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  1. #1 List of RED cameras for sale 
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    Here is an overview over used RED cameras that are currently on sale. Let's keep this list current — all cameras listed are currently for sale (AFAIK).

    These are private sales, so please use the proper precautions when buying high-value items. Have a peek at the marketplace policy. Consider reputable escrow services, such as

    If you have a camera for sale, make a brief post giving the type (RED One MX/M; EPIC M/X/Mono/Dragon; SCARLET X/Dragon; Weapon Dragon), serial number/delivery date, and what comes in the package, and the price if there is one. Be sure to include your location. If you bought the camera battle-tested (BT) or second hand, please say so. Feel free to link to another post with more extensive information. Please no more than two medium sized images. As a general rule, if your post takes up more than one screen, it is too long. Please be conservative in use of large/colo(u)red fonts and exclamation marks. If you do not follow these simple rules, your post is prone to deletion.

    Please delete your your post once your camera is no longer available - or shoot me a PM and I'll do it for you.

    It is ok to bump this thread once every week - do delete your previous bump(s).

    If you have sold your camera, please remove your post (click on "Edit" and then "Delete").

    If you post a link to an auction, please remove your post once the auction has ended.

    New members: If you are a new member (<60 days) you are not allowed to post in the marketplace; do not use this thread either, or your membership may get revoked.

    This thread is only for listing cameras for sale. Not the place to ask questions.Please do not ask questions in this thread - use the Private Messaging function (click on the seller's name and chose "Private Message"). The "Report" button is to alert us mods about posts. Anything not directly advertising a RED camera for sale will make me grumpy and your post will be deleted.

    If you become aware of a camera that has been sold, please shoot me a PM so I can delete that post.

    Posts will be removed without notice after 2~3 months - this is to keep the list current and manageable in size. Posts to eBay auctions will be removed earlier, especially if there is no date included. Posts breaking these rules will be deleted.
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    Just a quick reminder:

    Please keep the posts short, color neutral and only one or two images - feel free to link to a separate post (which is also the place to post multiple images).

    Please be sure to include a price and your location.

    Please do not ask questions in this thread - use the Private Messaging function (click on the seller's name and chose "Private Message"). The "Report" button is to alert us mods about posts.

    Please do not post in this thread if you have not been with Reduser for at least 2 months.

    After 2 to 3 months posts are removed without notice. As are posts that are not following the rules.

    Be sure you have read the posting guidelines before posting.
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    Selling our beloved RED DRAGON package with tons of Innocinema / ActionProducts accessories!

    Below is a list of what's included with their retail value:
    (1) - RED Dragon Body (Epic-X)
    (1) - 5” LCD Touch Monitor
    (1) - LCD Cable
    (4) - REDMAG 1.8” SSD [(3) 256gb, (1) 240gb)] (~$1500 each - ~$6000 total)
    (1) - REDMAG Case
    (1) - Titanium PL Mount ($2000)
    (1) - Titanium Canon Mount ($700)
    (1) - Brand New REDMOTE ($550)
    (1) - DSMC Side Handle ($950.00)
    (1) - REDVOLT (4-Pack) with case ($750)
    (1) - REDVOLT Travel Charger ($75)
    (1) - 1.8" SSD Side Module ($1500)
    (1) - Original OLPF
    (1) - DSMC Low Light Optimized OLPF ($195)
    (1) - DSMC Skin Tone-Highlight OLPF ($195)

    (2) - Action Products Apollo Epic Top Breakout Plate ($762.02 each - $1,524.04 total)
    (1) - Action Products PowerModule - Electra - Quick Release Mount for Red Epic ($1,582.27)
    (1) - Action Products XLR Audio Adaptor + Riser Plate + 15mm Rod Mount Audio ($850)
    (2) - Action Products V-Mount Battery Module ($512 each - $1024 total)
    (2) - Action Products Anton Bauer Battery Module ($512 each - $1024 total)
    (1) - Action Products Epic Proteus Module ($640.48)
    (1) - RED “+1 Adaptor Module” - ($750)
    (1) - Action Products Right Side Cheese Plate for Red Epic - ($275)


    That's over $20,000 in accessories alone!

