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    will the Tattoo people be working under NDA's? I'm just wondering if we can expect to see testing of the new sensor and kit both here and on their own sites/blogs in the early new year..

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    I think that is called the $2750 Brain only : ) and build as you go...[/QUOTE]

    Don't wanna sound like a smarty pants but they do offer a BASE PRODUCTION PACK for RED ONE. Don't see why they can't do the same for Scarlet and Epic.

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    That GPS chip might also help in recovering all those cameras that keep getting stolen.

    GPS + Internet connectivity = a log of when and where the cam has been.
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    Amazing details.

    Jarred, if you are still in an answering mood, can you confirm/expand on the following for the fixed model kit package:

    1) What is the attachment method for the battery?
    2) No handle is part of the fixed kit?
    3) Is the GigE ethernet port on the brain itself?

    I assume that all of the other features in the list are part of the brain itself for both models unless otherwise indicated (ie. #4), and NOT indiciative of functionality you need a module for?

    Specifically, the LCD in the kit is a touch-focus unit, WiFi built in to brain, REDMote wireless capable, 120(150 burst)FPS, etc...?

    Thanks for the info and any answers Jarred (or Jim).


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    with the mini primes coming out I think it would be important to tell us the cost of the mini pl mount?

    You answered me before when I asked if the pl mount came standard and you said yes, is it possible the mini pl will be an option rather than an accessory?

    Anyway prices for mounts would be great, specifically

    c mount (just in case)
    and mini red mount (definitely important)

    also, I plan on purchasing 2 pl mount zooms in anticipation of 2/3" cinema. Are you all considering a pl mount to mini pl mount adapter so that we can use normal pl's and mini primes without switching mounts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent J. Craig View Post
    GPS chips are not expensive at all! estimates that the Infineon GPS chip in the iPhone 3GS adds $2.25 to its manufacturing cost.

    What would a GPS chip add to a camera?

    -geotagging of every frame with time, date, location and altitude
    -atomic-clock-precise synchronization of timecode on every camera, anywhere in the world. (You could have 100 Scarletts shooting the Olympic games at 25 different venues separated by miles, traffic and logistics, and they would all use the exact same, subframe accurate time code!)
    -with the addition of a compass/accelerometer chip - the camera could tag every frame with the direction the lens is pointing and the tilt angle (crucial for CGI work). With WAAS service, a camera GPS could be accurate enough to know where it was within less than an inch. (effects without tracking marks, handheld CGI plates, reshoots with extreme accuracy).
    -contrary to popular belief, GPS is a one-way, receive-only system. You can't track a device that contains a GPS chip unless that device chooses and has the means to broadcast its location out to the world. It sounds like the new cameras will be wifi-enabled, so that communication is a possibility, but they won't be trackable unless someone builds in that capability.

    Keep the GPS guys. I'll pay the extra two bucks!
    All great thoughts I hadn't considered... but maybe Jarred can confirm that the RED's GPS is really going to be able to be used to sync timecode with the GPS and that the accelerometer would be recording such data into the file metadata... or if the GPS is just for Geo-tagging and the accelerometer is just for automatic display adjustment.

    If the GPS really could sync the time stamp in the timecode on say three cameras, why would there still be a need for frame overlay (discussed a few posts earlier than this). Just curious... not trying to get off-topic of the awesome news!
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    The announcements have been amazing. Gonna go and look at anther RED now and go to sleep...That would be the RED Dwarf.

    Finished my feature script day before yesterday so this weekend has been a high point for me.

    Thanks RED for EVERYTHING...

    [Feel free to de-noise this post and delete it!]

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    What is the Chinese symbol watermark on the Scarlet 2/3 feature/spec page in the announcement thread?

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    I wonder too if the mini-red mount is large enough that a low cost adapter for c-mount lens conversion would be possible, similar to the one for the Bolex bayonet mount. That would be a great accessory if it is possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Rasberry View Post
    I wonder too if the mini-red mount is large enough that a low cost adapter for c-mount lens conversion would be possible, similar to the one for the Bolex bayonet mount. That would be a great accessory if it is possible.
    david, are there other lenses made with a mini pl mount that you know of?

    if so when buying my 2 angenieux arri mount zooms would it be possible just to get them converted to mini pl and save myself the trouble of 2 mounts when I can afford the mini primes?

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