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    Quote Originally Posted by Jannard View Post
    The module also offers secure password protected streaming over dedicated WiFi and ethernet to iPhones, iPads, laptops as well as broadcast to the internet.

    ... ... I think I'm in heaven, and its all RED!
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    that's great news. can we attach one of these modules to the RED One?

    "Don't be afraid of the dark."
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    Awesome! Now there is absolutely no excuse for anyone to say that red footage is complicated in post (not that there was any excuse in the first place, but people still say it). If people want absolute simplicity, they have a simple h.264 clip.
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    My god...This is exactly what I needed. I was planning on doing a few live shoots with the Scarlet and this completely eliminates the need for most of the neccessary equipment. The H.264 1080p to CF will also be a plus to me. Now I just have to figure out a way to get an extra $2,500...
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    good job... good listening
    great for eng/efp/documentary and for small productions / crew ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    We are just getting started :)
    heh heh heh

    It's like Fireworks shows... sending up a couple boomers before the big show... can't wait for the finale!
    Kind regards,

    Tim Whitcomb
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    Kabooooom! we are on AIR! ;-)

    Congrats, you still killing the market, no competition.
    "¿Render?... beer time!
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    Monitoring over wi-fi, really? Is this a replacement for something like the Cam-Wave? Lovely.
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    This will finally make RED an viable option for fast turn around productions, like ENG, EFP and sports reportages.

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    Guys, you are awesome !!
    This is THE module I've been hoping for in my wildest dreams, and it's even better !
    Streaming to iPads, iPhones, laptops ? I can't even start to imagine how many iPad apps could be made that would build upon that feature.
    $2500 ? That's half the price of a camwave... an iPad is less than $500, that's pretty cheap for an excellent lightweight (1.5 lbs), wireless 10' monitor with touchscreen, 10 hour included battery and app support.

    I think I'm even more excited about this anouncement than about the stage 2 reservations thread...

    This is really huge.
    And I guess we'll see similar modules in the future for other formats, like ProRes or DNxHD ? Hopefully we'll be able to switch between formats, rather than having to buy a new module for each format. If possible, please make a module that can switch between DNxHD and ProRes.

    Thank you.
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