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    Here is an overview over used RED cameras that are currently on sale. I'm trying to keep this list current — all cameras listed are currently for sale (AFAIK).

    If you have a camera for sale, make a brief post giving the type (RED One MX/M; EPIC M/X/Mono/Dragon; SCARLET X/Dragon), serial number/delivery date, and what comes in the package, and the price if there is one. Please be sure to include your location. If you bought the camera battle-tested (BT) or second hand, please say so. Feel free to link to another post with more extensive information.

    These are private sales, so please use the proper precautions when buying high-value items. Have a peek at the marketplace policy.

    Please be conservative in use of large/colo(u)red fonts and exclamation marks. Please delete your your post once your camera is no longer available - or shoot me a PM and I'll do it for you.

    It is ok to bump this thread once every 24 hours - please just delete your previous bump(s).

    If you have sold your camera, please remove your post (click on "Edit" and then "Delete").

    If you post a link to an auction, please remove your post once the auction has ended.

    Buyers: This thread is only for listing cameras for sale. Not the place to ask questions. If you have a question, click on the seller's name and send him/her a PM, or if there is a dedicated thread about the camera sale, ask your question there. Anything not directly advertising a RED camera for sale will make me grumpy and your post will be deleted.

    If you become aware of a camera that has been sold, please shoot me a PM so I can delete that post.

    Posts will be removed after 3 months. Posts to eBay auctions will be removed earlier, especially if there is no date included.
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    Red One MX with SSD - SOLD Please remove listing

    SN 1673 822 hrs
    PL mount
    SSD module
    2x 64GB SSDs
    Red SSD Mag reader
    Red 5.6 LCD monitor with arm and cable
    Red EVF with Element Technica EVF mount and cable
    Vmount battery plate in studio configuration mounted to top rods (battery not included)
    ET Breakout Box for BNC
    ET Arri style bridgeplate with rod mounts for 15mm and 19mm
    ET Ultra rods 15mm 18 2x
    ET Ultra rods 15mm 12 2x
    ET Topstage with cheeseplate
    Red Top handles 2x
    ET risers for top handles 2x
    ET Red One and LCD Custom Rain cover
    Bogen Quick release for Israeli arm
    Red Audio cables 2x
    Hoodman hood for LCD
    RedRock Swing-away matte box with Side flags and French flag (2 rotating stage 4x4 or 4x5.65 filter sizes)
    Pelican 1660 Custom Cut case

    Happy to answer any questions.

    All the best,
    Lael Camak
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    EPIC Dragon #435 Revelation
    Lomo Anamorphics: 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm + Zooms
    Atlanta, GA
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    Customs paid RED MX Body with Ready to Go Setup,
    Just Plug your lense and go for shoot. Very low hour used RedMx body, All the items are in good prestine working condition.
    Redmx body with PL MOUNT
    red LCD-1 PRO version 7"
    red drive320gb-1
    cf module
    7 nos 16 gb Red CF cards
    Evf /Lcd cables - 2
    Eliment technica Breakout box (DIN to BNC)
    mini xlr to xlr cables-2
    Mic Extension Cable
    red base productions pack
    batteries - 2 (each one giving 2:30 hrs Running)
    charger - 1
    Supertech 150mm Head with Supertech tripod
    professional Low base
    19mm rods
    bridge plate
    record mic
    Directors Monitor Blackmagic professional monitor with Flight case
    HD-SDI to HD-SDI Cables 2 nos
    Filter Set Ultra PL, ND.03, ND.06, ND.09, Clear Filter
    6X6 Cavision Matte box setup(
    Mac Book pro (little warranty ) With Carry case
    All the above items with Flight Cases.
    You dont need anything other than lens...
    SALE IN INDIA ONLY....give me message for price info.
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    Selling my low hours Red Epic-X Serial #03941 Package. I'm the only owner and the camera is in near flawless condition save for a small scrape on the bottom.

    Hours: 212.2


    - Red Epic-X Brain
    - Side SSD Module
    - Red 5" Touch Monitor
    - Red Station 1.8" (USB 3.0/ESATA)
    - X Quick Plate w/ Switronix V-Mount Plate
    - 2 Dyna 89W V-Mount Batteries + Charger
    - Cinema Oxcide Laser Cut Foam Case
    - Original Red Epic-X Laser Cut Foam Case

    In line for Dragon. Buyer pays Red transfer fees.


    PM or e-mail at for pictures or any questions.
    Rob Moog
    Creative Director - Archetypes

    EPIC-X #03941
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    Red Epic-X Kit For Sale + Illumina s35 mkII Lens Kit

    Purchased from Red September 2013 - 183hrs of use.