    Selling as a complete package. Will not break-up at this time.

    Paypal or bank transfer only. Buyer pays for paypal or banking fees and $100 for FedEx 2nd Day Air Shipping.

    Asking $27,000 or best offer. Feel free to contact me directly at

    We have a lot of references and have sold/purchased many high priced items on
    Our website is and you can call us directly at (808) 599-7600 if you have any questions

    Complete photo album:

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  4. #4 Nearly New Epic Dragon With Accessories Priced & ready to sell & SHIP! 
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    Epic Dragon Package Deal:
    -Epic-X Dragon Brain with Dragon logo (63 Hours Lifetime Usage), with Red MiniMag Side SSD with Dragon logo, Standard OLPF, Front & Side Body Plate, DC Powerpack, Custom Cut Epic Dragon Hard case

    Package Price: $16,800

    FOR PICTURES & MORE INFO, Click here on the original listing thread!-MUST-SELL!
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    Epic Dragon Monochrome for sale. Brain serial Number is 07194. Operating time is less than 70 hours. Only private use.

    Bank Transfer or Paypal only.

    Price 16 500 USD

    You get:

    1x RED Touch 5.0" LCD
    1x Adaptor Module w
    1x DSMC Side Handle

    No Lens Mount.
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  6. #6 Red Epic-M #478 Dragon 6K Full package 
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    Hey All!

    I'm looking to sell my personal Red Epic-M Dragon 6K package (549 hours) and all that comes with it. $30,000. The camera is up for HELIUM or WEAPON upgrade. PM me with serious offers. I'm located in Los Angeles. Price does not including ownership transfer/inspection.

    EPIC-M Dragon #478 includes:

    (1) titanium PL mount
    (1) Canon Mount

    (1) Custom Inner Space case for nearly all camera components
    (1) Bomb EVF (2012)
    (1) 2012 ET Bomb EVF Mount
    (1) RED 5" Touchscreen LCD
    (1) Viewfactor Side Cheeseplate cover
    (1) Viewfactor IDX Battery Plate
    (1) APU-IDX Battery Plate
    (1) Stealth Side Cheese Plate
    (1) Shuttle Mount for REDmote
    (1) Sync Bob Plus breakout box (HD-SDI, Timecode, Genlock, start/stop)

    (1) REDMote
    (2) 512GB mini-mag SSD cards
    (1) Custom laser-cut foam EPIC Pelican 1510 case
    (1) Full Metal Jacket Top plate
    (1) AC Power Adapter (150w EPIC)
    (2) LCD/EVF Cables
    (1) Red Pro Top Mount
    (1) Red Sliding Top Handle

    (6) IDX IDE10 E-10 Endura Batteries
    (1) IDX VL-4S Multi-format 4-Channel Simultaneous V-Mount Li-Ion Fast Charger
    (1) Custom Inner Space case for charger and batteries

    (1) EPIC Shim Plate from Element Technica
    (1) Element Technica Hybrid Base plate (15/19 Dual Studio Kit base plate)
    (2) 15mm Ultra Rods 6"
    (2) 19mm Ultra Rods 6"
    (2) 15mm Ultra Rods 12"
    (2) 15mm Ultra Rods 18"
    (2) 15mm Ultra Rods 24"
    (1) Arri Dovetail 2060/2575 12"

    (1) Element Technica Mantis hand-held Rig
    Attached Images
    EPIC-M #478
    Located in Hollywood

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  7. #7 Scarlet-X and AKS - Free Ground Shipping 
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    - Scarlet-X #04659 - 180hrs - Brain and Side SSD (1.8") - ($5500 lowered) $4500 +transfer (if you want warranty)
    - RED PRO 5.0 Monitor + 8" Right-to-right LCD Cable - $1290
    - 2x 240GB RedMag 1.8" + 4-pack case - $1300 SOLD
    - RED STATION 1.8" - $85
    - RED STATION 1.8" (Mini) - $75
    - DSMC Tactical Cage (v1.0 top plate) + Left/Right (Scarlet and Epic) adapters - $400
    - Sliding Top Handle - $75 SOLD
    - RED PRO Side Handle + Case - $400
    - REDMOTE + Case - $250
    - 2x REDVOLT Batteries + Charger - $200 SOLD
    - Original RED ROCKET card (sorry, no pics) - $500

    If you're interested in packaging things together, I'll likely be willing to negotiate a package price.

