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    Quote Originally Posted by GPSchnyder View Post
    You can change it manually via one of the Rings you assign the focus to...
    ok cool, that sounds good thx
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    So does this mean that I can export camera movement data to Cinema 4D, AE, Maya, Motion, etc?
    In principle yes, but as a practical matter this data needs to be published in a formal SDK before that integration work could start.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Spurrier View Post
    Given the 2/3 inch chip, I suspect that 35mm still or film lenses will not be the best choice of lens for the Scarlet.
    I haven't done the maths. I'm sure others have, but I guess that a 35mm still lens focal angle will be at least doubled when used on the Scarlet.
    Also, one will only be using the centre portion of the lens, and the lens was not designed for this.

    When I began renting Arri 16SRs, the rental house offered lenses designed for 16mm systems. Over time, they found it easier to stock only lenses made for 35mm systems. This was fine for me since the quality of the 35mm lenses was such that taking a "center punch" from those lenses produced beautiful images while at the same time further limiting vignetting and distortion at the edges of the frame when shooting at shorter focal lengths.

    Same holds true for Scarlett, I imagine. It comes down to what lenses you're invested in by the time you decide which Scarlett imager to go with.


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    Ah. Exciting nonetheless.

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    Tried using the search function for this but it didn't work.

    Is the S35 still set at 5k resolution?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NBS Studio View Post
    Can anyone at RED answer...

    Can I upgrade the LCD on the 2/3" Fixed Lens Scarlet from the 2.5" to a more comfortable 5" touchscreen LCD?

    Also is there any news or specs to what SSD's we can expect to be using. I know 1.8" SSD's. Are RED going to issue their own? and what are the specs going to be? Most 1.8" SSD drives seem to be ablout 80MB/s write speed and 200-250MB/s sustained is this sufficient for the Scarlet's Redcode 100 codec?
    im fairly sure the team mentioned earlier that these items, screen etc would be upgradeable. no news on the ssd yet i dont think
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    I'm very curious about the Ergonomics. I don't imagine that I'd be doing much handheld shooting with the Scarlet (aside from shoulder mount etc.), but since it does stills do you hold it, exactly? I have to admit that the reason I'm a Nikon guy is primarily for the super-comfy grips ;)

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    If I understand the specs, can one capture Redcode via the Gigabit Ethernet connection directly to a PC? Or is that for programming the camera only?

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    Clayton, the sensor read/reset on Mysterium-X is said to be 5ms, RED One is 9ms, typical film shutter closure is about 4ms. Doesn't seem to be a problem to me. It's not a problem on the RED One if you know what you're doing.

    It has already been stated on more than one occasion that line-skipping will not be tolerated here. Any scaled shooting modes recorded in camera will be properly scaled from the full sensor to minimize aliasing, moire and other undesirable artifacts.

    I think you also underestimate the size of the 2/3" market. 2/3" Scarlet will most likely out-sell the S35 Epic and Scarlet models by a significant margin. Not everyone who is looking to buy these cameras is wanting S35 cinema-style shooting and workflows. And 2/3" sensor cameras and appropriately sized lenses are still a better fit for many jobs out there. If this were not the case, why would RED even bother to make the 2/3" models. For me, I can't wait to get my hands on them! Both the fixed lens and the interchangeable brain with a set of the mini-primes.
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    The only question for me is how much I need to save until the Scarlet is released...
    I'll probably end up going with the interchangeable model.

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