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    After serving in 9 countries and shooting thousands and thousands of hours of Redcode - our first two RED One's, ELVIS (sn#0006) & BOND (sn#0007), went off to RED as "guinea pigs" to test the new Mysterium-X sensor upgrade program - and be ... reborn.

    Aldey, Pliny, Eric Camp & I took the cameras out to shoot some night exteriors at ISO 1600 - all available light.

    Let me just say this - Mysterium-X is AMAZING.

    I kept looking at the LCD thinking - "this is gonna look like shit when we get back process the files" - because I just could not believe it, even with my own eyes.

    So here's a little taste - this is H264 crunched from ProRes so sorry about the banding - ZERO nose reduction - and let me also say ... the noise is smooth and sexy - both Foundry Furnace & Neat Video can clean it with little to no effort - I'll try to post some shots with denoise processing when I get a second.

    This stuff is just "point & shoot" - ISO 1600 - REDCINE-X processing with just minor FLUT and white balance adjustments - NO DI.

    You would be INSANE not to upgrade your RED One.

    If someone has crazy bandwidth - just PM me upload instructions and I'll up the 2K H264 version.
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