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Can you give me a step by step procedure you used to put the RED Rocket™™™ SDI slot filler through the DVD -Rom bay. It is currently taking up the no. 3 slot (3rd from bottom) on my MAc pro and i am looking to get a matrox mxo2 or kona 3 and I will need that space back.

I don't really know which screws to loosen in order to get to the DVD bay to remove it and slot the SDI filler. I don't wanna drill holes in my MAc pro either. So please if you can give me a step by step on how to get it in the DVD bay or any other place on the MAC so long as I have them sticking out of the mac pro, I will appreciate it. Is it possible to have them hanging out through the side panel in any way.
It's pretty low-tech. We just use a small plastic block to keep the tray door open and fed the wires through from the front. You don't need to unscrew anything, the metal casing for the DVD drives simply pulls out of the unit to give you access. It takes a little finessing to place the wires in a good position so that they don't get pinched or crimped when you put the drive casing back in. But if you simply asses it well, it's not difficult. Hope this helps.