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    Great news, not a Avid user but I'm looking at moving to Premier from FCP,
    will still prob finish in FCP but I'm getting tired of Apples refusal to give any
    sort of feedback to users about developments. It's funny but their 1984
    ad is starting to look like life imitating art. I have no problem with a company
    protecting their products and developments but Red has done a good job and still includes
    users in the process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tillHavis View Post
    I'm getting tired of Apples refusal to give any
    sort of feedback to users about developments. It's funny but their 1984
    ad is starting to look like life imitating art.
    It's what happens when a company or product becomes too successful too quickly and stops listening to their base, or listens to only a part of it. They tend to release better products when they're the underdog because they have to play nice with others and attract new customers.

    They tend to get lazy when they float to the top.
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    What will we do with Jim, shall he get lazy and start to float on the top?
    A that speed, RED's gonna be a cold fusion superpower by 2030.


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    Amazing news!
    This weeks announcements have been awesome but for me this is the icing on the cake.
    RED STATION, PROXY MODULE, EPIC stage 2 orders and NATIVE AVID Support - apparently that's for starters, can't wait for post NAB!
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    The end of a long way. Two years later. Avid is like a Mammoth, too slow for the market. I wish this recover Avid for the future.
    "¿Render?... beer time!
    two Epic-X, 24"FSI 10bits, 50"Panny, Some computers; Work as Colorist, DIT and Tech Counselor.
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    Thats really a great milestone... congrates !
    I'm using the rocket all day to transcode realtime to mxf dnxhd, that was a great thing too, but this news are amazing.

    Michael, I think I didn't understand it clearly. So MC5 will support also rocket accelaration when going native into it? Or in the future?

    One big question for me is the tearing problem when monitoring without hardware like mojo dx and so on direct via full screen playback. Is that solved?
    For us which are working only filebased and dont need tape playout would this possibility great, and for me a last missing thing...

    Support of all QT formats as well is great indeed.... OK, so from now on FCP will be never used here.... :)

    Rainer Fritz
    Postproduction - Workflow Service - VFX - Animation
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    This is great newsl! Not to mention all the other great features packed into MCv5!
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    And don't forget, Avid will be at the Reduser event on Wednesday at 9PM.
    Steve Sherrick
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    Good news for simplifying workflow but as a DP it's a horrifying idea to put color management in the hands of an editor. I've had several projects finished in less than ideal ways because of misinformation or lack of knowledge about how to achieve optimal image quality from the source footage- both r3d and just basic already graded prores. My hope is that RED will provide some official, simple, easily accessible and understandable information that Avid editors can refer to in order to understand RED footage.
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    I just read on the Avid site that MC5 will support the Matrox MXO2 Mini for monitoring. That should make building an Avid system a bit more affordable. There were a lot of other new features that will be useful also: NEW FEATURES
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