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    Here is an overview over used RED cameras that are currently on sale. Let's keep this list current — all cameras listed are currently for sale (AFAIK).

    These are private sales, so please use the proper precautions when buying high-value items. Have a peek at the marketplace policy. Consider reputable escrow services, such as

    If you have a camera for sale, make a brief post giving the type (RED One MX/M; EPIC M/X/Mono/Dragon; SCARLET X/Dragon; Weapon Dragon), serial number/delivery date, and what comes in the package, and the price if there is one. Be sure to include your location. If you bought the camera battle-tested (BT) or second hand, please say so. Feel free to link to another post with more extensive information. Please no more than two medium sized images. As a general rule, if your post takes up more than one screen, it is too long. Please be conservative in use of large/colo(u)red fonts and exclamation marks. If you do not follow these simple rules, your post is prone to deletion.

    Please delete your your post once your camera is no longer available - or shoot me a PM and I'll do it for you.

    It is ok to bump this thread once every week - do delete your previous bump(s).

    If you have sold your camera, please remove your post (click on "Edit" and then "Delete").

    If you post a link to an auction, please remove your post once the auction has ended.

    New members: If you are a new member (<60 days) you are not allowed to post in the marketplace; do not use this thread either, or your membership may get revoked.

    This thread is only for listing cameras for sale. Not the place to ask questions.Please do not ask questions in this thread - use the Private Messaging function (click on the seller's name and chose "Private Message"). The "Report" button is to alert us mods about posts. Anything not directly advertising a RED camera for sale will make me grumpy and your post will be deleted.

    If you become aware of a camera that has been sold, please shoot me a PM so I can delete that post.

    Posts will be removed without notice after 2~3 months - this is to keep the list current and manageable in size. Posts to eBay auctions will be removed earlier, especially if there is no date included. Posts breaking these rules will be deleted.
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    Just a quick reminder:

    Please keep the posts short, color neutral and only one or two images - feel free to link to a separate post (which is also the place to post multiple images).

    Please be sure to include a price and your location.

    Please do not ask questions in this thread - use the Private Messaging function (click on the seller's name and chose "Private Message"). The "Report" button is to alert us mods about posts.

    Please do not post in this thread if you have not been with Reduser for at least 2 months.

    After 2 to 3 months posts are removed without notice. As are posts that are not following the rules.

    Be sure you have read the posting guidelines before posting.

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    Epic-M Dragon


    900 hours run time
    please respond to:


    (Weapon trade-in credit is $17,500)


    TI EF Canon Mount

    128GB SSD (x4)
    5” Touch Screen
    LCD/EVF CABLE (x4)
    P-tap to Epic power cable (2)
    Sync Bob Plus Breakout Box
    Viewfactor FMJ-TOP Plate
    FMJ-BOTTOM Plate
    FMJ-SIDEARM (x2)
    FMJ-15MM-LW Bracket
    Element Technica V-Lock hook assembly
    Element Technica V-Lock Side-Mount assembly
    V-lock battery plate
    Hybrid core dovetail bridge
    15mm rod clamp (for dovetail bridge)
    6" black iris rods (2)
    12" CF iris rods (2)
    18" SS iris rods (2)
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    For Sale My Scarlet Dragon with only 50 Hours of used ready to shoot Package.

    This is the List of items included:
    -Scarlet Dragon Body Serial: #05199 (49.3 Hours of Operation) Skintones/Highlight OLPF $14,500
    -DSMC Titanium CANON MOUNT $2,000
    -DSMC 1.8" SSD SIDE MODULE $1,500
    -RED TOUCH 5.0" LCD $1600
    -512GB REDMAG 1.8" SSD $3,000
    -RED STATION REDMAG 1.8" (MINI) $195
    -Berkley Sytem Base Plate: $215

    Retail: $24,500 Selling all for $15.500 USD+ Shipping

    Attached Images
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    2 RED Epic X Brains w/ PL Mount and optional extras$15,000/Ea — Los Angeles, California

    Bodies come with a top cheese plate (Element Technica), PL Mount, SSD Module, AC Power Adapter. $15,000/ea (282 hrs, 320 hrs)
    Optional Extras:
    120GB SSD - $600/ea
    Red Volt - $100/ea
    Red Volt Charger - $50/ea
    Side Handle - $500/ea
    Redmote - $200/ea
    I have a bunch of Red Volt Batteries and 120GB SSD's that I'm trying to offload.

    Buyer must pay RED owner transfer fee and shipping.

    I have another body that will be for sale after it gets a once over at RED, so nobody fret on the shortage of cameras.
    I have more small accessories that I haven't listed that might be able to be thrown in, Riser Plates, EVF Brackets, Top Handle, ect. Shoot me a message if you're interested!
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  6. #6 Scarlet-X Only 260hrs. Great condition! 
    This camera is in great shape as you will see from the pictures. Buyer is responsible for the paypal and
    Red transfer fee.

    Price: $5,300

    Total hours of operation: 260

    Serial # 00253

    Location: Seattle, WA.

