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    We use Audio Network:

    Bought one drive with the whole library on it and an unlimited license for the year, but you can buy them by track from the website.

    Good mix of stuff, noticed tracks we used on corporates on shows like CSI. Very odd feeling!
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    Free use of preview licenses. Very inexpensive licensing for commercial and web use. They have a lot of tracks by indie bands as well. Lots of options with and without lyrics. Also have a free FCP import plug-in via distributed through BorisFX. I did a review here : .

    I have used them successfully for several projects.

    - Oliver
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    Just learned about this one...
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    Here's a great post on royalty free music, for different purposes
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    Here are a couple of links to articles I wrote about royalty-free music. The first is a tutorial explaining what royalty-free music actually is:

    While the second one is about the mis-conceptions regarding broadcast royalties:

    I hope that some of you who have questions, or are unsure about using royalty-free music may find some useful answers in these two articles.
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    tunesociety is recommended
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    I've been using for years. Discovered some great bands and musicians.
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    While this is not free for every use ( I have to make a living somehow as a composer) it is a production music database of my work from the last 20 years.
    Internal and use for european broadcast and television are free. Everything else can be purchased for a filmmaker-friendly fee.
    All cues are indexed for their dramatic impact.

    You can do a relative search (something faster / bigger/ more suspense / etc) than the current track.
    And you can search for similar, fitting or ... totally different music.

    So far there are 700 cues in the database. I hope you like some ... most ... every single one ... of them.

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    YouTube just added a section with music anyone can use in their projects.
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