    Ships FedEx Ground from St. Louis, MO for free

    Full-sized Photo Gallery including all Items:
    Attached Images
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  8. #8 RED EPIC-X DRAGON BRAIN $13,000 
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    Selling these items below. I'm looking to sell the Brain by itself. I'm the original owner. The camera is in perfect working order and is cosmetically great.

    - Red Epic-X Dragon #08157 - 400 hours + Owner Transfer
    - Red Epic-X Brain Case
    - $13,000 + Shipping
    - DSMC 1.8" SSD SIDE MODULE $700
    Link to more pictures:

    Feel free to PM me, email me at, call me at 812-361-7959
    Ships anywhere in U.S. - Fed Ex Ground from Bloomington, Indiana
    Payment via Paypal or Bank Wire Transfer
    Attached Images
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  9. #9 Weapon 8k Helium & EPIC Dragon & RED Accessories & other Accessoires 
    see also:

    Hello, our company well done sells the following:

    feel free to contact us via and the following phone numbers ( faster than Forum PM )

    Leif: +491781435435
    Alex: +491633616906

    We have a lot of References from German Rental Houses if wanted, or from RED UK / Germany directly. They know us all since a long time.

    all Prices per Piece in Euro.
    As of 2017 01 12 1 Euro is = 1,05 US Dollars.
    +VAT if applicable, Shipping, taxes, through Buyer


    1 x RED WEAPON 8k Helium Brain - Brand New from RED, never used / opened ( it is from one of our Upgrades that we currently do and this Body can be sold/delivered about 2-3 weeks after payment from buyer is received, and could also be shipped directly from RED to him to make things easier if wanted) incl. 1 x OLPF of Choice. 39.000 €
    ( 1 x Slightly Used DSMC 1 TI PL Mount can be added for 1400 € ) ( 1 x Brand NEW DSMC 2 Magnesium PL Mount can be added for 2800 € )

    1 x EPIC X Dragon #306 Brain (1530 hours) with 2.0 Fan Upgrade incl. RED Brain Case and 1 x OLPF of Choice ( between Standard Low Light and Skin Tone ) ( no Side Module and Mount, see that below) Very good Condition.
    14.500 €
    Additionally 2 other OLPFs 200 €

    1 x Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K (EF Mount) including complete Viewfactor Cage (a very nice one) and DTAP Power Cable and 2 x 240 GB SSDs: 2500 € OBO

    1 x Sony a7s Camera (bought in August 2015 - warranty until August 2017): 1400 €

    Sony a7s Accessoires: 400 €
    2 x original Battery
    4 x 3rd party battery
    3 x charger
    1 x metabones Mark IV EF Adapter
    2 x 64 SD Cards



    1 x Brand NEW DSMC 2 Magnesium PL Mount 2800 €
    2 x DSMC 1 PL Mount (Titanium) 1400 €
    2 x DSMC2 REDVOLT XL Module for Raven/Scarlet-W/Epic-W/Weapon 900 €
    brand new never used.
    2 x DSMC2 Top Handle 450 €
    2 x Wooden Camera Nato Handle Plus 90 €

    2 x DSMC1 +1 Adapter Module 450 €
    SOLD - 4 x 128 GB REDMAG 1,8" SSD: 850 €
    1 x 256 GB REDMAG 1,8" SSD: 1000 €
    4 x 240 GB MiniMag (new never used): 1200 €
    4 x 512 GB Mini Mag (new never used): 2100 €
    2 x 240 GB MiniMag (almost never used from September 2016): 1100 €
    4 x 512 GB Mini Mag: (almost never used from August & Februar 2016 ) 2100 €
    4 x 512 GB Mini Mag: (used ) 1900 €

