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    Here is an overview over used RED cameras that are currently on sale. Let's keep this list current — all cameras listed are currently for sale (AFAIK).

    These are private sales, so please use the proper precautions when buying high-value items. Have a peek at the marketplace policy. Most redusers are honest, hard working industry people. Sadly occasionally we have some users trying to scam people. Consider reputable escrow services, such as If a seller refuses to use such a service, you should be very careful. Better to walk away from a seemingly good deal than to lose the money. Never ever pay money via a non-reversible channel, such as Western Union or Paypal Friends & family.

    If you have a camera for sale, make a brief post giving the type (RED One MX/M; EPIC M/X/Mono/Dragon; SCARLET X/Dragon; Weapon Dragon), serial number/delivery date, and what comes in the package, and the price if there is one. Be sure to include your location. If you bought the camera battle-tested (BT) or second hand, please say so. Feel free to link to another post with more extensive information. Please no more than two medium sized images. As a general rule, if your post takes up more than one screen, it is too long. Please be conservative in use of large/colo(u)red fonts and exclamation marks. If you do not follow these simple rules, your post is prone to deletion.

    Please delete your your post once your camera is no longer available - or shoot me a PM and I'll do it for you.

    It is ok to bump this thread once every week - do delete your previous bump(s).

    If you have sold your camera, please remove your post (click on "Edit" and then "Delete").

    If you post a link to an auction, please remove your post once the auction has ended.

    New members: If you are a new member (<60 days) you are not allowed to post in the marketplace; do not use this thread either, or your membership may get revoked.

    This thread is only for listing cameras for sale. Not the place to ask questions. Please do not ask questions in this thread - use the Private Messaging function (click on the seller's name and chose "Private Message"). The "Report" button is to alert us mods about posts. Anything not directly advertising a RED camera for sale will make me grumpy and your post will be deleted.

    If you become aware of a camera that has been sold, please shoot me a PM so I can delete that post.

    Posts will be removed without notice after 2~3 months - this is to keep the list current and manageable in size. Posts to eBay auctions will be removed earlier, especially if there is no date included. Posts breaking these rules will be deleted.
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    Just a quick reminder:

    Please keep the posts short, color neutral and only one or two images - feel free to link to a separate post (which is also the place to post multiple images).

    Please be sure to include a price and your location.

    Please do not ask questions in this thread - use the Private Messaging function (click on the seller's name and chose "Private Message"). The "Report" button is to alert us mods about posts.

    Please do not post in this thread if you have not been with Reduser for at least 2 months.

    After 2 to 3 months posts are removed without notice. As are posts that are not following the rules.

    Be sure you have read the posting guidelines before posting.
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    RED Epic-MX Brain w/ Side SSD (#02636)
    259.8 Hours


    (Also, for anyone with an Epic Dragon interested in downgrading I would be very interested in setting up a trade plus cash)

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    Brand new Red Accessories for sale from a backup Red Scarlet camera.

    Comes in all the original packaging 10/10 condition. (Save $2300)

    Touch 7" LCD - paid $2950+tax
    240gb Redmag - paid $1450+tax
    64gb Redmag - paid $495+tax
    Redvolt power pack - paid $465+tax
    Redvolt quad pack - Paid $750+tax
    Redvolt quad charger- Paid $595+tax

    Paid $7350 with tax for the package, asking $4950 for the whole package. All item's brand new. Can meet in person. LA to Seattle.
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    Red Scarlet dragon for Sale in Mexico Cancun , 400 hrs about.
    In middle march could be available in Europe

    - Scarlet Brain
    - SSD side
    - 3x64GB RedMag
    - EF mount
    - Side Handle
    - Power supply
    - Original boxes
    - RedMag station USB 3
    - Top Fan 2.0
    - Low light optimazed olpf
    - wooden cage
    - 7" red screen ( no touch)
    - 80 cm video cable
    - Redmote controller

    I'm Asking 13000 USD , Spedition basic fedex and transfer of ownership included
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    Looking to sell my very well maintained Scarlet-X Package. Recent clean bill and registration at RED.
    Used primarily in clean studio environment. Also allowed me to shoot some awesome images for the reel in my spare time.
    No-issues camera system - total workhorse - EF and PL.

    Scarlet-X Brain #968 (895 hours)
    RED Canon EF Mount
    Wooden Camera PL Mount

    RED Touch 5'' LCD (signs of use)
    Hoodman HRT5 Hood
    7'' RED Lemo
    18'' Wooden Camera Lemo

    1.8" Side SSD (signs of use)
    RED 1.8" SSD Reader
    Redmag 128 GB
    Redmag 64 GB
    RED 2'' Firewire cable
    RED USB to DC power cable (for use with mini USB)

    MG1 Concepts V-Mount plate
    RED Side Handle
    RED Pro Top Plate
    JAG 35 15mm Baseplate and rods
    Wooden Camera Top Handle
    Side Port Cap
    Top Port Cap
    AC Adaptor
    Bolt Kit

    Located Los Angeles, will ship.

