragon), serial number/delivery date, and what comes in the package, and the price if there is one. Be sure to include your location. If you bought the camera battle-tested (BT) or second hand, please say so. Feel free to link to another post with more extensive information. Please no more than two medium sized images. As a general rule, if your post takes up more than one screen, it is too long. Please be conservative in use of large/colo(u)red fonts and exclamation marks. If you do not follow these simple rules, your post is prone to deletion.

    Please delete your your post once your camera is no longer available - or shoot me a PM and I'll do it for you.

    It is ok to bump this thread once every week - do delete your previous bump(s).

    If you have sold your camera, please remove your post (click on "Edit" and then "Delete").

    If you post a link to an auction, please remove your post once the auction has ended.

    New members: If you are a new member (<60 days) you are not allowed to post in the marketplace; do not use this thread either, or your membership may get revoked.

    This thread is only for listing cameras for sale. Not the place to ask questions.Please do not ask questions in this thread - use the Private Messaging function (click on the seller's name and chose "Private Message"). The "Report" button is to alert us mods about posts. Anything not directly advertising a RED camera for sale will make me grumpy and your post will be deleted.

    If you become aware of a camera that has been sold, please shoot me a PM so I can delete that post.

    Posts will be removed without notice after 2~3 months - this is to keep the list current and manageable in size. Posts to eBay auctions will be removed earlier, especially if there is no date included. Posts breaking these rules will be deleted.
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    Just a quick reminder:

    Please keep the posts short, color neutral and only one or two images - feel free to link to a separate post (which is also the place to post multiple images).

    Please be sure to include a price and your location.

    Please do not ask questions in this thread - use the Private Messaging function (click on the seller's name and chose "Private Message"). The "Report" button is to alert us mods about posts.

    Please do not post in this thread if you have not been with Reduser for at least 2 months.

    After 2 to 3 months posts are removed without notice. As are posts that are not following the rules.

    Be sure you have read the posting guidelines before posting.
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  3. #3 Red Scarlet MX - 2427 - Ready to Shoot out of the box 
    I am looking to sell my Red Scarlet MX Package - which will include everything need to shoot out the box.

    I have attached images of the camera and equipment for sale and if you are interested I am looking to sell the whole package for $6,900.00 (USD) with all included items + shipping and all paypal fees.

    I'm also open to negotiation.

    • RED Scarlet MX Body - #2427
    • Canon EF AL Mount
    • Custom PL Mount
    • Red Pro - 5.0 Monitor
    • Side Top Handle
    • A Box for XLR Audio by Wooden Camera
    • Zacuto Bottom Mount for Camera
    • Side SSD Mount
    • x2 Redmag 64gb
    • RED Mag Station 1.8' with Cables
    • Power Supply for Camera
    • RED Mote
    • Top Plate for Mount
    • Back Plate with V Mount Battery Holder
    • Sturdy Case to house Camera.
    The camera is located in Australia but I am willing to send internationally if required.

    If you need any more information about the camera please get in touch.

    Kind Regards,

    Kieren Hovasapian.
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    RED Epic-X Dragon 120 hours Brain and Side handle, excellent condition. No grunge in the fans or anything.

    hard $22K plus transfer of ownership.

    I'd love to see it get more use!

    The mount in the picture is not included. I ordered a front cap for it to ship it with.

    970 404 2163
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    I am selling an Epic M Dragon, number 444. I purchased used in March of 2012, and upgraded to Dragon in July 2014. Located in Ohio, I am asking $21000 for the camera body, with many accessories available as well.

    More details on the package are available at this post

    If you would like more information, pictures, or to make an offer, please email me at

    Thanks for looking!
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    RED One MX (BT) with side SSD & PL mount available for sale with EVF & some accessories.

    Looking for 3750, cash on collection from Bristol, UK.

    For more details, please see my full post here:
    Felek Werpachowski
    Jimmy Jib Owner & Operator
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    Brand New RED Weapon Package for sale. Complete set up ready to shoot.

    Zero hours

    Price: $46,995.00 USD Or Best Offer

    1x RED Weapon Magnesium Brain w/Integrated Media Bay
    1x DSMC2 Sidekick
    1x DSMC2 Base Expander
    1x DSMC2 Top Handle
    1x DSMC2 REDvolt XL Module Adapter
    1x DSMC2 AC Power Adapter
    1x DSMC2 Lemo Adapter A
    2x Red Mini Mag 512GB
    1x RED Station Mini Mag Reader
    1x DSMC2 RED Standard OLPF
    1x RED Weapon Package Case
    1x RED Touch 5" DSMC
    1x RED Bomb EVF LCOS
    1x PL Mount
    1x RED DSMC Canon AL Mount
    1x RED DSMC AL Leica Mount
    1x LCD/EVF Cable 12"
    1x LCD/EVF cable 18"

    New Items added to the Package
    1x Solid Camera EVF Mount/Arm System
    1x V-mount Battery Solution
    1x OCT-19 Mount

    PM with any questions or queries.

    Not interested in splitting the package.

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    Great condition!

    Purchased new. Used primarily for corporate/ commercial work in Milwaukee, WI.

    Canon Mount
    RED TOUCH 7.0" LCD
    REDMAG 1.8" SSD - 240GB (2)
    RED CARBON X ROD - 18in

    LIST: $31,500

    ASKING: $19,250

    Message or email with questions.
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    EPIC - X DRAGON for sale.

    Hours of operation:147,5H

    Location: Stockholm

    2X V-lock batteries (blueshape/ID)

    SSD Side Module


    LCD PRO 5"

    Cine arm

    EVF Cable

    Bebob rogue V-lock charger

    2 X SSD 128gb



    (cheeseplate not included)

    Asking price: 18000 Euros
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  10. #10 RED Epic M-X brain - 75 hours! 
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    The camera has 75 hours of runtime, an unusually low amount of hours. The camera has even less hours of actual recording time due to regular black shading calibrations. I used the camera primarily to record live concerts in 30-60 minute intervals, sequentially, in indoor, staged conditions. I have not used the camera in environmental conditions that could affect electro-mechanical operation.

    The camera has very light cosmetic wear. There is a nick to the corner and light scratch to the top, front housing near the 1/4-20 array.

    I am the original owner of all items listed for sale. I have been the sole operator of the camera, which has always been in my possession. The camera has not been rented.

    The sale includes the RED Epic M-X camera brain, 1.8" SSD side module, camera case, DSMC front body cap, and AC power adaptor.

    Payment will be conducted through an escrow service. The buyer will be responsible for transfer of ownership costs, which will allow access to ongoing firmware developments (color science, in-camera monitoring tools, etc.) The buyer can option for an evaluation of the camera and re-certification of warranty for an additional fee. The camera will be sent to RED's Certified Service Center in Irvine, CA after which it will sent to the buyer.

    $11,999 OBO.
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