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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Kilgroe View Post
    Funny... I first saw this thread just after reading that my NULL Target is about to ship.
    Someone say eBay?
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    Good timing Jeff :)

    You might want to cancel that sale...maybe plead hardship for a refund
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitch Gross View Post
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
    lol.. the RED FOCUS is not a NULL... or anything like it. The Null is just a wide angle lens. the NULL you need a light source and alot of room and a target that you need to setup ( and light )

    the RED FOCUS has an internal target, needs no room, can be set in the dark on a camera truck, and is a bit less subjective.

    2 very different products , And you guys havn't even heard the most exciting thing about it yet :)
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    825 will thread 35mm film for 5k telecine???

    ... breaks open to be a macro extension tube adaptor???

    ...a doubler?

    I will stop now.
    "Any smaller and it would be vaporware."
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    Yeah, but the NULL can be attached to the NULL TARGET, which makes it an enclosed system that could be used in a closet with no lights.

    Anyway, I can't wait to know what this exiting thing is!

    With the Denz tool, Optimator, NULL + Target and now the RED FOCUS, this niche of the market has become quite crowded.

    ...So what's this most exciting thing? Or do we have to wait until next week? :)
    - Jeff Kilgroe
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    I'm with Jeff on this, and don't forget Uniq optics also makes a couple.

    Too many options in the market, price should come down with this much competition.

    "One for a meal, One for the reel, or One to learn something"
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    I kinda don't get the qualification for the reduced price....

    If you own a PL mount camera made by RED, you can make use of this device. Right? Why RPP set owners and not R1 owners?
    ...too much RED on the brain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    Self-Powered illuminated PL Mount Diascope for setting PL Backfocus/ Flange distance on the RED ONE / EPIC / SCARLET cameras ...
    will it work on 2/3 cinema or are you making a smaller RED Focus for 2/3 cinema?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Prevette View Post
    im with Jeff on this, and don't forget Uniq optics also makes a couple.

    to many options, price should come down with this much competition.
    That is a much better comparison.

    Here is the Target...

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