    3 x 1,8" SSD Reader eSata/FW800/USB2 - 50 €
    1 x DSMC1 EPIC Mini Mag Side SSD module 800 €
    1 x 5" RED Touch display 1400 €
    1 x BOMB EVF LCOS 1000 €
    2 x BOMB EVF Oled 1200 €
    1 x REDVOLT XL Module für EPIC DSMC1 - never opened original Sealed Box / Brand New 700 €
    2 x REDMOTE 250 €
    2 x RED Quickplate module V mount with module adapter 550 €
    2 x DSMC 1 Standard OLPF 100 €
    2 x DSMC 1 Skin Tone Highlight OLPF 100 €
    2 x DSMC 1 Low Light Optimized OLPF 100 €
    1 x DSMC 1 Front and Top Fan V2.0 150 €

    1 x wooden Camera v mount Power module 200 €
    1 x Wooden Camera DSMC1 top Plate 200 €
    1 x Red DSMC v1 top Plate 200 €
    1 x Red DSMC v2 top Plate 250 €
    2 x REDVOLTS 100 €
    2 x REDVOLT CHARGER 50 €
    2 x REDVOLT XL 250 €
    1 x REDVOLT XL Quick Charger 350 €
    1 x RED ROCKET 1 Card 500 €
    Several DSMC1 Cage / Rig Accessories:
    4 x DSMC TACTICAL RIB 70 €
    Several Different Length 19 mm Rods in Aluminum, Steel and Carbon Fibre.

    3rd Party:

    2 x Teradek Bolt Pro 300 SDI Set (Item Nr is Bolt 923 Pro 300) 1 x Transmitter, 2 x Receiver including PeliCase / Cables / Screws: almost new Condition
    2900 €

    2 x O Connor CFF 1 Follow Focus Set Incl Case: 2500 €

    1 x Arri FF-5 Follow Focus Adapter for 19mm Bridgeplate ( K2.47629.0 ) new/never used: 300 €

    1 x SmallHD DP 7 normal Bright incl. V Mount Plate: 1500 € OBO

    1 x SmallHD DP 6 with HDMI Input only: 200 €

    2 x Sets of Pancro IR+ND Filters 4 x 5.650: 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2, 1.5: 1200 €

    1 x Besteady / ACR The Beast V2 Gimbal, very good Condition and Performance, rarely used since it was only a Secondary Gimbal for one Project next to our Primary ACR The Beast that we own, operate and will keep. Newest 3.0 Firmware, including Peli Case, Cables, Batteries, Charger, Dual Operator Remote Control: 4000 €

    1 x Schulz Tripod Legs, HD-C 150 tall with 150 mm Bowl 700 €
    1 x Schulz Tripod Legs, HD-C 150 medium with 150 mm Bowl 700 €

    1 x L'Aigle Exoskelett Mark II 5000 €
    RAW, well done
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  10. #10 Epic MX package for sale 
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    Red Epic MX package. Original owner/operator. 555 hrs. Shot mostly long-format interviews. Never rented and never had a problem. A really rock-solid digital cinema camera package with lots of extras, plenty of media; just needs a lens and batteries and you’re up and running. Camera is eligible for Epic-W upgrade path*** but this option will end soon.

    Epic MX brain, serial #05746
    Nikon AL mount
    Side SSD module
    Wooden Camera V-Mount battery plate
    Wooden Camera EZ top plate
    Wooden Camera A-Box dual XLR audio input
    DSMC Top Fan 2.0 upgrade
    5” Touch LCD (see note below)
    12” LCD/EVF cable
    Red Arm
    4x 128 GB RED Mags w/case***
    2x USB3 Red Station Mag readers w/ac and cables
    RED ac power supply
    Extra 7” RED LCD/EVF cable (unopened)
    Original Epic hard case

    5” Touch LCD has two sun spots on the screen. These only show up on the LCD screen and do not affect the touch functionality or camera functionality in any way. They were caused by a loupe/viewfinder attachment that was directed at the sun for a few seconds and left the marks. See attached photo.

    Asking price is $14,500 but is negotiable. I’m knocking $1500 off of what I would normally ask because of the sun spots on the LCD which will allow you to pick up another screen 2nd hand if you so wish.

    Camera package is located in RI. Price does not include transfer of ownership.
    Please contact Michael at We are long time Redusers and have sold items before.

    More images available here:
    Attached Images
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