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    Hello all-

    In preparation for the quickly approaching Red User 2010 event, we are now collecting new Mysterium X footage for a special edition "RED MX REEL."

    If you read posts on this forum (as well as others like it), you'll notice the notion of end-to-end 4K DI is under some scrutiny. Most of the scrutiny seems to be stemming from a fiduciary perspective, which I agree is perhaps the most difficult areas to get dependable information due to the small number of people actually delivering 4K on a regular basis. But in terms of end-to-end 4K DI with efficient RED supported tools, the price is often as attractive to a producer as the images are to a DP. -And that combination is good for business.

    Now the reason this pertains to the new MX Reel is because of the other elements up for discussion in the end-to-end 4K DI debate. Over the past several years, my team has had a sort-of "4K DI checklist" that includes many of the hurdles and challenges that make 4K DI unconventional (keeping in mind this has noting to do with 4K DI being unnecessary, which we feel it is). This year, three major hurdles have been overcome, making 4K DI so much more efficient.
    1. Higher effective resolution at the source (thanks to the 3.6K MX sensor)
    2. DI real-time 4K playback with unlimited secondaries (thanks to RED Rocket™™™™™)
    3. 4K projection with 3000:1 contrast ratio with "dark-chip" technology and 21,000 lumens of projectable brightness (thanks to the SXRD T420)

    At this year's RED User event, everyone in attendance will see a new level of image quality never experienced at previous NAB events. Keeping in line with RED tradition in making these events as personable as possible, we want to feature MX footage from the community. There will be other M footage on display as well.

    If you have MX footage that you can clear for demonstration purposes, please send them to LIGHTIRON Digital for consideration in the reel. As always, you are welcome to send reference stills and notes, but we can only accept source R3Ds due to the amount of footage, the nature of offline and online approval, and need for consistent processing and compilation color science.

    Submissions can be made in 3 ways:

    1. You may upload small batches of R3Ds to my web FTP site (please email me after you see the upload is complete)
    [ | user: nab | pass: mx
    2. You may submit data DVD-R's or BluRay's
    3. You may send spinning drives or thumb drives (which we will return)

    Thanks in advance to all who can contribute. Even if you can't submit footage, the bottom line is to show up and see what is happening in the world of RED, the world of MX, and the world of 4K.
    If you have additional quesitons, feel free to PM me or contact me at LIGHTIRON.


    Michael Cioni
    LIGHTIRON Digital
    5805 West Jefferson Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90016
    p: 310.559.5400
    c: 323.428.6767
    f: 323.488.9618
    Michael Cioni

    Senior Vice President of Innovation,
    Panavision & Light Iron

    Twitter @michael_cioni
    Instagram @ michaelcioni
    Blog @
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    submit submit submit we know you are out there....

    Formerly KOSMOS3D
    kosmos innertainment group, inc.
    EPIC-X dragon #00031
    Red Forged CF Weapon #000027
    Red Forged CF Weapon #000065
    M-X SSD Red #0031
    Master Primes
    Alura Zooms
    YouTube =

    instagram =

    i'm in the red book..check it out at:
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    I sure wish I could help but the MX is still in out future :(
    Frank Weeks
    Epic-X and Red One MX
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    Jan 2010
    Does RED require passes/tickets to get into the event on Tuesday (week of NAB) at the Rio because I would love to attend!!
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    Hey Michael, I'll send you some stuff tomorrow.
    Emery Wells @emerywells
    Co-Founder/CEO - @Frame_io
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    Will the NAB2010 reel be available online like last years?
    Anthony Rinaldi
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    Off the Reservation (In California)
    Ill send in some work if the label will let me.
    Joseph Arthur
    Off-Reservation ( feathers, not dots )
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    Michael I'll be sending some stuff this week as well.
    Jason Diamond
    The Diamond Bros.

    1 x Monstro VV Stormtrooper / 1 x 8Ks35 HELIUM Stormtrooper
    Leica-R Duclos Cinemod 16mm-180mm
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    Quote Originally Posted by perfectday View Post
    Does RED require passes/tickets to get into the event on Tuesday (week of NAB) at the Rio because I would love to attend!!
    It's at the Tropicana. :-)

    Yes, you do need to register now.
    Steve Sherrick
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    What time is this shin-dig at? SO EXCITED!
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