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    Any of you remember when the first Miranda f900 down-converters cost like 12000?
    Nice job!
    "Any smaller and it would be vaporware."
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    a wireless stream in an internet mime compliant format like h264.... and still recording RAW for the best post workflow with the highest quality results!

    You guys are brilliant!
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    Jim Jannard for President of the world! ;) !!!!

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    Proxy Module...
    RED is increasing the workflow flexibility on Epic and Scarlet with Proxy Modules… the first of which is an H.264 Module.

    This module encodes a 1080P stream (high quality scale from full frame) and records to Compact Flash in a rear module. The module also offers secure password protected streaming over dedicated WiFi and ethernet to iPhones, iPads, laptops as well as broadcast to the internet.

    This will be beneficial for on set viewing, instant dailies, offline editing, easy file transfer to remote locations, dailies review and collaboration services with such companies as Pix, or live broadcasting for realtime media distribution.

    The modules will also support full metadata and XML for editorial.

    Availability will be September 2010 and the price will be $2500.

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    2 Things:

    What's left for NAB?

    If the module is available in September, then cameras would have to be around to put it on...

    My day has had an excellent start today.
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    This is insane! I was really hoping this would become true. Once again RED delivers..... :) Love this company!
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    Gosh, an option to have BITC burned in the files would be killer for dailies and client reviews, transcriptions, etc.

    This live streaming is so cool. RED is starting to seem Apple-like in the way they are moving so quickly and blowing away anything close to competition.
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  7. #47 don't plan on focus pulling 
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Taylor View Post
    Ipad plus module plus remote FF?

    Question: Do we know if there would be a delay in such a setup, and would it be enough to affect a focus pulling?
    Normal H.264 would group together a lot of frames for the best compression (one reason it's harder to edit) so I'd think it would have a very significant delay. I would not expect this to be good for focus pulling, unless they are using some less-compressed subset of H.264.

    Here's one "low latency" MPEG4 encoder, the best it can do is 0.3 second delay which seems like a long time if you're trying to keep the focus on track.
    -John Beale
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    This is crazy good news.
    I have been dreaming about this for the last 12 months.
    Imagine handing out 2-3 I-pads to the customers and the ad agency people on the set. The director can walk around with his pad or i-phone and you wont have to push around the fieldmonitor all the time.

    The director has his storyboard right there on the i-pad and the live feed from the Epic right in his hands. Super, super cool.

    This is da bomb.

    Congrats Jim and team. Keep on rocking.
    Now kick out the epics before august and we are all set for summertime shootings.

    Tim Lüdin
    Director / DP / Photographer
    Epic Dragon 183
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    h.264? yea, right, April 1st? hahah!

    No, but this is great. iPad streaming is a the sweetness. Not sure if I'd want h.264 to edit, but it might work with CUDA acceleration.
    Writer - Director
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    this proxy modules will kill dailies creation business etc...but technology is moving and we need to move with it .
    The proxies module is a genius idea .

    Considering that on set playback and dailies etc...will use this recorded media by the proxie modules :

    may i ask what you guys at RED are planning for the RED Rocket™ Future ?
    Are you planning a price reduction or an upgrade ?
    People is using it mostly to encode for dailies or on set playback...
    so maybe knowing that epic will not need the rocket it ,you are planning a price reduction or something new?

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