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    with all these easter eggs, makes me wonder what big news will be dropping next week :)
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    Flange- Camera
    Backfocus- Lens
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    Wow! - It's great to have a calibration tool as part of the red line-up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaire Johnson View Post
    I believe Jarred misspoke and meant to say Red Focus is designed to calibrate the Flange Focal Distance on the camera, not the Backfocus which we all know is something you adjust on the lens...
    I think this is a case of same concept by different terms. Page 10 of the Red One QSG calls the adjustment of the camera focus ring on the body "Back Focus Adjustment".
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    Same concept but different adjustment methods and technical terminology. Let's try not to re-define everything that already has existing distinct definitions.
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    Looks great.
    Any idea on availability?
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    Correct... Flange distance. Some say back focus and most people seem to understand the term back focus / back focal distance better, but flange is technically accurate..
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    Will there be a working model on the 14th?
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    Berry berry nice surprise.
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    I'm still waiting to see a "mini zoom lens" for the Cinema Scarlet...
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