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    Quote Originally Posted by Liam Hall View Post
    What's truly scary is the same brain dead thinking is used more and more by clients.

    Having wasted two weeks scripting, I turned down a job yesterday where the client wanted a pimped-up Rolls Royce for the price of a run-down Trabant. How do you spell numbnuts?!!
    red is not a color, it's a camera.
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    This is awesome, brilliant, perfect !

    What kind of computer do I need to write things like that?
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    My personal favorite goes something like this: "what kind of filter do I buy to make my video look like (insert name of current popular film)?"

    That's why I stopped contributing to a certain bovine forum; after a while you just can't take it anymore...

    Good shooting and best regards,

    Leo Ticheli
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    Quote Originally Posted by Denis Haineault View Post
    What kind of computer do I need to write things like that?
    Nate Weaver
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    very good.
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    hahahahaha. very funny
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    ha! Very nice :)
    Naoki Tanaka
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    Thanks for sharing!!!

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    Is this story scary because it, in a way, undermines years of training, experience, and [financial] investment by industry professionals? Perhaps. But what I also think is that this type of "ridiculous" behavior is perceived as a threat to some, who have spent most of their life acquiring knowledge in their professed field, and now comes along a newbie that wants to figure it all out and be a "pro" in a few weeks.

    Whether you want to admit it or not, every professional probably has a subconscious (or conscious) need to make his job seem more complex, involved, and difficult than it really may be, so that he is still "valued" in his trade. But, to be sure, in this age of widely-accessible information and lower-barriers to entry (in many markets, including cinema), some newbies will certainly achieve faster what took their predecessors decades (even if they seem overly ambitious, and perhaps ridiculous).

    I agree, that no matter what market we're in, sometimes quality results mean paying up. I'll be the first person to tell someone that they simply cannot have a new Ferrari for the price of a Ford. But don't be surprised if you find people doing for $100 what took the "old pros" $10,000 to do.

    Anyone that has the ambition, smarts, and insanity to be a pro in _________ (fill in the blank), I say go for it, no matter how silly you look in front of others.

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    Funnily enough, that really fast car? It's not just red coloured. It's Scarlet. The shame is that soooo many people want in to this industry, even if you are good enough, you might have to work for free for a while, and if you can't afford to work for free, then the industry becomes about who is rich enough or connected enough to get in, rather than who is good enough.
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