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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelk@RED View Post
    Hi Jan,

    Can you please send an email to your Bomb Squad Rep so we can update our system to show this camera was stolen.

    Best Regards,

    Consider it done
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    Thanks, I'll do it.
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    Hello all,
    the stolen camera & accessories has return to us by the connection persons of the thief's so thanks to who worry the equipment has returned to it owners.
    nice day, Yaron Harel.
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    RED ONE MX Package Stolen

    Please be on the look out

    RED ONE MX Package was stolen from a secured / alarmed office in Alexandria, VA on Christmas Day

    The package includes two pelican cases (1600 for camera , 1500 accessories)
    and an AT Lens Case for the 18-85

    The major identifiable components with serials are:

    Red One MX ser#3864
    Red Pro Zoom 18-85MM ser#C020706
    Red Zoom 18-50MM ser#6001139
    charger ser #03250-4
    battery ser #737308
    battery ser #778608
    Joe Kocsis
    IATSE 600 DIT
    Phantom Tech
    Developer of 'iPhantom' Phatom Camera ,Flex, Miro, Flex4K Wireless iOS Control App
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    Red One #797 and Zeiss prime set stolen in Portland, Oregon LINK
    Cinema Data Solutions
    IASTE Local 600 DIT
    Certified Phantom Flex Technician
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    List of camera stolen serial number

    1. 1088 - Chris Armstrong
    2. 1975 - Michael Stanmore
    3. 1605 - Simon Tams
    4. 0714 - Max Kaiser , Seattle, WA.
    5. 1890 - Sebastian , London
    6. 2594 - Dan Graetz , South Australia
    7. 4046 - RED RAPH , São Paulo, Brazil
    8. 1210 - martinhoehe , Cologne, Germany
    9. 1211 - martinhoehe , Cologne, Germany
    10. 2426 - Jan Bull , Nordland kunst- og filmfagskole, Kabelvåg,
    Lofoten, Norway
    11. 2003 - pascal daniel
    12. 3864 - Joe Kocsis ,
    13. 0797 - Sean Rawls , Portland, Oregon

    1. 00006 - Joe Kleber

    1. RED 18-50mm Zoom lens - Curran Giddens
    2. RED 25mm - PM0250052 - Bérenger Brillante , France
    3. RED 35mm - PM0350108 - Bérenger Brillante , France
    4. RED 50mm - PM0500073 - Bérenger Brillante , France
    5. RED 85mm - PM0850115 - Bérenger Brillante , France
    6. RED 100mm - PM1000055 - Bérenger Brillante , France
    7. RED 18/50 # 6000926 - Jan Bull
    8. Red Pro Zoom 18-85MM # C020706 - Joe Kocsis
    9. Red Zoom 18-50MM #6001139 - Joe Kocsis

    1. RED EVF Serial # 30109353886 - Juan Camilo Barriga , Miami FL
    2. RED Drives: Serial # 810011172 - Juan Camilo Barriga , Miami FL
    3. RED AC adapter serial 113452 - Jan Bull

    Collection on this forum page.
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    EDIT: It should be EPIC-M #00006 - Mark Pederson

    btw... They're going to ban you if you don't change your name.
    ...too much RED on the brain.

    RED ONE# 43, RED ONE# 381
    EPIC-X# 43, EPIC-X# 385
    WEAPON (CF) #88
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    Clearly, there is an epidemic of thefts these days. While the inventory mentioned below is not RED, this group may be of some assistance.
    This is current, as we lost a 900R just 3 weeks ago.


    The Production Equipment Rental Group <> (formerly PERA) is concerned about a spate of recent thefts involving high-end camera equipment. We wish to share information to all camera rental houses in order to help prevent additional thefts and to gather further information that could assist the authorities in apprehending the perpetrators.

    In the past couple weeks well over a million dollars of camera equipment has been stolen in multiple cities. Several of the thefts were committed by the same two individuals. They committed thefts on two different continents within days of one another. Meanwhile other thefts, or attempts, with the identical MO, were made by other individuals. Reports of individuals fitting the MO have come from California, Chicago, Maryland, Florida, Texas, New York, Israel, and Croatia. The theft in Israel involved forged passports. Evidence suggests the crimes are being perpetrated by a sophisticated, organized ring.