    Red Epic Camera Kit + Tilta Pro Camera Rig: AUD33,000

    Illumina s35 mkII lenses: AUD27,000


    Camera Kit + Lenses: AUD55,000

    I'm based in Sydney, Australia - -

    Will pay for shipping worldwide. Buyer to pay for Red Ownership Transfer costs. All original packaging included.

    Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions :)

    Red Epic Camera Kit:

    Mysterium-X Sensor
    PL Mount

    Red Touch 5.0" LCD
    Redvolt Charger (Quad)
    AC Power Adaptor
    Red Station Redmag 1.8"
    Redmag 128g 1.8" SSD (4 Pack)
    LCD/EVF Cable Right-to-Straight 18
    DSMC Side Handle
    2 x REDVOLT Package (2x 4pack)

    Tilta Pro Camera Rig:

    Top handle 1PC
    LCD support 1PC
    19mm Top Bridge plate 1PC
    Cage for Red EPIC (Camera plate + Left bracket +Right bracket + Top plate) 1PC
    19mm rail baseplate with 19mm/15mm rail adaptor 1P
    12" ARRI Dovetail Baseplate 1PC
    8" 19mm rod 2PCS
    18" 19mm rod 2PCS
    Tilta 4*5.65 Carbon fiber Matte box MB-T04 1PC
    Tilta Dual follow focus kit FF-T04 1PC
    NOTE: Does not include battery pack

    Illumina S35 mkII Prime Lens Kit:

    Focal Lengths: 18, 25, 35, 50, 85mm

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    Anybody interested in a Dragon for sale in the US? Our finances require us to let go of one unfortunately (we have few others).

    We're selling the body only, it's been used only for a couple of days since we got it in January so it's in really good shape and it has the armor plan.

    We'll be going with Best Offers, contact me through PM.
    Arnaud Paris - Stereographer
    4K Digital Cinema in Paris
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    Good for someone who needs a camera now and wants to save some money on a Dragon Scarlet when it is available. Camera has low hours and recent maintenance so it's in really great shape. Located in NYC.

    Items for sale:

    Scarlet-X #1031 Body (only 140.5hrs and includes AC adapter and original box)
    DSMC Canon EF AL Lens Mount (attached)
    Side SSD (attached)
    2 64GB REDMAGs
    RED Station 1.8" REDMAG Reader (esata, FW800, USB2)
    4 Beillen 150Wh V-Mount Batteries with 4 travel chargers (All still hold full charge)
    Tilta V-Mount Power plate with 19mm and 15mm LW mount (Connections include built in DSMC power cable, unregulated Dtap 14.8V, regulated 12V, reg 7.2v, reg 5V)
    TVLogic VFM-056WP 5.6" LCD Monitor
    Inexpensive leightweight 15mm rig, including top mount, top handle, 15mm top rails, 15mm bottom rails, 15mm baseplate, 15mm riser, and monitor mount

    I also placed my Dragon upgrade order within the first few minutes that it became available if you are interested in also getting an early dragon upgrade when the upgrade is available. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

    Asking $10,000 for everything, but will take reasonable offers on the whole thing or individual pieces

    Attached Images
    Noah Yuan-Vogel |
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    Red Items
    Red One /Qty:1
    Item Sequence number:004624 Red Flash (CF) Module /Qty:1
    Base Production Pack /Qty:1
    Top Mount /Qty:1
    Ac Power Adapter /Qty:1
    Red Charger /Qty:2
    Red Brick 140Wh /Qty:4
    Red LCD /Qty:1
    Red EVF /Qty:1
    Side Handle /Qty:1
    Red Handle Left /Qty:4
    Nikon Mount /Qty:1
    Red 50 -150mm T3 Zoom (Metric) /Qty:1
    Red Drive (Raid) /Qty:1
    RED Branded Camera Case /Qty:1
    Red Flash (Cf) 16 GB /Qty:1
    Drive Cable 18-inch /Qty:1

    Element Technica items

    (EL-BOV-4) Video Break Out: Mini-Din to BNC (HD-SDI X4 SKI-1,SDI-2,SDI-720P,Gen-Lock) /Qty:1
    (EL-VFM-3) EVF Mounting System (3 DOF) /Qty:2
    (EL-TPR) Topside Cheeseplate (compatible w/ 15mm & 19mm top brackets) /Qty:3
    (EL-DTA-1220b) Arri/Oconnor 2060/2575 Dovetail 12in /Qty:5
    (EL-UR9-24) 19mm Ultra Rods 24" /Qty:6
    (EL-UR9-12) 19mm Ultra Rods 12" /Qty:7

    Underwater equipment

    AquaVideo underwater housing
    2port(micro and wide angle) from Aquatica
    Lighting system from AquaVideo

    for Best price
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    Kansas City, MO
    RED ONE Camera and Accessories

    Includes: CF Module, Base Production Pack, LCD Viewfinder, RED 18-50 MM Lens, Mattebox, Accessories

    Lightly used camera body and production package in excellent condition.