    $7000 OBO
    Attached Images
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  7. #7 RED EPIC-M PACKAGE / BUNDLE $20,000 OBO 
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    NY & LA
    Camera is located in NY. Will be in Oman Mar7-13 and can bring it there or can leave it here and you can meet with someone from the team in NY. Can also meet during SXSW or in LA, also down to ship!

    For sale:

    RED Epic-M Dragon Bundle
    Runtime ~550 Hours
    Bundle Price: $20,000 OBO

    Epic-M Dragon Brain
    Standard OLPF
    RED Side Handle
    REDVOLT Travel charger
    7" RED Pro Non-Touch LCD Monitor
    RED Lemo cable (Right to Straight)
    RED Side SSD Module
    RED STATION REDMAG 1.8" + Cables (USB, Power, ESata to USB3)
    2x 240GB REDMAG SSD
    1x 64GB REDMAG SSD
    Wooden Camera Anton Bauer Gold Mount Battery Plate for RED Epic/Scarlet Cameras
    Power cables

    Wooden Camera Easy Top
    Wooden Camera Easy Riser
    Wooden Camera LW 15mm Bracket
    Sony ECM-DS30P (for scratch audio)
    3.5mm to XLR cable
    Pelican 1510 Case with TrekPak Insert or ThinkTank Airport V2


    RED BOMB EVF (+$700)
    Titanium PL Mount (+$1k)

    Anton Bauer 2x 90Wh + Charger Kit (+$1,150)
    2x Anton Bauer Digital 90 Gold Mount Battery (14.4V, 93 Wh)
    Anton Bauer LP2 Dual Gold-Mount Battery Charger

    3x Switronix Batteries + 4 Position Charger Kit (+$1,850)
    2x Switronix HyperCore GOLD 98Wh 14.8V Gold Mount Battery
    1x HyperCore Slim Gold-Mount Battery (14.8V)
    Core SWX Fleet Q Gold-Mount Four-Position Charger

    PM me if you'd like me to take more pictures of anything specifically. Thanks!
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  8. #8 RED EPIC MX Kit 
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    Selling our RED EPIC MX as a complete kit.
    Location: Stockholm, Sweden

    The camera is 2 years old and in good condition. Runtime about 700 hours.

    The RED TOUCH 5" LCD was bought second hand

    Asking 12 000 EUR.
    EU based, but willing to ship worldwide. Buyer pay's shipping and fees.

    Included in the kit:
    RED ARM 5"
    RED MAG 2 X 240GB
    Wooden Camera WC V-Mount (Epic/Scarlet)
    Wooden Camera Quick Back v2
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    Price Drop

    Due to demand I am repackaging the camera to a body only package.

    - Red Weapon 6k body WPN-M #00094 - only 288 hrs
    - Canon EF mount
    - standard OLPF,
    - mains power supply
    - original Red Weapon ‘Peli’ case with foam.

    Price is 21.000 Euro or 18.000£ excl VAT.

    Also for sale will be 2x 512GB RedMinimag, MiniMag Reader, 2x RedVolt XL, RedVolt XL module, DSMC2 base expander, 5’ Redmonitor, DSMC spinner & swat rail, DSMC2 Lemo adaptor A, 2x Lemo monitor cables, DSMC2 top handle, choice of PL mount or Canon EF mount, standard OLPF, DSMC2 sidekick, WoodenCamera top plate - with 2x monitor lemo & stop/start.

    It has never been on rental, only every gone out with me.

    Camera has only 288hrs run time. It was upgraded to Weapon by Red in March 2016 and has barely being out on shoots with me. I have a long project ahead of me, that I will not be using the camera for, so it’s got to go.

    The camera is located in London, UK.

    Please PM me for more photos and with any questions. The camera may go out on a project while this posting is up, so runtime may increase slightly.
    Accessoires in pictures are not included in this price, but also for sale
    Attached Images
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    Los Angeles
    Hey all, I'm selling my pristine RED Scarlet MX. This was a BT model purchased from Samy's with 3.4 hours on it at time of purchase. I am the second owner and purchased it with 51 hours on it. Im a DP and I have only owned and opped, never rented. Camera currently has 330.6 hours on it.

    6,000 OBO Located in Los Angeles

    -Scarlet MX body w/ 330 hours
    -1.8" side SSD
    -Canon EF mount
    -RED Pro 7" LCD (Non Touch)
    -2x RED Volts, 1 Travel Charger
    -Wooden camera top plate
    -Wooden Camera "cheese" camera top handle
    -2 X 64GB 1.8 mags
    -Mag reader (SATA cable, FW800, USB 2.0 )
    -Scarlet-x box
    -cables for charger, A/C/ charger for camera
    Misc. Bolts, cables, boxes etc......
    I will entertain reasonable offers...
    Thanks everyone!
    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit" ~Aristotle

    LINK to REEL:


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