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    Quote Originally Posted by sbrookens View Post
    Thanks M Most for your input-

    We admit that we are in slightly over our head, but taking this to a post facility, although ideal, would not allow us the opportunity to learn how to do it ourselves. We are definitely not opposed to hiring various professionals to do what they do best, but if we did that every time we didn't know how to do something then we would be far from where we are today.
    You would learn anything you want to know if you would ask questions of the professionals doing the work. What you need to do is ask the right questions, which means doing some homework so that you understand what it is they have to do even if you don't know exactly how they do it. There are a lot of resources for this, starting with the DCI specification, freely available at Doing a job with professionals can be the best learning experience you can have if you don't go in thinking that it isn't. If you think you can learn this stuff in a vacuum, or just by asking questions on Internet forums, you're not trying very hard. It's much easier to figure something out once you know how others already do it.
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    The colors were off and the image looked really dark on the screen. That being said, we really want it to look perfect this time around. I just talked with the projectionist and he gave me these settings from their projector:


    I am having the exact same problem. I have perfect, color-corrected YUV, but I run it through Wraptor to make a DCP and the output is dark with some color shifts.

    Either I am doing something wrong, or Wraptor is converting to this XYZ colorspace the wrong way.

    Has anyone ever made a Wraptor DCP that looks right??

    What's the trick?

    I do not understand why I would need a "LUT" Shouldn't Wraptor know how to make a proper conversion from perfect-looking YUV to XYZ?
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