    Located in Kansas City, MO.

    Asking $14,900
    for everything listed below.

    RED ONE MX Camera Body RED ONE Serial# 1198
    Mysterium X sensor upgrade
    Base Production Pack 1-Universal Mount
    1-Red Handle
    1-Bottom Plate
    1-Shoulder Dovetail
    1-Top Mount
    1-Top Handle
    1-Red Cradle
    2-18" 19mm Steel Rods
    LCD Viewfinder System 1-Red LCD Monitor w/cable
    1-Red Arm
    Batteries and Power 1-Red AC Power Adapter
    1-Red Charger
    2-Red Brick 140Wh Battery
    Additional Accessories 1 Focus Hook
    4 RED 16gb CF cards
    2 RED 8gb CF cards
    2 RED Hard Drives
    Element Technica Drive Shock Mount
    2 24" 19mm Steel Rods
    Remote Trigger
    Mini XLR to XLR Audio adapter cables
    Element Technica BNC Breakout box
    Pelican Case for Camera and Accessories
    Redrock Micro mattebox with 3 filters Swing-away rod mount
    Circular Polarizar
    .6 ND
    ND Grad
    Lens doughnuts
    Eyebrow and 2 side flags
    PL Mount Lens RED 18-50 f2.8 (original model)

    David Woodworth
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  10. #10 RED EPIC CAMERA w/ SSD Module and PL mount FOR SALE 
    RED EPIC CAMERA w/ SSD Module and PL mount FOR SALE

    Everything is bought originally from RED 4 months back only! There is 100 Hours on the camera meter.

    Package includes:
    • RED EPIC Mysterium-X body no. 6895 w/ PL mount and SSD Module
    • DSMC Al Canon Mount
    • DSMC Side Handle
    • RED Touch LCD 5.0" Display
    • RED Touch LCD 9.0" Display
    • LCD/EVF Cable 7in (right-to-right)
    • LCD/EVF Cable 6ft (right-to-straight)
    • LCD/EVF Cable 10ft (right-to-straight)
    • 2 pcs XLR Microphone cable
    • LCD/EVF Cable
    • 4 pcs 128 GB SSD discs + case
    • DSMC Tactical Ribcage Pack
    • Sliding TOP Handle w/ SWAT Rail + screws
    • 6 pcs RED Brick Batteries
    • 10 pcs Redvolt batteries
    • QUAD Charger for Redvolt batteries + power cable
    • Redvolt travel charger + power cable
    • 2 pcs RED Brick Battery Charger + power cables
    • Red Station RedMag 1.8" mini USB 3.0 + usb cable + DC adaptor
    • Red Station RedMag 1.8" mini eSATA + usb cable + DC adaptor
    • Red Arm 5"
    • Red Arm 9"
    • 2 pcs Red 18in Carbon Fiber rods 19mm
    • Epic-X Case
    • BackPack QuickPlate (SHORT)
    • BackPack Base Plate
    • Outrigger Hadnel + screws
    • DSMC Modular Assault Plate Pack
    • DSMC Universal Mount 15mm
    • DSMC Universal Mount 19mm
    • Mounting Plate
    • Quick Release Platform (bolt-on)
    I will add to this ready-to-shoot package following lenses:
    • Samyang 8mm f/3.5 CSII
    • Samyang 16mm f/2.0 ED AS UMC CS
    • Samyang 35mm f/1.5 VDSLR
    • Samyang 85mm f/1.5 VDSLR
    • Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM
    • Canon EF 135mm f/2.0 L USM
    • ... and one follow focus Kamerar FF-3 with two carbon fiber 15mm rods.
    Every single lens listed above comes with lens caps and original casing.

    I bought this package 4 months back. Everything's been completely new. Never used. Now it's slightly used but it is in 100% shape and perfect working condition.

    I paid little over $65 000 for this camera set up.


    If interested, you can contact me here via PM or send me an email:

    I am based in the Prague, Czech Republic, Europe but I can ship the camera worldwide.
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