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    BTW... this is the Side Module Upgrade. We have added a run/stop button and user settings buttons to the module. It is shown on Scarlet 8X fixed, but is the same for any brain.


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    Thanks for the update. I'm so stoked for the Scarlet release.

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    Thanks for the updates Jim.
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    This is great news actually. The last time- I believe the high-speed frame rates went up. This could be very nice. I look forward to the final results.

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    Take your time, get it right, make it awesome. This gives me an extra 30 days to save up more money.
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    Jim thanks so much for the Run button on the side module. That's the perfect position for it, at the front.

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    This is why you guys are great! Thanks again for the updates; your hard work and dedication to your product and customers has turned RED into a one of a kind business that continues to blow me away.

    Thanks again, can't wait to see you guys pull this off!

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    Best of luck and encouragement to your team on this. Its pretty transparent how there's been a lot of emotional investment from you guys on this endeavour, and I'm sure a setback like this means even more to you guys than it could to us. Will still look forward to seeing a Scarlet in my hands whenever that will be.

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    Like somebody else said, this is not bad news for most Red One owners, we have more time to prepare financially and still have a great camera to work with in the mean time. It's all good with the world, take your time.... it sounds like Epic is getting more epic with every announcement.

    Also.... very glad you re-located the run/stop button, makes much more sense for it to be in the front. Scarlet looks awesome!


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    Looking forward to the Nov 30th announcement Jim. Courage under fire. That is commendable no matter what the outcome.

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