    Included in the sale:

    Red Scarlet-X Brain
    DSMC Side SSD Module
    DSMC Canon EF Mount
    DSMC Side Handle
    Original Box

    If you only need the bran and you don't need the Side SSD module, EF mount and Side Handle, I'll sell the brain alone for $3,500.

    Redvolts (Used): $125 each or 4 for $400.
    Sorry, only selling the Redvolts to potential buyers of my Scarlet.

    Attached Images
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    RED Scarlet – X Package:
    Located in Australia. Willing to post at buyers expense.

    Kit includes:
    RED Scarlet Mysterium-X Cinema Camera Brain
    Side SSD
    RED Side Handle
    Wooden Camera V Mount Battery Plate
    Canon AL – EF Mount
    RED Touch 5” LCD Screen
    RED Outrigger handle
    RED Station REDMAG (REDMAG SSD Reader)
    4x 64GB REDMAG SSDs
    4x REDVOLT Batteries
    DSMC Travel Charger

    Only 12 hours on this camera, basically brand new. Used indoors and very minimal. I used on one shoot and the project is now complete. More Pictures to come soon.

    PRICE: US $12,000 or best offer
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  8. #8 Red Epic Dragon Package 
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    For sale is my Red Epic Dragon Package. €28,000.00 Or Best Offer + Shipping
    Everything is running smooth, Under 600 Hours of use. PRICE DROP

    This is what the kit includes:
    - Red Epic Dragon Body with SKin Tone Highlght OLPF with Flight Case
    - DSMC Titanium PL Mount
    - x Easy Top for Red DSMC
    - Red Top Handle
    - Cinema Oxide Back Plate Adapter
    - Red Vmount Plate
    - Epic Mounting Plate DSMC
    - Red Sidewinder
    - DSMC Universal Quick Release Platform Dovetail
    - 2 x 19mm DSMC Universal Mount
    - Red Arm 5"
    - Red Spinner
    - DSMC Shoulder Pad
    - Red Mote with Pelicase
    - Red Bomb EVF Oled with Pelicase
    - Red Touch 5"
    - DSMC Low Light Optimized OLPF
    - 3 x Redmag: 1x256Gb, 1x128Gb, 1x64Gb
    - Red Station Redmini 1.8" USB3 and Firewire 800
    - Red Station Redmag 1.8" Firewire 800
    - Red Quad Battery Module (New, never used)
    - Red Module Adaptor (New, never used)
    - 2 x Blueshape 94Wh Batteries (ideal for FDA regulations)
    - Red Lemo 2b to 1b
    - LCD 12" Cable
    - LCD 24" Cable
    - AC Power Adaptor
    - Original Boxes

    If interested, please write me directly at g33bianchi(at)
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    RED Epic 1682 - Isis
    Barcelona, España
    +34 - 687.324.523

    Giancarlo Bianchi.
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    RED ONE MX 4.5k sensor VER V32.0.3, B32, around 1300 hours, Second owner, never rented, Camera and accessories are all in excellent condition. Located in Calabasas California would like face to face transaction and will set up for you to test look over etc. Asking: 5,200$ Feel free to text/call for more information: 310-801-sevenEIGHTzero2

    Comes with:
    Nikon Mount (installed)
    PL mount
    RED ONE SSD 1.8" SSD module
    RED Cradle
    Wooden A-BOX box
    1x 320gb RED Drives
    3x RED mini xlr cables
    1x RED hd-sdi cable
    1x RED 6' Drive cable
    2x 1.5' Drive Cables
    1x AC power cable and power supply
    1x RED PRO 7" LCD
    Top handle
    Top handle extension
    TOP mount 19mm
    Bottom 19mm
    2 sets 19mm CF rails
    ALLSTAR cine dovetail

    I also have the following for sale: Willing to sell EVERYTHING as package for $7,200

    Cartoni CF tripod, with spreader, cup feet, spikes and Beta Fluid head - $800

    Shape shoulder mount with Vlock and grips- $500

    4x V mount batteries with sony quad smart charger $450

    Prime Nikon mount manual lens set: $1,500
    -16mm Rokinon 2.2 cine
    -24mm nikkor 2.8
    -28mm nikkor 2.8
    -35mm nikkor 1.4
    -50mm nikkor 1.8
    -55mm nikkor macro 3.5 +extesnion tube
    -80mm nikkor 2.0
    -105mm nikkor 2.5
    -200mm nikkor macro 4.0
    -300mm nikkor 4.0
    -Nikkor 2x teleconverter
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    Like new turnkey Dragon-M package. #210, 538 hours, 2 year warranty, x3 240gb mini mags, 7" touch monitor, x4 IDX onboard batts, spacecam breakout box, all 3 OLPF's, and more.

    Package valued at $60,000 + tax. I'm looking to get $37,500 but will consider other reasonable offers. Used primarily on my jobs and in pristine condition. Will ship outside of LA.

    Serious inquiries only please!

    Please message me for a full list of items included as well as detailed high res photos.


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