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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen Williams View Post
    Bear in mind that Zeiss Superspeeds were made from 18mm to 85mm. That range has for many years been enough for many people shooting on 35mm film. Wider & longer do have their uses, just not every day.
    Yup, that first list of fast 18-85mm Nikkor primes is exactly what I plan on getting, but now I have to calculate for the crop factor, and re-determine my appropriate focal lengths. So, good thing I already have that Nikkor 14mm f/2.8 AF-D (which will crop to a 20mm equivalent), so I have a good wide lens.
    ralph oshiro
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin View Post
    Proteus put together this great chart of all the sensor windowing format options over at dvxuser a while back. It has all the multiplication factors etc. worth bookmarking.

    Thanks Martin,

    great for bookmarking or archiving info about the RED ONE.
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    Dynamic range is, after all, the measurement between well saturation (photosite blowout) and noise floor.
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