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  1. #1 Filesystem for ingesting to digital cinema servers? 
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    Hello to everybody,

    I am new here and already have a question. I provide dcps for digital cinemas and want to know which filesystem the Harddrive must have for ingesting to the server!?

    if somebody can say in addition something I am pleased very much. Must it be Ext2 or is also accepted NTFS?

    it is about the following servers:

    Dolby DSP/DSS 100
    Doremi DCP 2000
    Doremi DCP 2
    GDC SA 1000
    GDC SZ 1000
    XDC CineStore Solo G2/G3
    Kodak JMN 3000
    ROPA CineSuite

    Thank you very much!
    The best greetings from Berlin,


    Sorry for my bad english, please ask if you dont understand my question. many thx
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  2. #2 Ingesting into Doremi Cinema Servers 
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    All Doremi Cinema servers require the hard drive where the DCP is resident to be formatted as EXT3.
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    How to feed a dolby 3d server? What format does it recognize?
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