    The common thread in many of the incidents was that the individuals are from the U.K., posing as employees of a real U.K. production company. They had professional knowledge of production equipment. Chris Cardno, of Visual Edge Productions, LLC writes:

    "The thieves KNOW what they're doing and they KNOW rental procedures. They'll get insurance. They'll give you a credit card. They'll offer to make a wire transfer. They'll argue the rental rate. They'll ask all the right questions. AND THEN THEY'LL STEAL THE GEAR."

    In several different cases the rental order was virtually the same:
    Stolen from:
    Sony HDW-F900R Camcorder SN#10024 Chicago
    Sony HDW-F900R Camcorder SN#10036 Chicago
    Sony HDW-F900R Camcorder SN#10114 Israel
    Sony HDW-F900R Camcorder SN#10235 Washington, DC
    Sony HDW-F900R Camcorder SN#10225 Washington, DC

    Sony SRW-1 HDCAM SR Portable VTR Israel
    Sony SRW-1 HDCAM SR Portable VTR SN#10312 Chicago
    w/HKSR-102 Cache

    Fujinon HA13x4.5 HD ENG Lens SN#441661 Chicago
    Fujinon HA13x4.5 HD ENG Lens SN#440212 Washington,DC
    Fujinon HA13x4.5 HD ENG Lens SN#157313 Israel
    Fujinon HA17x7.8 HD ENG Lens SN#370328 Chicago
    Fujinon HA17x7.8 HD ENG Lens SN#370044 Chicago
    Fujinon HA18x7.6 HD ENG Lens SN#428638 Israel
    Fujinon HA18x7.6 HD ENG Lens SN#428931 Israel
    Fujinon HA22x7.8 HD ENG Lens SN#381020 Washington

    Sachtler Video 20II Fluid Head SN#204234 Chicago
    Sachtler Video 20II Fluid Head Chicago
    Sachtler Video 20II Fluid Head SN#3223 Israel
    Sachtler Video 20II Fluid Head SN#12320 Israel

    The same bill of material has been taken from multiple rental houses around the world by an organized crime ring. They are using the names Kevin Lear and/or William Stickland who are real people (not associated with the theft) from a United Kingdom production company: The Filming Co Ltd.

    To view more details about these incidents and the equipment that was taken follow this link to the PERG Missing Equipment List and click on VIEW THE MISSING EQUIPMENT LIST <>

    The Missing Equipment List is an industry resource, provided by our trade association -- PLASA PER Group. Members and non-members are encouraged to submit information about missing equipment. The information is pushed out to member-companies nationwide. If your company is not a member of PERG, I would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about the organization and the many services we provide to the motion picture and television production rental market.

    If you have any information possibly linked to these crimes, or questions about the missing equipment list or PERG, please contact the PERG Manager, Harry C. Box.

    You can read more details about the theft at Visual Edge on their blog: <>

    Harry Box
    Council Manager: PLASA Production Equipment Rental Group
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    Stolen this week in Paris (France) area:

    Canon EOS 500D serial #2250716100 + EF-S 18-55mm.

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    Sad to say we're now adding ourselves to the list of stolen equipment.

    Red One MX no 7289,
    18-50 zoom
    50-150 zoom
    Duclos 11-16

    and a whole bunch more gear from other brands totalling £80-90k taken by one guy from our offices in broad daylight on Sunday afternoon. He tried to defeat the CCTV, but we have reasonable shots of his face, attire and vehicle. Interestingly he left behind consumer TVs, DVD / bluray gear and consumer camcorders, but took every last drop of Red gear - seems likely he knew what he was after.

    I'll post images, serial numbers etc. shortly.
    KipperTie - Authorised RED Rental, Pinewood Studios, UK
    Ready to hire: Monstro 8K VV | Gemini 5K | Helium Monochrome 8K
    Check out our Revolva ND solution, OLPFs and other products
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