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    funny how many people just jump in asking questions without reading.

    Thanks guys everything sounds great, and along what I was expecting.

    Well back to shooting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart English View Post
    Of course.. it's called LOOK AROUND and it's been a function of the EVF and LCD monitoring outputs on the RED ONE camera since day one.
    Very good surprise for me, I didn't know R1 already proposed this.
    I don't really understand how it works with everything going through the lense but i'm happy as i always loved composing frame with leica Ms compared to SLRs...

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  #653 Independent Frame Guides 
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    ...does this include HDMI and HD-SDI outputs or just the RED monitor(s) and EVF?
    Yes, frame guide choices are independent per monitor output. Lots of flexibility here.

    So just as one example - the camera's default operational setup - a 5" touchscreen LCD may be showing full camera menus plus Look Around and Frame Guide graphics, the HDMI output may be providing a 720p Preview Output with Safe Action and Safe Title, and the HD-SDI output (on EPIC bodies, or either I/O module) may be providing a clean feed (no graphics) 1080p Program Output.

    I notice the resolution of the UI sample you've posted is 800x480 - will there be any standard XGA, SXGA or 720p options for third-party monitors?
    Monitor output resolutions are also very flexible, so for each output we can scale the monitor path information to support 720p or 1080p or 800 x 480 etc....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Ramsey View Post
    my bad. that changed since yesterday. Didn't see that.

    Yeah, I just saw that for the first time.

    I think it could mean one of two things...

    (1) That is the actual pricing and it's changed yet again. (I'd be highly surprised if this was the case)

    or (2) These prices were actually not supposed to be updated as of yet, and will be made official upon release.

    Just my guessin'...

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    What about the new LCDs resulotion?
    Will the 2.8" LCD be at least like nikon's 3" LCD? (..and use lcd viewfinder)

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    This might be because there is something I dont understand about the feature,

    BUT I am very concerned about a "5 axis" adjustable sensor.... in my mind the simpler the design the less problems... a sensor being "off axis" in the field, would be a show stopper.

    If it was up to me there would not even be a backfocus to adjust:)

    but as I said it might be a really cool feature I just don't understand....
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Cherniack View Post
    If I understand your touchpad idea it's basically the same principle as a joystick. Either way, I think a cursor to ID the focus point is necessary on the LCD/VF...and then a button to engage the mechanism.

    Maybe I was not clear enough. The touchpad idea depends on the cursor you mentioned, which would have to be more like a few points around an empty space - for example that Predator movie three dot thing might work. It also depends on another button for activating focusing which would have to be also on the handle but under pointing finger. This seems like the most natural, and most intuitive solution to me.

    What I tried to explain is that with touchpad you'd have a non linear realtime control over monitor surface and reaction speed dependent only on your thumb speed (no digital path lag) which in the case of a joystick you'd miss, or it would be unnatural - digitally controlled by strength or angle of pressure, hence limiting. One example which might be close enough is computer gaming world where there is absolutely no chance you can be as fast and precise with a joystick or controller as with a mouse, because mouse is as fast as your hand is. You can also imagine controlling your computer cursor with a joystick.

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    Hi any info on prices for battery bricks and chargers?

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    What about the ND filter wheel on the 8x? Can we get the specs on what levels are included? Are they IR/ND filters(is that even an issue anymore?)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenneth Elkington View Post
    What about the ND filter wheel on the 8x? Can we get the specs on what levels are included? Are they IR/ND filters(is that even an issue anymore?)?
    3 Positions.. OFF, .9ND and 1.8ND.

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