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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreas Fernbrant View Post
    What I meant was if I can remove it myself or if I have to send it to RED for them to perform the removal. I can see times when I could need one and times when it would be in the way. If it's user removable that would be the best option. But the side module on the Red One is not.
    The side module is user removable.

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    Rocket_cine_x is mind blowing.

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    How about the matte box - will it clamp on the mini primes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    The 8X fixed package deal is a up-and-shoot package, and unfortunately by announcement time it was still a little too early to lock down which option we can include for power so we left it off the list for now.. don't worry, we will let you know soon.
    my pleasure.
    So you mean to say that the fixed package is even more attractive as in you will also get either a side handle or a battery module.

    I just assumed that because there was just a battery mentioned you could insert it directly into the fixed brain, and that apart from the zoom lens was the reason the brain was bigger then the interchangeable brain.

    And with the fixed being an amazing T2.6 for that price I can't imagine anybody except for ppl having 2/3" compatible glass wanting to buy the interchangeable.

    The fixed is just a really nice way to step on the red wagon ;) next step scarlet s35 with 2 red zooms and just keep on expanding from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorenzo Straight View Post
    What a huge size difference between the Scarlet and Nikon. It's amazing how you guys were able to pack so much power into such a small package.
    Yes indeed. How tall is the equipment rack that the camera must be tethered to in order to operate?


    (It wasn't very long ago that one had to do that to shoot HD).

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    Hi Guys,

    I still need to know is Scarlet interchangeable able to use a PL lens mount and if it comes with one or is an option. its really important to us.

    Also will there be a B4 mount option of should the B4 to PL adaptor be used. Is there a dedicated power out for lens power or can there be a cable adaptor option for power to B4 lenses.



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  #557 B4 lenses - power and start stop trigger 
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    Is there a dedicated power out for lens power or can there be a cable adaptor option for power to B4 lenses.
    Both of the I/O modules include the same 10-pin AUX connector as found on the RED-ONE.

    So power and Record Start / Stop and Playback Last Clip triggers are available from there.
    Workflow Wizard

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    Great news, can't wait to get my little Scarlet.
    EveryOne is the One...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    Touch to lock focus... if she has a face, you can use face tracking, or if not you can use the traditional focus points.
    Wow that's nice facial recognition...

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    In the Redmote Pro display it says "4K RAW" while mounted on a fixed scarlet... Is it still 3K or has that changed too? :)


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