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  #1 REDCINE-X Build 183... 
    Red Leader Jannard's Avatar
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    Now up...

    RCX Build 183

    Exporting audio channels no longer requires channels with a lower index be preset in the file.
    Automatic Audio Sync algorithm improved.

    Export option to overwrite or to add "_S###" to the file name.
    Avid MXF export has been added to windows.
    Black Frames bug fix
    Timecode metadata fix
    Burn-In text improved
    Burn-In Timecode fix
    Open Exr added (preliminary)
    16bit DPX added (preliminary)

    Video player improvements
    Ability to save and load presets to/from separate files
    Reset in/out points added - Option click the in/out point buttons when a clip is in the video player.
    Option-clicking a clip's resize handle in the timeline will also reset in/out points.
    Detail window green box will now go away when the detail window is closed.
    LUA scripting added to windows.
    Framing and Framing Presets windows are now a single window.
    The Sharpness and Denoise sliders were moved from the Detail Tool to the Image Tool.
    The Debayer slider on the Detail Tool was removed.
    External audio match information for each clip is now saved in project files.

    RED Rocket™™™ Monitor Out:
    Timecode added to monitor output. Edge/Abs/Timeline

    Color Science:
    White balance tweak for Sodium Vapor lights

    Windows features not enabled:
    Audio playback
    openEXR support
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    Senior Member Adam Clark's Avatar
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    hey thanks! perfect thing for a friday night. new redcine-x and a beer.
    Adam Clark
    Trick Digital
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    I see 3 goodies I gotta try out right now. Sweet
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    George Tsai :-D

    EPIC-X 444
    Full Camera Package, and DIT services available

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  5. #5 Jim- The above link may be broken... 
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    Might just be me, but I can't seem to link via the above link... I know where to get it, and am downloading... just thought you might like to know.
    And Thanks, BTW !! I was just wondering if we'd get a new rev soon...
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    REDuser Sponsor Martin Stevens's Avatar
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    Jim.......the Link needs to be fixed.
    Martin Stevens

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    Producer and Director at Metaphoric Pictures.
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    Thanks for the upgrade! Just keeps getting better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Stevens View Post
    Jim.......the Link needs to be fixed.
    Check George post #4. The same one that Jim always refer to - Lim
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    "Life is fluid"
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    Senior Member Johnny Friday's Avatar
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    Yep....same here.
    Sitting down to a plate of grub and a beer....downloading and soon playing with new build.

    Damn it i thought i was going to have a free night tonight.
    John Friday
    La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico

    EPIC M & 2X for 3d & Deep Epic Underwater Housing
    RED MX with SSD & Underwater Housing
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