Blaire, to add some perspective... I've spent probably $3,000 over the past 3 years on different card reading systems. I have half a dozen firewire readers, a dozen SATA readers [different brands, models, etc], 4 different SATA cards, 2 FireWire cards and 2 SAS cards. I have every ass-backwards cable you can imagine to get everything to talk to each other. I've gone into motherboards with SFF-8087 connectors, SATA L connectors, through expansion chassis, you name it. Different combinations require different versions of reader firmware, PCI card firmware, system firmware, Mac OS version, etcetera. It was an unbelievably frustrating process to get my SAS reader system to function in a bulletproof manner... and keeping it working as I'm forced to upgrade other elements of my system is a frustrating and significant undertaking. All just to move as much data as quickly and effortlessly as possible so that I can focus on the real tasks I should be spending my time with.

Having a RED manufactured and supported solution for current and future media is a huge deal.

Not only does it simplify things immensely, it creates a "right" answer to the question. It means that as more and more individuals and companies build their digital loader carts and DIT carts... one more variable just became a standard.