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    Los angeles
    They took it down. What model was it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Derrick Cohan View Post
    My RED Weapon Magnesium WPN-886 was stolen out of Los Angeles, CA on 9/6/16. It was stolen by a renter, Eric Beasley, in person who rented the camera and never returned it. More details at

    Thank you Derrick for compiling all that info and publishing. If everyone follows what you've done, perhaps it might be harder for the bad guys to continue doing these kinds of things in the future.

    Then again, he looks like a gang member and might send someone else in the gang to do the next job.
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    RED Epic Dragon #814
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    RED Scarlet-W 185
    DSMC2 Side Handle #72013046FCA9
    4.7" Touch #730130264EC9
    Base I/O expander #7201302648E7
    Sidekick MG #72013026CFB7

    All lost by FedEx. Could be lost. Could be stolen.
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    Red Epic-X Dragon #149 with custom anodized top and bottom riser plate, wooden camera top handle, 5" lcd, +1 module and battery back
    Attached Images
    Weapon Helium #7042 "Boris"
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    Epic #376 and kit was stolen in New York on 7/9/2017. Items and serial numbers are listed below.

    Avoid and report anyone named Derrick or Victoria who may be trying to sell it.

    Red Epic-W Camera "brain" and AC adapter #376
    Red DSMC Canon lens mount 7251302FA9EB
    Red DSMC Ti PL captive lens mount 7901028FDB57
    Red DSMC2 4.7” Touch LCD 7301302DAE85
    Red DSMC2 Base IO expander 7201302B96F7
    Red 1TB SSD mini mag 7501302A6C4D
    Red Station Mini mag reader USB 3.1 and cable RMMUC00035
    Red universal top handle
    Wooden Camera cableless gold mount adapter
    Anton Bauer Donic HC battery Unreadable
    Anton Bauer Donic HCX battery 000011050 Y02S
    Anton Bauer Titan Twin charger and power cable 1708
    Lanparte FF-02 follow focus
    SmallRig baseplate and rods
    Pelican 1610 case
    Sigma Art F1.8 18-35mm EF lens, lens caps, neoprene bag Not recorded
    Last edited by Todd G. Peterson; 07-11-2017 at 12:39 PM.
    Epic-W #376 (stolen)
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    Red Scarlet-X #02956. Brain only. No lens mount, etc. Stolen by Andre Mills of Escondido, CA. Let me know if anyone sees this on the forums, Ebay, Craigslist, Kijiji, in a ditch, etc.

    UPDATE: Retrieved by the folks at USPS. Thanks, fellas!

    Last edited by Danny Dunlop; 09-15-2017 at 06:15 PM.
    Red One MX #10,148
    Red Epic-X #05,649
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    RED Scarlet-W #1596 stolen today. Taken from vehicle @ 20th/Mission San Francisco CA.
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    Atlanta, GA
    ***STOLEN RAVEN***
    RVN - 001302

    a guy I know here in Atlanta had a RED RAVEN (#1302) stolen with all of his other production gear right out of his car at his home in sandy springs GA... the theft took place Sunday 11/5 between 9:30pm and Monday 6 am. It was a rental, his first time using a RED camera, and he doesnt have an account on RU. any questions and you can DM me.

    RAVEN BRAIN 1302, Base I.O, Top handle, 4.7 monitor, ac adapter, two red bricks, and charger.
    Tim Daust
    Reelmind Studios
    WEAPON HELIUM 8K S35 HELIUM #6197 "Wicked"
    SCARLET-W 5K DRAGON #740 "Jade"
    @TimDaust @ReelmindStudios
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    There seems to be a business in just stealing Red cameras.
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