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    Quote Originally Posted by sander kamp View Post
    So how does this work? Do you still get an email when it's your turn with 30 days to reply?
    Email blast will go out in about 8 hours by Brent to those that qualify, and you can also use the link on the website to log in and submit your order.
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    This is great! Do you know when delivery of the first stage 2 epic will begin?
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    Frontline Infantry Christian Edwards's Avatar
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    No warning guys ! It's too late here @ night to get excited ! Love the site . Van diemen's land ...nice touch !
    However i must digress to Scarlet... Booyah!
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    Congratulations Red team! We really feel one step closer now...
    Very nice web site too.
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    good old Berlin
    a reservation doesnt let me skip the line, right?...hehe.

    Great RED Team.

    choose until 1.may, pay a deposit of 5000 USD until 1.june, sounds really fair for people wanting stage2

    (i thought you have to pay full after 30 days when you made a decision on the stage, so this is new)
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    Order placed! I like the new website. Congratulations!!!
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    The site is so sick, I can't wait for Stage 3! Can't wait to have an Epic in my hands! Thank you JIM!!! You've changed the media world in such a short time. I'm glad to be alive right now, exciting times!
    Clint Childers

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    I have problem to log in !!!
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    Dynamic range is, after all, the measurement between well saturation (photosite blowout) and noise floor.
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    yes, me too Sanjin-

    Not taking my RED log in. hmm. So exciting!
    Kind regards,

    Tim Whitcomb
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    Looks like RED crossed into next generation. Congrats, guys. Web site looks great, especially live elements.
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